Best Cordless Portable Pressure Washer

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Best Cordless Portable Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are amazing machines that will be there to help you in so many different jobs that you might have to complete. Whether you are cleaning your drive, conservatory or maybe even your shed and fence panels, or wanting to give your car a good clean – or anything else for that matter – a pressure washer is not only going to save you time, and immeasurable amounts of effort, but it will also give you a much better finish!

Pressure washers have grown in popularity in recent years, and it is easy to see why! But the one downside to these fantastic machines is that you are restricted to where you can use them! The fact that you always need to be reasonably close to both a power source and (for some models) a mains water supply), means that there are often jobs that you just can’t complete, or that one far corner of your garden that has to miss the pressure washing treatment! Luckily, many manufacturers have combatted this issue by designing cordless portable pressure washers, which will allow you to work anywhere and anytime you want! Admittedly, cordless models don’t yet have the technology and power to go about removing years worth of grime from your block paving – but that doesn’t mean that they can’t help you with every other cleaning job that you might want to complete outdoors!

Now, the only thing that you have to worry about is finding the right one, which is where we come in. We have listed some of the best cordless portable pressure washers on the market, and also provided you with information on what to look for when you are buying!

Best Pick – WORX WG629E

WORX WG629E.1 18V 20V MAX Cordless HYDROSHOT Portable Pressure Cleaner
4,566 Reviews
WORX WG629E.1 18V 20V MAX Cordless HYDROSHOT Portable Pressure Cleaner
  • Portable water and cleaning device eliminates bulky hoses and cords
  • 3-4 times more pressure than garden hose & nozzle
  • Adjustable pressure settings: 0°, 25°, 40°, shower, mist,Charging Time 5 hours
  • Dual system Design: Watering and power cleaning
  • Variable pressure control. Max pressure (Low/High): 94/320 PSI

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Only Got 5 Minutes

We know that sometimes you want to just get going with those jobs around the home! Whether the filthy paving has been staring at you for one day too many, or you are wanting to save money paying a professional to clean your conservatory, then this part of the article is there for your quick fix! Our best cordless portable pressure washer is right here – plus all those most important product details you need to consider!

Cordless Portable Pressure Washer Features

Here are the main features that you need to consider before buying your pressure washer.


It goes without saying that batteries are one of the main things you should be considering when looking for a cordless pressure washer. The best batteries that we have found are lithium-ion ones, which are designed to be quicker to charge and longer lasting. Better batteries will last for up to around 2 hours, however most are less than this!

TOP TIP: Most cordless pressure washers come with one battery, but if you are working on a particularly large job then you may find that it struggles to work through the whole job. In these situations it may be working purchasing a second battery that you can swap to whilst your first one is back on charge!

Admittedly, you are going to get less power from a cordless portable pressure washer than you will a mains one – but the other benefits more than make up for this. We would recommend looking for ones upwards of 15V if you are wanting to get a reasonable amount of power to complete those dirtier jobs! This will be more than enough for if you are using your pressure washer to clean dirty sports equipment or garden furniture – or even your car.

Tank or Tankless?

There are two main types of cordless portable pressure washer – ones with tanks and ones without. Cordless pressure washers will allow you to be completely portable, as you don’t have to book hooked up to an outdoor tap to get the job done. Simply fill the tank with water, make sure the battery is charged, and then you are free to work wherever you want! These models are particularly useful if you have a very long garden, or different places to work at and can’t guarantee a water supply. However, there are downsides to these models – the first thing is that the tank will only be able to hold a certain amount of water, so this will need topping up every time the level gets too low. Not just this, but they are also going to be considerably heavier than tankless models as you are carrying all of the water round with you! If you are wanting to be able to work for a while uninterrupted then look for tanks holding around 15 litres or more!

TOP TIP: Remember to compare the tank size to the flow rate! If you opt for a model with a small tank and a high flow rate then you are going to find yourself making multiple trips to fill up your tank again!

Tankless models are obviously going to be lighter, and therefore more portable than models with a tank, but you do have to remember that you are going to need to be close to a mains water supply for them to work. This means that it is essential to check that you have a hose that is as long as possible to work with! Make sure to check for HOW the pressure washer pumps the water into the system – some will need the pressure already created from an outdoor tap to work successfully, whereas others will be able to work on any water source, such as a bucket or a water tank, which will increase your options when working in different locations.

