Best Nail Gun – Our Top 3 Review

Best Nail Gun

We take a look at our top 3 best nail gun to suit any budget.

Nail guns offer something that the traditional nail and hammer just can’t; precision. These tools allow you to accurately drive nails at fast rates. Their speed and accuracy make them a must-have tool for most DIY enthusiasts.

They also give you more control over the final product and eliminate the chances of a finger injury. Ultimately, nail guns are both convenient and time-saving. Moreover, they come in several types. These include brad, framing, finishing, flooring and roofing nail guns. While some of these tools use air pressure for nailing, others use electricity or batteries.

Benefits of a Nail Gun

  1. High precision and accuracy
  2. High speeds of work
  3. Gives you a lot of control over product

Disadvantages of a Nail Gun

  1. Excessively cold weather leads to shingle damage
  2. Excessively hot weather leads to overdrive
  3. Can lead to poor nail placement

For this review, we selected highly-rated nail guns that are both powerful and durable. We chose a high-quality nail gun for each price range. In this review you will find a budget buy, a moderately priced value buy and high-end buy.

Best Budget Nail Gun

Best Budget Nail Gun

The Ryobi ONE+ 18G AirStrike Nailer

This compact nail gun is part of the Ryobi ONE+ collection of tools that use the same battery and charger. Its most impressive quality is the fact that it has two-speed modes; sequential and contact actuation. You can easily toggle between these modes as you please.

When you buy the Ryobi ONE+ 18G AirStrike, you also get a reversible belt hook, two no mark shoes and five hundred 32mm nails. However, it doesn’t come with a charger or batteries. As much as this nail gun doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, it works well.

It does all that it promises to do and is extremely easy to set up and use. Considering its affordable price, this Ryobi nail gun is definitely a worthy buy.

Ryobi AirStrike Nail Gun

Benefits of the Ryobi ONE+ 18G

  1. Tool-less jam release for easy nail removal
  2. Too-less drive depth adjustment for increased nailing accuracy
  3. LED light to illuminate the workspace

Disadvantages of the Ryobi ONE+ 18G

  1. Its batteries have a short lifespan
  2. The depth of drive adjustment wheel has no reference points or a numeric indicator

Manufacturers Specs

  • Weight: 2.84 kilograms
  • Voltage: 18 volts
  • Magazine capacity brads: 105
  • Nail gauge: 18 gauge
  • Nail range: 5/8 to 2 inches
  • Nail type: 1.2 mm
  • Nail length: 16 – 51 mm
  • Maximum speed: 60 nails per minute
  • Fastener collation: glue strip


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If you are looking for a simple yet reliable nail gun, the Ryobi ONE+ 18G AirStrike is just what you need. Its simplicity, reliability, durability, and affordability make it a favourite among DIY enthusiast.


Best Value Nail Gun

DeWalt DEWPDCN660N 18 V XR Brushless Framing Nailer

The fact that this DeWalt nail gun employs mechanical instead of gas operation makes it possible for it to run for long periods of time with little heat production. This leads to low running costs. Yet another feature we love about the DeWalt DEWPDCN660N is its brushless motor that contributes to its impressive runtime.

It is important to note that this nail gun doesn’t ship with any accessory. Its battery and charger are sold separately. However, the DeWalt DEWPDCN660N makes up for its lack of accessories through the provision of a variety of helpful features that are definitely worth the investment.

As much as this nail gun isn’t the cheapest one available, its unique features make it worth the extra cash.

DeWalt Nail Gun

Benefits of the DeWalt DEWPDCN660N

  1. Compact and lightweight
  2. Ergonomic design for increased user comfort
  3. Tool-free jam clearance

Disadvantages of the DeWalt DEWPDCN660N

  1. Prone to misfires
  2. Sometimes it fails to sink the nails deeply into the wood

Manufacturers Specs

  • Weight: 2.35 kilograms
  • Length: 270 mm
  • Width: 95 mm
  • Height: 325 mm
  • Voltage :18 volts
  • Nail gauge: 16 gauge
  • Nail diameter: 1.6 mm
  • Nail length: 32 – 63 mm
  • Magazine angle: 20º
  • Magazine capacity: 110 nails


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Considering DeWalt’s glowing reputation, it comes as no surprise that this nail gun is a hit with many tool enthusiasts. It is popular among beginners and professionals alike.


Best Performing Nail Gun

Hitachi NR90GC2/J8 Cordless Gas Clipped Head 1ST Fix Framing Nailer

Admittedly one of the most expensive nail guns on the market today, the Hitachi NR90GC2/J8 comes with a lot of features and accessories that are noticeably absent in cheaper models. It is a high-end nail gun that is known for its high-performance level. Here are some of its key features.

  • Speeds of up to 2 nails per second to ensure fast work rates
  • Dry firing lockout for increased safety
  • Fold away hook that can be conveniently looped over joints
  • Long trigger stroke to ensure safety during use
  • Non-slip soft grip for user comfort
  • High visibility magazine

The following accessories are usually shipped with the Hitachi NR90GC2/J8:

  • Two 1.5 Ah Li-ion batteries
  • A 60-minute charger
  • Safety glasses
  • A 4 mm Hex wrench
  • A carrying case
  • Oil

Hitachi Nail Gun

Benefits of the Hitachi NR90GC2/J8

  1. Easy to clean
  2. Easy access to fuel cell chamber
  3. Light and well-balanced

Disadvantages of the Hitachi NR90GC2/J8

  1. Occasionally fires two nails at once
  2. Expensive

Manufacturers Specs

  • Weight: 3.2 kilograms
  • Power: 90 joules
  • Fuel cell capacity: up to 1000 nails
  • Battery capacity: 4000 nails/ charge
  • Nail range: 50 to 90 mm
  • Magazine capacity: 25-37 nails
  • Nail diameter range: 2.9 – 3.3 mm
  • Nail angle: 34º
  • Capacity: 47 nails


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Although it is quite expensive, the Hitachi NR90GC2/J8 promises high-performance levels and durability. It can handle any project you throw its way and is extremely reliable. This nail gun is a must-have.


The Best Nail Gun (Overall Winner) –

Hitachi NR90GC2/J8

Although the Ryobi ONE+ 18G AirStrike and the DeWalt DEWPDCN660N are powerful nail guns, they don’t hold a candle to the Hitachi NR90GC2/J8. This Hitachi nail gun is powerful enough to drive a nail to depths of up to 90 mm.

This nail depth can’t be achieved by the other two nail guns. Moreover, the Hitachi NR90GC2/J8 is very fast and comes with a ton of features and accessories that are noticeably absent from the other two nail guns.

If you are looking the best nail gun that money can buy, the Hitachi NR90GC2/J8 is your best bet.

Hitachi Nail Gun

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The Bottom Line

It goes without saying that nail guns play an important role in any tool enthusiast’s collection. While some people may prefer the traditional nail and hammer, some projects require a faster means of getting the job done.

Not only do these tools offer fast work rates, but they are also precise. Moreover, they can be used for a variety of functions and are available in a variety of brands. This is why selecting a suitable nail gun can be such a hassle.

We hope that this review provides you with all the information you need to make a good choice.  One thing is for sure though; the nail guns featured in this review are the best. No matter what your budget is, you will surely find a suitable nail gun here.

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