Best Edging Shears Buyer’s Guide

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“You’ve missed a bit.” A frustrating statement that guaranteed to rile even the most-even tempered homeowner! Whether it be painting, polishing, vacuuming, pruning or cleaning, if you’re going to do a job properly you want to do it well and this is certainly the case when it comes to maintaining your lawn. If you’re going to go to the effort of cutting your grass in the first place, you’ll want to take the time to make sure the finish is as accurate and uniform as possible;  this is where you reach for the edging shears.

Best Pick – Edging Shears

Bosch Cordless Edging Shear Set Isio (3.6 V, Blade Length 12 cm, Tooth Spacing 8 mm, In Cardboard Box)
3,518 Reviews
Bosch Cordless Edging Shear Set Isio (3.6 V, Blade Length 12 cm, Tooth Spacing 8 mm, In Cardboard Box)
  • The Isio cordless edging and shrub shear set - the perfect companion for day-to-day jobs in the garden
  • Anti-Blocking system for stress-free work without interruptions
  • Multifunctional: A new range of Multi-Click attachments make the Isio even more versatile than before
  • Fast charging and low self-discharge thanks to lithium-ion technology
  • Items included: Bosch Isio, charger, Multi-Click grass shearing blade 8 cm, Multi-Click shrub shearing blade 12 cm, cardboard box

A decent pair of edging shears will quickly and expertly tidy stubborn, rebellious grassy edges not accessible by a standard mower, ensuring the borders of your garden look as well-finished and defined as the rest of your ‘not a blade out of place’ neatly-mowed lawn! 

Only got 5 minutes

The best garden edging shears will have sharp, well-balanced, self-sharpening blades made from good-quality stainless steel. An aluminium or carbon handle will ensure the shears are light to handle, durable and easy to maintain – a quick wipe down and occasional spray of light lubricant should be all that’s needed to keep a decent pair of edging shears working well for years to come.

Lawn shears Vs edging shears

Unlike lawn shears, which use horizontal blades to cut parallel across a grassy surface and are used to cut grass from a standing position, edging shears have a right-angled head to cut along lawn and garden bed edges, trimming down wisps of grass which the blades of a standard mower can’t quite get close enough to cut.

At the end of a mowing session, simply work your way around the lawn perimeter with your edging shears to ensure a neat and accurate finish – it won’t take long and requires minimal physical effort but the difference it makes to the overall finish of a freshly cut lawn is unquestionable.

Do I really need edging shears?

We all like a tidy garden – an outdoor space where we love to spend time, or simply admire from the window. Having a decent garden which complements your property is also a savvy move financially with property experts claiming an inviting, tidy, well-maintained garden can add anywhere between five and 20% to a property’s value!

Edging shears are the go-to tool when it comes to making sure your garden looks uniformed and tidy with a precise and neat finish. If you have a lawned area, you inevitably have lawn edges – whether these be running along a fenceline; parallel to paved areas or doubled up as flower bed borders. Due to the bulkiness of the majority of lawn mowers, it’s somewhat impossible to get the blades of the mower to make contact with the very edges of your lawn – the plastic housing encasing the blades will usually prevent you getting close enough to finish off those frustrating stray grassy whisps! 

Finding the ideal edging shears

To give you peace of mind when buying your edging shears, use the desirable features checklist below when you’re comparing models. The more of these, the better!