Portability Features

If you are looking for a cordless portable pressure washer, then one of the things that is going to be most important to you is portability! There are many ways in which this is achieved depending on the pressure washer, so we have listed some of the features to look out for.

  • Wheels – If you are opting for one of the larger, tanked pressure washers then chances are they will come with wheels to help you move around. Make sure that these are strong and of decent quality, remembering that the thicker the wheels, the more that they will be able to cope wheeling over more unlevel, outdoor terrain.
  • Handle – If you have chosen one of the bigger, tanked models and it doesn’t have wheels then you are going to need to look at the quality of the handle. Look for ones with comfort grip, and that have well designed, strong connections to the main tank. This way you aren’t going to struggle carrying the machine full of water, and the handle isn’t  going to struggle to take the weight either!
  • Weight – The weight of your cordless pressure washer will really depend on the style, size and amount of power that you are looking for. Some of the smaller models are as light as 2kg (these are best suited for cleaning bike wheels and other small jobs), whereas others are up to 20kg – still relatively light as far as we are concerned – and can be used for cleaning cars and some areas of your garden.

Flow Rate

The flow rate of your cordless portable pressure washer basically determines at what force the water will be sprayed from the nozzle. The amount of pressure and force that is provided will determine how easy it is to clean the area that you are working on. If you are only using your pressure washer to clean your bike, outdoor camping equipment or other smaller tasks then you can afford to compromise on this slightly – but if you are wanting to clean your car, or even possibly your UPVC and garden furniture then you are going to need to opt for the best flow rate you can find!

It is important to accept that you are going to struggle to get the same flow rate and pressure from a cordless pressure washer as you would a standard model, but that’s not to say that they can’t achieve many of the jobs that other models can! Plus the benefit of this lower flow rate is that you’re not going to find it scratching the paint work on your car!

Flow rates tend to vary between 150l/h up to 300 l/h.


The nozzle is the part that you are going to be working with the most, so you need to find one that is going to be right for you. Many nozzles will offer varying functions depending on the job that you are working on, so watch out for nozzles that have this flexibility so that they are even more versatile for different jobs. Also, look for models that have comfort grip and with guns that aren’t too heavy – this is important for the overall satisfaction when you are using the machine – triggers and guns that are cumbersome and difficult to use will result in you going back to using a bucket and sponge!

It is also worth looking at the length of the hose that you are given. The longer the hose, the more portable your cordless pressure washer will be – and therefore the more options available to you in the jobs that you can complete (plus where you can complete them!). Some models have upwards of 6 metre hoses, so you will have massive flexibility in the places that you can work.

Best Budget – Norse SK90 Compact Electric Pressure Washer

Norse SK90 Compact Electric Pressure Washer 1900 PSI / 131 Bar
533 Reviews
Norse SK90 Compact Electric Pressure Washer 1900 PSI / 131 Bar
  • 24 Month Warranty - Free to call UK based technical support line
  • Visibly Superior - Designed by a team of Norwegian engineers, combining traditional quality with contemporary design
  • All Accessories Included - Rotary brush, triangle brush, multi-jet nozzle, 90° turbo nozzle and quick hose connector
  • Beyond Expectations - Impressive 131 Bar (max) output from a compact and lightweight unit
  • Any Water Source - Supply your washer with water from a hose or any standing water source such as a bucket or barrel with the rapid auto self-priming feature

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Additional Features

Now that you know the key things to look for when purchasing a cordless portable pressure washer, we thought we should explain some of the other features that we look for when choosing the best of the rest!

  • Brushless motor – A brushless motor will allow your pressure washer to work more efficiently, providing more power and a longer running time!
  • Compatible batteries – Some of the more popular brands have produced batteries that are compatible with all of their outdoor tool range! This means that you can interchange your battery between different jobs with no fuss, and only have to buy one battery charger to work with!
  • LED battery light – This is a handy little feature that will help you to keep track of how much battery you have left to work with before you need to pause and recharge.
  • Parts storage – There are going to be a number of parts that come with your pressure washer so if we assume you are moving your pressure washer from one place to another (why else would you be looking for a portable one) then you are going to need the parts to be easy to move as well! Some pressure washers will have storage areas for the other parts so they don’t get lost and are easy to carry!

