A Plaster Mixers Buyer’s Guide

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Plaster Mixers Buyers Guide

If you have opened this article you are probably sick of the time and effort that it takes to mix plaster by hand. The aching arms, the tools snapped and broken that are just not up to the task, let alone the time that could have been spent actually plastering!

A plaster mixer is a device that uses a paddle or a whisk attachment to mix almost any liquid efficiently and effectively. The amazing thing about plaster mixers is that they don’t just have to be used to mix plaster – most plaster mixers, as well as mixing cement, will work with paints and other coatings.

Our Buyer’s Guide aims to provide you with all the information you need to make a purchase that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a plaster mixer to make your work life easier, or are wanting one to keep at home for DIY jobs, we’ll have information on a plaster mixer that is right for you!

Only Got 5 Minutes?

If you’ve been mixing your plaster by hand up until this point, then you have wasted enough time already – we understand that! Therefore we have written this section of the article with speed in mind! Keep reading for all the basics that you need to know before making your plaster mixer purchase!

Best Pick – Dewalt DCD240N-XJ XR Flex Volt Paddle Mixer

Dewalt DCD240N-XJ XR Flex Volt Paddle Mixer, 54 V, Multi-Colour, Bare Unit, No Battery Or Charger
16 Reviews
Dewalt DCD240N-XJ XR Flex Volt Paddle Mixer, 54 V, Multi-Colour, Bare Unit, No Battery Or Charger
  • Dual handle ergonomic with critical width and angle dimensions, reduces user fatigue
  • All metal transmission for heavy duty cycle
  • Safety lock off switch for minimizing accidental starts when on it's side or when inserting battery
  • m14 threaded connector which is a standard fitment

Things To Look Out For When Purchasing a Plaster Mixer


The wattage offered with different plaster mixers can vary greatly, from around 800 to 8000 watts. Although it could be assumed that you are going to purchase a plaster mixer to mix plaster – as we have mentioned above that is not all that they can be used for! What you are going to be using your plaster mixer for really determines what wattage you need. Substances like paints and varnishes are nowhere near as thick as plaster and mortar, so will need a mixer with less wattage to be sufficiently mixed.

Bigger isn’t always better though – as going for the model with the highest wattage is going to use more electricity than you necessarily need to. For a good all-round tool we would recommend a wattage of around 1400 watts.

Rotational Speed

The higher the rotational speed of your device – the quicker it will mix your substances and leave you ready to get going with your DIY job! Models vary from around 300rpm to 900rpm – but somewhere in the middle (around 500rpm) will be sufficient for almost all jobs. 500rpm will usually be able to mix just over 91 kgs of the mixture.

TOP TIP: Find a model which has speed settings. This means that you will be able to vary the speed depending on what you are mixing, and also what stage of the mixing process you are at. Important if you want to save the majority of the mix being ejected out of the bucket from a high-speed mixer!

Best Budget – VonHaus Paddle Mixer Drill

VonHaus Paddle Mixer Drill - Cement Stirrer with Gear Selection and 2 Stage Safety Switch – 1600W Handheld Tool for Mixing Plaster/Paint/Mortar/Glue/Adhesive
46 Reviews
VonHaus Paddle Mixer Drill - Cement Stirrer with Gear Selection and 2 Stage Safety Switch – 1600W Handheld Tool for Mixing Plaster/Paint/Mortar/Glue/Adhesive
  • POWERFUL MIXING – easily mix mid-viscosity fluids such as plaster, cement, paint and more on the go with 1600W of handheld mixing power
  • VARIABLE SPEED – two-geared system allows you to alter mixing paddle rotation speed to suit your needs (0-680 or 0-990rpm)
  • TWO-STAGE START – prevents accidental starts to ensure safe operation
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – moulded handles offer a secure and comfortable grip
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – setup is simple with all necessary hardware and accessories included. 2M cable. Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included.

Mixing Capacity

Mixing capacity is very important. Over mixing with your plaster mixer could cause irreparable damage to your tool, which will unlikely be covered under the warranty.

You will be able to find this information on the product details for your plaster mixer. It should state (in kgs) the maximum weight that can be mixed without damage to the machine. 30kgs should be sufficient for small to average-sized jobs at home, however larger mixing capacities of around 100kg are available for larger, professional size jobs. Bear in mind though that you will likely have only around an hour to an hour and a half to use your plaster mix before it is too solid to use. So there is no point making too much mix and leaving waste!


Plaster mixers come with either single or double spindles. While a single spindle is likely to be more than good enough for most jobs, a double spindle will save even more time – as you have two spindles doing the work instead of one!

Paddles and Blades

Many plaster mixers will come with additional attachments, or the option to purchase these attachments. Unless you have one specific job in mind for your plaster mixer, we would highly recommend choosing a model that comes with both paddles and blades. Paddles are better used for mixing thinner substances – such as paint, whereas blades are better for all thicker substances – like plaster and adhesive.

