Best Mitre Saw – Our Top 3 Review

Best Mitre Saw - Our Top 3 Review 1

Best Mitre Saw Introduction

If you work with wood often, chances are you have an array of saws. These could include hand saws, circular saws, jigsaws, etc. These are all great if you are doing straight cuts and things such as the circular saw make straight cuts a breeze. However, if you are interested in cutting angles in wood, metal or plastic, a mitre saw could be just the ticket. Mitre saws are known for their accuracy and most decent ones will allow you to cut pretty much any angle to the left or right.

There are several considerations when buying a mitre saw. Firstly, how deep do you need to cut, most come with a standard wood cutting blade of around 10 inches. You can buy different sized blades depending on the depth required and the material you are going to be cutting. Mitre is a fancy name for angles and that’s what a mitre saw does best. Cuts perfectly accurate angles, great if you are working with door frames, skirting boards, etc.

Depending on how often you are going to be using a mitre saw and how complex the tasks at hand depend on whether you will need some of the more advanced features. These include a double bevel, this would allow you to perform to different angled cuts at once and would be particularly useful for furniture making. A sliding function on your mitre saw is also something you might consider. This would be more useful if you are cutting larger pieces of timber as you don’t have to manipulate the wood as much.

Best Mitre Saw - Our Top 3 Review 2

Some optional goodies you might want to look for in any mitre saw are, an LED work light, a laser to see exactly where the cut is going to be made, dust extraction options, so that you can plug in a vacuum cleaner or extraction device.

Benefits of a Mitre Saw

  1. Accurate cuts every time.
  2. Ability to get the perfect angle from your cut.
  3. Speed of cutting wood.

Disadvantages of a Mitre Saw

  1. Often large and need to find a suitable work are to use it.
  2. Fairly noisy.
  3. Produce a lot of dust, if extraction not used.

In this review, we will look at the best budget, best value and best performing mitre saws available at the moment. We look at the advantages and disadvantages of each. We compare the three and hopefully we will provide you with enough information to make a decision as to which mitre saw suits your budget best and fits your requirements best

Best Budget Mitre Saw – Silverline 262705

Best Mitre Saw - Our Top 3 Review 3

Mitre saws range in price greatly. When you are looking for a budget corded mitre saw, you really don’t want something that is going to break the bank. Typically, you are looking for something that will do some basic angled cuts, accurately and possibly something that isn’t going to get a great deal of use.

The Silverline 262705 corded mitre saw is a budget saw that ticks all of these boxes! It offers up 1400w straight off the block giving you plenty of power to cut through the toughest of timber. This will give you the opportunity to cut through timber up to around 5” thick.

It offers a range of cutting angles up to 45 degrees to the left or right of the timber. Whilst this isn’t quite the range of some of the more expensive models and lacking features such as double bevelling and a slide option it is adequate for basic cuts required around the house.

Silverline 262705If you require a corded mitre saw that can be easily stored, doesn’t take up too much room and offers easy portability this also fits the bill. It also includes a carry handle making transport very easy. It will fit on a pretty small work bench, helping if space is at a premium.

One feature that we think is a must when it comes to mitre saws is dust extraction. The amount of dust mitre saws can generate can be unmanageable. It not only makes a mess of wherever you are working but it is also a health risk. We would always recommend a dust mask, ear defenders and goggles when working with any power tools. But a dust extraction port such as the one featured on the Silverline mitre saw really helps matters.

Benefits of the Silverline 262705

  • Compact in size
  • Lightweight
  • Dust extraction port

Disadvantages of the Silverline 262705

  • Limited feature set
  • Limited by depth of cut to 5 inches
  • No slide feature

Manufacturers Specs

  • Weight 6KG
  • Power 1400W
  • Dimensions 47.8 x 29.4 x 29.4 cm



Let’s be frank, the Silverline 262705 isn’t going to win any awards for the best-corded mitre saw around. It doesn’t have a fantastic feature set to speak of, nor does it offer the best depth range or double bevelling.

So why has it made our review? Why mention it at all? If you are looking for a mitre saw for some basic DIY projects, such as skirting boards, door frames and small woodwork projects you don’t need these fancy features. Yes, they look good, they are very attractive and you may think I wonder if they will give me better angles, accuracy and fancier cuts.

The Silverline 262705 mitre saw is perfect, outstanding, simple and we would highly recommend it if these are your requirements. We will never advocate you over spend or buy things you don’t need when a simple solution will do. This will do the job and produce fantastic results if you are after a budget mitre saw.


