Angle-Izer Angle Measuring Tool Review

Angle-Izer Angle Measuring Tool Review

In this review, we take a look at the Angle-Izer Angle Measuring Tool.

Angle-Izer Angle Measuring Tool

Angle-Izer Angle Measuring Tool


The Angle-Izer Angle Measuring Tool is a fantastic piece of kit! The ultimate template tool for Tiles, Brick Pavers, Lumber and Laminate.

The Angle-Izer Angle Measuring Tool is one of Amazon’s best selling tools of the moment and for a very good reason! It sells for less than £3, it makes tasks that would take ages, scraps of paper and incorrect cuts, simple, straightforward and gives a professional look.

The angle measuring tool allows you to not only make adjustments on straight edges but also at the angles themselves, giving you the most accurate cut and method of measuring and templating the cut possible. For it’s price little can compete!

This Angle-Izer angle measuring tool is ideal for the tradesman or DIY enthusiast. For the tradesman, it is great for making bulls eyes, arches and plumb cuts on roof joists. For the DIY enthusiast it is great for laying a tiled floor or brick patio.

When the Angle-Izer arrives, it comes in component form, this is for a cost saving exercise, but is actually great! This allows you whilst assembling the 4 components to get a full understanding of how it works. It features metric and imperial units on each side of it.

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Value For Money
The Angle-Izer Angle Measuring Tool is such a great gadget tool, a must have!