A Complete Guide to Electric Staple Guns

Staple Gun

Electric staple guns have many uses, so should be on the wishlist of any person looking to complete DIY tasks around their home, as well as for professionals looking to make their working life that bit easier. Whether you are wanting to secure carpet or other fabrics, wire, screens or boarding – you can have the job completed in the time it takes you to think about getting out a hammer and nails!

Using an electric staple gun instead of a traditional staple gun has many benefits, such as; the ease at which they can be used, the time that they can save, the accuracy in which things can be stapled and the safety aspect to help ensure you don’t end up stapling through the wrong materials. 

Only Got 5 Minutes?

Whether you have a simple picture to hang or a full DIY project to undertake, your time is precious – and we appreciate this! We have created this section of the guide to provide you with all the immediate information that you could need to inform your purchase.  

Things to consider when purchasing an electric staple gun

Power source

It goes without saying that an electric staple gun is going to need electricity to work! There are two ways in which they tend to be manufactured – battery-powered and corded. There are benefits to both, so it is important to consider which is going to be better suited to what you need. 

A battery-powered electric staple gun will mean that you do not have to consider a trailing wire when you are working on your DIY project. This makes the device safer and easier to move around. You also do not have to consider whether there is going to be a mains electricity source close enough for you to use your device. However, the battery pack will not last forever and will need recharging – batteries tend to last from between 500 to 4000 staple shots (more than enough for an average-sized job around the home). 

A corded electric staple gun avoids this issue – as you know that it is going to be able to continue to staple for as long as you need it to! It also avoids the frustrating issue of starting to lose power towards the end of its battery life. However, as mentioned above, it is important to consider where your nearest mains electricity is. 

TOP TIP: If you are thinking that a battery-powered model is right for you – but are worried about it not lasting for long enough, then many manufacturers offer the option to purchase both additional batteries and double power batteries, meaning that your device is never going to be finished before you are! 

Staple length

Different electric staple guns will work with different lengths of staples, however, almost all models will have adjustable trays to allow for different sizes of staples. This can be incredibly useful if you are wanting to use your electric staple gun for professional jobs, as you will need different size staples for different jobs. However, even if you are just using your electric staple gun for jobs around the home then this feature can benefit you, as you can use different sizes of staples depending on the job being completed to make them as inoffensive to the eye as possible. 

Staple length is probably one of the ways in which electric staple guns vary the most. Some models will work with staples as small as ¼ inch, whereas others will work with staples up to 2 inches or more! Obviously, the benefit of a larger staple is that they will be stronger and more secure when fitted. However, smaller staples will be more discreet for smaller jobs or work that is going to be more on show. 


The weight of your electric staple gun is important, regardless of what you are hoping to use it for. The purpose of an electric staple gun is to make your life easier – so buying a heavier than necessary model defeats the object! Models tend to range from as light as 0.7kg to as heavy as 3.5kg. As a general rule, the heavier the device, the more it is suited for professional and more difficult tasks – although this is not always the case. 

Consider exactly what you are likely to be using your electric staple gun for – although you don’t particularly want a heavy device if you are using it to secure carpets, you definitely don’t want one if you are fixing wall fittings or anything on the ceiling. So consider what is most important to you. Equally, if you suffer from arthritis or troublesome back/shoulder problems then a lighter model is definitely going to be better suited to you. 


Electric staple guns vary in price from around £20 to £200! A massive difference considering all of the tools are essentially doing the same thing! However, there are great differences in the power, functions and handleability of different makes and models.

It is important to consider exactly what you are going to be using your electric staple gun for, and how regularly you are going to be using it. If you need an electric staple gun that is going to pack a punch and secure into difficult materials – then a more expensive model is better for you. However, if your electric staple gun is going to be used for smaller jobs around the home, such as securing thinner flooring or wall screenings then you may be better suited to a cheaper model. 

Advantages of an Electric Staple Gun

The main advantage of an electric staple gun is that they are a much more heavy-duty tool designed to be able to complete more difficult tasks, on difficult materials, with little physical effort. They also make it much easier to complete a more professional looking job, as you can line the staple gun up exactly where you are wanting the staple to go, which is not always easy with a manual staple gun. 