Buying a model that comes with both paddles and blades will essentially mean that you are purchasing two tools for the price of one! If you are going to be plastering a wall at home, it is likely that you are going to be painting or decorating that wall at some point in the future – so simply switch to the paddle – and get mixing!

Bosch Professional 06011A8000 GRW Mixer 18-2 E 1800 W
12 Reviews
Bosch Professional 06011A8000 GRW Mixer 18-2 E 1800 W
  • Agitator 2 speeds for making a mixture of high and low viscosity
  • Ergonomic handle and frame
  • Powerful motor of 1800 w (Twin Geared)
  • Electronic speed control switch, electronic, gradual change
  • Kneaders for up to 180 mm ø


The weight of your device is really down to personal preference. Many would prefer a lighter model that is then more portable and easier to hold when in use. However, a heavier model will often be more heavy duty in the maximum weight that it can mix, and will likely be more sturdy when mixing – providing you have the strength to hold it!

Although these are the main points to consider when purchasing a plaster mixer – there is a lot more to it than just that! Keep reading for all the information you will need to make the most informed purchase possible!

How Do I Use My Plaster Mixer? (and How Does My Plaster Mixer Work?)

Despite this tool being incredibly handy for a number of purposes – they really are very simple in the way in which they work! Relying on electricity, a motor rotates a rod (or more than one depending on the model!) which will have either a paddle or blade at the bottom. This stirs whatever mixture you are working with, blending the different substances together, until it is perfectly ready to be used.

As they are simple in the way in which they work, this also means that they are relatively simple to use. Attach your spindles to the main tool, following manufacturer’s instructions, and plug your plaster mixer into the electricity source. Many plaster mixers have a “lock” for the spindles, however, some do just click into place.

Once you have added the correct ratio of your substances to be mixed (being careful not to exceed your maximum capacity for the mixer), simply stand your mixer upright in the middle of the container and switch on your tool on a low setting. Once the substances have started to mix together you can increase the speed until it is mixed to perfection.

Always make sure to clean your spindles straight after use to avoid any damage with substances hardening on the device.

TOP TIP: As amazing as plaster mixers are – they are not perfect! Most plaster mixers will struggle to remove (and therefore adequately mix) the substances that you have on the sides of the bucket/container that you are using. You could just try to hold the mixer around the edges of the bucket, this will certainly ensure MOST of the substances are mixed together. But to ensure a perfect result, we would recommend using a handheld paddle (or something similar) to scrape the mix from the sides of the bucket into the middle – to allow the plaster mixer to do its job properly!

BAUTEC plaster mixer 1800W with 4 mixing paddles / twin paddle / mixing stirrers / Plaster Mixing Machine Plasterers - Stirrer - Mixing Drill - twin plastering mixer / paint mixer / concrete tool
10 Reviews
BAUTEC plaster mixer 1800W with 4 mixing paddles / twin paddle / mixing stirrers / Plaster Mixing Machine Plasterers - Stirrer - Mixing Drill - twin plastering mixer / paint mixer / concrete tool
  • Professional hand mixer tool for mixing tough, liquid and Pulverförmigen building materials in all material viscosities.
  • The scarf is made from strong 1800 Watt are for heavy screed and gauging work the roof.
  • The effect Rüh device you can up to 90 litres of tough heavy mix goods Vermengt, such as mortar, cement, Putty, concrete, done plaster.
  • 2 single gear mechanism means you can use the maximum speed can be adjusted according to individual to Bearbeitende material.
  • Robust aluminium die-cast casing and the Ergononomisch shaped handle. Included in Box contents are four strong Rührq whipping, tool-less whisking toggle

Making a Purchase That Will Last

  • Warranty – It is important to consider what warranty comes with your tool – as this will protect you from buying a product that is not fit for the purpose. Where possible, check what exactly is covered under the warranty, as it is unlikely your spindles will be covered for overuse etc..
  • Durability – Plaster mixers are made out of many different materials, all of which have benefits. Steel is a strong material (but can be expensive), aluminium is lightweight which will make your plaster mixer more portable (but can be bent and damaged).
  • Single handle or Double handle? The choice is yours! This really is more down to personal preference than anything else. A double handle will usually give you more stability when mixing, however, a single handle mixer will leave your other hand free while mixing.
  • Battery-powered or corded? Recently, some models have been introduced that are battery-powered instead of just corded. This can be a fantastic idea, as you can often find that you are using your plaster mixer outdoors. However, these tend to be considerably more expensive as there is a lot of power needed for adequate mixing of thicker substances.
Collomix AR20.412
2 Reviews
Collomix AR20.412
  • Quality and precision at your fingertips

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I bend my spindles?

If you get over eager when mixing – and it can happen – then you can end up with a bent spindle, which is going to be much less effective when completing further mixing. However, most makes and models will offer the option to purchase spindles separately. We would always suggest purchasing a model like this, as it avoids the issue of having to purchase a whole new plaster mixer just because of a damaged spindle!

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