  • Lightweight design – edging shears with a carbon or aluminium handle have become increasingly popular for those of us wanting a light yet still durable alternative to wood or steel
  • Ergonomic, non-slip coated handle grip for increased comfort levels and to minimise jarring
  • A telescopic handle can be adjusted to suit the user and to extend/shorten the overall length when trimming hard-to-reach areas
  • Good-quality, self-sharpening, tempered blades – lightweight steel, carbon and Teflon-coated are all ones to watch out for when it comes to blade design
  • Lengthy manufacturer’s warranty

Best Budget – Edging Shears

FIXKIT 7.2V 2 in 1 Cordless Grass and Hedge Trimmer, 2 Interchangeable Blades, Battery Powered Lightweight Electric Trimmer,Telescopic Handle & Trolley Wheel Attachments
463 Reviews
FIXKIT 7.2V 2 in 1 Cordless Grass and Hedge Trimmer, 2 Interchangeable Blades, Battery Powered Lightweight Electric Trimmer,Telescopic Handle & Trolley Wheel Attachments
  • ▶The 2 in 1 grass and hedge trimmer features an interchangeable blade system that easily converts from a 100mm grass shear to a 170mm hedge trimmer.
  • ▶The telescopic handle and the small trolley allow trimming without kneeling down, also you can trim around the places where a mower will not go.
  • ▶A completely cable-free grass shear capable of up to 85 minutes of usage, no worry for being tripped by winding trailing chords, including LED charge indicator and charge time of 4 hours.
  • ▶Powerful and compact: the grass and shrub shear can easily treat plants up to 1.6cm. Width of the grass shear blade: 10cm, width of the shrub shear blade: 17 cm, adjustable telescopic rod: 45 to 80cm, weight: 2.15 kg.
  • ▶An ideal choice for edging your lawn and for trimming the tricky areas around trees, benches, flowerbeds and other fixed points.

Key points to consider

When it comes to choosing the best edging shears, cutting and comfort should be at the top of your ‘must-have’ criteria list. Edging shears that are comfortable to use  – both in respect of weight and length – and which cut sharply, precisely and cleanly are ideally what you’re looking for.

Handle length

Unless you go for edging shears with a telescopic handle, you’ll need to make sure the handle is long enough for you to comfortably use whilst standing in an upright position.

Edging shears with a fixed handle length are available in a range of lengths, normally ranging from around 80cm to 100cm. The key is to choose the length that feels the most comfortable to use whilst standing up straight i.e. no shoulder-hunching or back-bending!

The best edging shears will have a telescopic handle. This type of handle can be adjusted to a range of lengths, ideal if more than one person is likely to be using the shears, and the retracting style of the handle is also handy when it comes to storage and portability.

Blade Length

As well as the length of the handle, you’ll need to consider the length of the blade. A longer blade is best suited to cutting straight edges quickly and cleanly; a shorter blade will be easier to maneuver along curved lines where greater flexibility is required. Ultimately, blade length will be determined by the shape of your lawn.

Blade quality

Good quality steel can make the world of difference when it comes to achieving the perfect cut. Although cheaper edging shears with their reduced price tags can be tempting, with edging shears it’s very much a case of ‘you get what you pay for’.

Untreated metal blades made from poor-quality steel will not cut as cleanly or fluidly as sharp, well-balanced, tempered blades made from quality stainless steel, which are capable of producing a clean and precise finish every time  due to their strength and flexibility. Using edging shears fitted with cheap blades is likely to make achieving an even cut far more difficult than it needs to be, and maintaining the edging shears frustrating as the blades are likely to require frequent re-aligning and sharpening.

The best edging shears will feature self-sharpening blades. The angle at which the blades are set result in a small degree of friction being produced; consequently the blades are continuously sharpening themselves! This eliminates the need for sharpening the blades by hand or having to spend to have them sharpened professionally.


Gardening comes in many forms – weeding, pruning, mowing, cutting, but what all green-fingered jobs have in common is they’re all manual, laborious tasks! No keen gardener minds a bit of hard work but it’s important to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your body to reduce the risk of muscle strain, or to try and deter those all-too-familiar aches and pains that have the habit of setting in after a hard day’s gardening graft!

When it comes to weight, this is very much determined by the handle material; edging shears with wooden or steel handles tend to weigh in anywhere between 1000g-2500g however, an alternative to traditional wood and steel, is carbon. Carbon has fast become a popular alternative for garden tools due to its longevity and durability, whilst being incredibly lightweight.