Another benefit of electric staple guns is that some models will also work with brad nails – making them good for more than securing certain fixtures! This also adds to the number of jobs that they will then be able to be used for around the house. Everyone wants good value for money, and a tool that can be altered to help with almost all DIY jobs around the house is certainly offering this good value and endless uses!

How to Use Your Electric Staple Gun

All makes and models of electric staple guns will work slightly differently, so it is important to check and follow the specific instructions for your electric staple gun. 

  1. It is important to always unplug/remove the batteries from your staple gun when loading new staples – this can avoid any unwanted accidents if the trigger is accidentally pulled! 
  2. Once you have done this you can find the magazine release button (usually located at the back of the stapler). This will release the tray so that you are able to insert your new staples. 
  3. Most electric staple guns will need switching upside down at this point to insert the new staples. Once you have done this, simply place the staples into the tray so that they will be pointing down towards the floor when the electric staple gun is held horizontal to the floor. 
  4. Slide the tray back in until you hear it click (some have a safety lock that you also have to put on). Once you have done this you are able to plug in your staple gun (or put the battery in). 
  5. Switch on the electric staple gun and place it on the surface with the head of the staple gun over the place in which you want the staple to be. Some models will have a trigger lock that you have to release before you can pull the trigger if so you need to do this now. 
  6. Pull the trigger and watch in amazement as your device forces the staple into the wall with ease! Now repeat 5-6 until you have completed the job!

Electric Staple Guns Compared to Pneumatic Guns

Electric staple guns and pneumatic guns can be very similar in appearance but they are very different in the ways in which they work. It is important to understand the difference between the two models before making your purchase. 

An electric staple gun works by using electricity to control a motor which forces a staple out of the end of the machine when a trigger is pulled. In comparison to a pneumatic gun which uses air pressure to force the staple from the device. 

Although a pneumatic drill does have its benefits, for example, it will not use as much electricity and is a very high-performance machine, there are a number of reasons why an electric staple gun is the right choice to make. 

They are usually lighter and easier to use than a pneumatic drill, meaning that you do not need to be a DIY pro to get the job done! Equally, even if you are a DIY expert, you will benefit from the ease at which these machines work. Also, a lighter machine is extremely beneficial when you are trying to access hard to reach places! As well as being lighter, electric staple guns are considerably quieter, which means you can avoid using ear protection when using this tool. 

Electric staple guns are also seen to be safer to their pneumatic counterpart, with fewer things that could malfunction and less chance of injury. 

Safety Tips

As with all tools – there is always going to be an element of risk when in use. However, there are plenty of ways in which you can reduce this risk when using an electric staple gun. 

  • If using a corded electric staple gun, always make sure that the wire is over your shoulder, this way you cannot trip over it when moving.
  • Make sure that the trigger switch is locked until the electric staple gun is placed against the surface that you are wanting to staple.
  • Use one hand to hold the trigger and your other hand on top of the machine to apply pressure – this helps to ensure the tool does not move and also helps to drive the staples further into the surface. 
  • Always be sure to remove power source to the electric staple gun when dealing with any misfeeds or replacing staples. 

Extra Features to Look Out For

  • Power setting to control the amount of power you need for different materials and surfaces
  • Firing both staples and brad nails
  • Extended warranties 
  • Controls to adjust the penetration depth
  • Battery indicator (for battery-powered models)
  • Models that come with accessories such as additional batteries and carry cases

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I stop my electric staple gun from sending out more than one staple at once? 

As with a standard office staple gun, electric staple guns can, from time to time, struggle to separate the staples that you have put into the device. This can result in staples either struggling to shoot out of the device or more than one coming out at once. This is usually incredibly easy to resolve – simply take all of the staples out of the staple gun, check for any that are stuck in the device (ensure the device is removed from power before doing this) and then put fresh staples back in. 

Are there specific staples that I need to use for my electric staple gun?

Most manufacturers recommend that you use their specific branded staples for each model of staple gun – this helps to ensure that the electric staple gun works to the best of its ability and does not become faulty. However, these branded staples can often be considerably more expensive than other brands of staples. Providing the staples are the right size (check your product description for this information) then they should work perfectly well in your electric staple gun. 

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