Best of the Rest

Greenworks GDC40 Cordless High-Pressure Cleaner
186 Reviews
Greenworks GDC40 Cordless High-Pressure Cleaner
  • EASY TO START - insert 40V battery & get started: with this high pressure cleaner you can carry out cleaning work anywhere without electricity & water connection - battery & charger are not included
  • POWERFUL - our mobile high-pressure cleaner with a 20L water tank, a motor output of 650 watts and a flow rate of 300l/h enables you to clean easily and efficiently
  • FLEXIBLE - the handy helper with 70bar pressure not only supports you in cleaning your bicycle & your grill, but can also be used to fight dirt when camping on the go
  • ACCESSORIES SET - the pressure washer comes with 1 high pressure cleaner 1 high pressure gun 1 fixed jet nozzle 1 water filter & 6m high pressure hose & can be used immediately as weapon against dirt
  • ONE BATTERY FOR ALL - the Greenworks 40V batteries from 2Ah to powerful 4Ah are versatile and compatible with many Greenworks products in the garden and workshop

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Yard Force 22Bar 20V Aquajet Cordless Pressure Cleaner with 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, Charger and Accessories LW C02
426 Reviews
Yard Force 22Bar 20V Aquajet Cordless Pressure Cleaner with 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, Charger and Accessories LW C02
  • Compact and portable high pressure cleaner
  • 20V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery with digital charging level indicator
  • Ergonomically designed, two-position rotary rear handle
  • Versatile 3-in-1 adjustable jet nozzle: Jet, Turbo & Low
  • Adjustable pressure control - 2 speed settings up to Maximum 22Bar

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Cordless High Pressure Washer, WESCO 18V 2.0Ah Home/Car Cleaner, Portable Water Gun, 6M Hose, 4 Spray Nozzles with Carry Bag, Extension Lance, Garden/Pet/Outdoor Cleaning Tool/WS8800
71 Reviews
Cordless High Pressure Washer, WESCO 18V 2.0Ah Home/Car Cleaner, Portable Water Gun, 6M Hose, 4 Spray Nozzles with Carry Bag, Extension Lance, Garden/Pet/Outdoor Cleaning Tool/WS8800
  • 💧 VARIOUS APPLICATION: multifunctional spraying nozzle of 0°,15°,25°,40° and sprinkler modes are suitable for cleaning large areas of patio, decking and block paving, car/bicycle washing, garden watering, home cleaning, pet washing and spraying detergent fluid
  • 💧 STRONG WATER PRESSURE: max pressure is 320psi, max water flow rate is 120l/hour, average longest shooting range is around 3 meters; easy control of water pressure is reached by pressing the trigger
  • 💧 COMPACT CORDLESS DESIGN: the battery powered portable pressure washer is ideal for countless cleaning applications around the home, out the door and on-the-go; the compact body is friendly for women and senior friends
  • 💧 QUICK INSTALLATION EASY OPERATION: quick installation and easy removal of hose is convenient both for operation and storage; double protection switch can prevent the machine from accidental starting
  • 💧 WAHT YOU GET: 1 x 6m hose, 4 x Spray nozzle, 1 x Carry bag, 1 x Extension lance, 1 x Battery Pack (WS9935), 1 x Charger (WS9854); 2- year warranty, please contact us through offical mail:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cordless pressure washers come with batteries?
Believe it or not – not all cordless pressure washers do come with batteries! This can really affect the overall price that you are paying for the machine – as you may find yourself having to purchase a separate battery! Not only this, but sometimes the batteries that come with the pressure washers aren’t really up to the task so you have to purchase a better battery – we would recommend at least a 4V battery!

Do you need to replace the filter in a cordless pressure washer?
Yes! The filter in your pressure washer is there to stop debris and particles clogging up the inner workings of your pressure washer. Over time you will find that this becomes clogged up itself (well if it is doing a good enough job). Some pressure washers come with reusable filters that can simply be washed and reused, but others will need replacing! This obviously depends on how often you are going to be using your pressure washer but we would recommend replacing/cleaning every 6-12 months!

What warranty will I get with a cordless portable pressure washer?
Cordless pressure washers tend to have shorter warranties than their corded cousins! You will be looking at getting a 1-2 year warranty on most cordless pressure washers!

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