Edging shears maintenance

To keep your edging shears cutting clean and cutting for longer, you’ll need to carry out a little maintenance here and there. The best edging shears shouldn’t require much more than the odd blade wipe with an oily rag or monthly blade tension check.

How to look after your edging shears

  • Using a light lubricant spray, wipe over the blades after cutting to remove any sap residue. The best edging shears will have stainless steel blades, ideally, Teflon coated, which makes cleaning the blades nothing more than a simple wipe-over. Every so often also spray the pivot point to ensure smooth opening and closing of the blades.
  • Keep an eye on the blade tension as inevitably, it’s likely to loosen over time.
  • Unless you’ve invested in edging shears with self-sharpening blades, you’ll need to sharpen the blades. Using a whetstone, re-sharpen the blades when you notice the cut isn’t quite as smooth and clean as it was; alternatively, have them sharpened by a professional.

Best of the Rest

Wilkinson Sword 1111138WF WS Long Handled Border, Edging Shear, 94x17x4 cm
966 Reviews
Wilkinson Sword 1111138WF WS Long Handled Border, Edging Shear, 94x17x4 cm
  • Designed for trimming lawn edges and borders
  • Long length handles to reduce bending or straining the back
  • Comfortable soft grip handle made from PP+TPR
  • 850mm steel tubular handles. 17cm blade length
  • Tool head width minimum is 13 mm maximum is 40 mm
TECCPO Cordless Grass Shear, 3.6V Cordless Shrub Shear and Hedge Trimmer 1.5 Ah, 100min USB Fast Loading and Rotating Handle, Cutting Width 70mm - TDGS01G
139 Reviews
TECCPO Cordless Grass Shear, 3.6V Cordless Shrub Shear and Hedge Trimmer 1.5 Ah, 100min USB Fast Loading and Rotating Handle, Cutting Width 70mm - TDGS01G
  • ☘ 【 2 IN 1 Design] - The product includes 4.5 inch shrub shear and 2.8 inch grass shear; It’s easy to switch from shrub shear to grass shear by hand, quick and safety, which makes works more convenient and is able to meet all your DIY needs.
  • ☘ 【ADJUSTABLE HANDLE] - The length of the handle is moderate, the place of the handle can adjusted within an angle of ± 30 °, in order to trim the branches and grasses in the corner.
  • ☘ 【LI-ION BATTERY] - 3.6V 1.5Ah battery, fully charged by USB in 100 minutes; supports 37 minutes of grass cutting work or 45 minutes of pruning work, giving you a relaxing and pleasant pruning experience.
  • ☘ 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】Equipped with a two-button switch, for ensuring your safety during use, only when the safety button and the handle button are pressed at the same time can the machine start.
  • ☘ 【24 MONTH WARRANTY】Scissors x1, Shrub scissors x1, USB charging cable x1, Operating Instructions x1, Ϟ 30min Quickly Response ϟ TECCPO Customer Service ➤➤➤
Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Steel Edging Shears
1,644 Reviews
Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Steel Edging Shears
  • Tubular steel handles for maximum strength
  • Polished and lacquered blades for rust resistance. Chrome Plated
  • Genuine Spear & Jackson product
  • Soft feel grips
  • Grow your own great British growing 2018 award winners

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cut with edging shears?
Unlike using a pair of scissors, the most efficient way to use edging shears is to only move one blade – keep the lower blade stationary, moving only the upper blade. Not only does this require less physical effort, but it also speeds up the cutting process and results in a cleaner, more precise, consistent finish.

What are short-handled edging shears?
Short-handled edging shears are less common than long-handled shears but are the cutting tool of choice for some gardeners who prefer the reduced handle length; this is usually due to the increased feeling of control and for those who like to have an up-close view of the precision of the cut. The best short-handled models will be designed for single-handed use and have swivel blades to allow access even to the most hard-to-reach borders and edgings.

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