Best Value Mitre Saw – The Einhell TH-SM 2534

Best Mitre Saw - Our Top 3 Review 4

In this review of the best corded mitre saw we have tried to cover all of the bases. If you have a limited budget we have something for you, if you need an outstanding mitre saw we have got you. What we also want to find is a hybrid, a model that doesn’t break the bank, whilst offering a fantastic array of features. Delivering a lot more than the budget offering but whilst staying in a sensible budget range.

This isn’t going to be for someone who is using a mitre saw day in, day out. It will, however, offer the features to perform nearly any mitre task you have reliably and dependabley.

The Einhell brand is starting to get a reputation for quality and dependable power tools. Whilst the name might not be as synonymous as the likes of Makita, DeWalt and Bosch when it comes to power tools. It is really making waves in the space and is one to watch.

This Einhell TH-SM 2534 really packs a punch with its 2350w motor, plenty capable of annihilating anything in its way! It comes with a carbide tipped blade that helps with cutting the toughest of materials and makes cutting through timber a breeze.

Best Mitre Saw - Our Top 3 Review 5

Einhell has gone all out with this corded mitre saw when it comes to features on offer. It offers:

  • Double bevel cuts
  • Slide function
  • A range of cuts from 0-45 degrees on both sides
  • Clamps
  • Worklight
  • Laser guide

Along with a packed feature set, Einhell have included a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind. If you are worried about the brand not being one of the big players, this should give you the reassurance to invest in Einhell.

Best Mitre Saw - Our Top 3 Review 6

The integrated clamps with the Einhell mitre saw really help secure the saw to your work bench. You can be safe in the knowledge when you are manoeuvring at different angles with different sizes and shapes of timber, the mitre saw will stay firmly where you left it.

Benefits of the Einhell TH-SM 2534

  • Sliding function
  • Double bevel
  • LED work light

Disadvantages of Einhell TH-SM 2534

  • Heavy to carry
  • Some elements seem a little flimsy
  • Not one of the big brands

Manufacturers Specs

  • Power 2350W
  • Dimensions 80 x 57.8 x 45.5 cm
  • Weight 16.1Kg



If you are looking for a mitre saw that is value for money, can achieve most tasks you could throw it at and don’t intend to use it day in day out, the Einhell is perfect. Some of the fastenings and body feel a little flimsy compared with some of the more expensive offerings such as the one below from Makita. However, at this price tag for something that offers so much for so little we are happy to recommend it.


Best Performing Mitre Saw – The Makita LS0714

Best Mitre Saw - Our Top 3 Review 10

If you are looking for the mitre saw to end all mitre saws, look no further than the Makita LS0714. This bad boy features everything the Einhell has to offer and then some. Not only is it feature packed, but it is also extremely well made and we would expect nothing less from Makita. If you are planning to use this for a plethora of DIY projects, or take it with you day to day as a tradesman the Makita LS0714 won’t let you down.

At Tools Review, we are big fans of Makita tools, time and time again they perform no matter what situation you seem to put them in. This Makita LS0714 mitre saw is a fantastic offering.

Best Mitre Saw - Our Top 3 Review 11The Makita allows for a cross cut of up to 300mm, the range of the mitring capabilities outperforms each of the other two mitre saws from Einhell and Silverline (see below of specs). One of the features we really like with the Makita LS0714 is the ability to hold long work pieces in place through the included holders.

The included LED work lights and laser guide really makes cutting in general simpler and quicker. Let alone when you are doing a bevelled, mitre cut this is when it really does shine (no pun intended).

Benefits of the Makita LS0714

  • Sliding capability
  • Large timber capacity
  • 3-Year warranty

Disadvantages of the Makita LS0714

  • Could have been a little lighter in weight for carrying about
  • Premium price point

Manufacturers Specs

  • Dimensions: 43.2 x 67.2 x 45.7 cm
  • Power: 1010 watts
  • Weight: 10Kg



The Makita LS0714 is a great corded mitre saw if you are looking for something that you can depend on and has every feature you could require this could be the saw for you. It isn’t the most expensive mitre saw available, offerings from brands such as Festool keep that accolade. It is, however, a fantastic choice especially if you are someone who already has the Makita brand.

The three-year warranty they offer really shows how much they think of their products and they are willing to stand by them. This is a corded mitre saw we would happily recommend.


Best Corded Mitre Saw – Overall Winner

Overall, it is a hard decision to make. Obviously, it is budget dependant and it depends on how often you will be using the mitre saw. If you don’t need something that offers double bevelling, a slide feature or laser guidance then there are some fantastic offerings.

Best Mitre Saw - Our Top 3 Review 15

If you are looking for our recommendation on which corded mitre saw to choose. I would happily recommend the Makita LS0714. It really does tick all of the boxes when it comes to everything you could want from a corded mitre saw.

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