Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Blower and Vacuum Review

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Bosch ALS 2500


Are you tired of using a rake to keep your garden tidy? Do you need a faster solution for collecting leaves and clearing rubbish in your garden? Maybe, you should consider getting a garden blower, such as the Bosch ALS 2500!

We are seeing more and more power tools being utilised in the garden. A leaf blower could be the next addition to your collection. The Bosch ALS 2500 Garden blower is one of our favourites and below we will take an in-depth look.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful performance and easy handling
  • Light-weight and has a padded shoulder strap for fatigue-free work
  • Adjustable blower speed for easy removal of sticky leaves
  • Easy to fit and empty the collection bag
  • Longer working time due to the advanced shredder.


  • Not suitable for working in large gardens (limited cable size)
  • Walking around with a cable attached to the blower can be restrictive
  • Narrow blower output, hence covering small areas at a time.
  • The variable speeds do not go below 280km/h

Product Overview

Here is a brief overview of the Bosch ALS 2500 and some of the key points to note:

With an ergonomic design, the leaf blower propels air to scatter any grass cuttings, leaves or debris into the direction of your choice. You do not have to worry about wet sticky leaves, something that you often find after a downpour. It has variable speeds, meaning you can adjust the intensity of the blower to maximize performance.

If you are working on a small pile of leaves, the first speed option should be more than enough for you. But if you have a messy garden and lots of litter, the second-speed setting should make things easier for you.

Needless to say, it would be quite tiresome to collect the gardening waste using your hands after the fast-paced blowing. That is why this handy tool comes with dual settings; You can either blow or suck up garden waste and have it disposed of accordingly. A fantastic feature that really makes this leaf blower! The vacuum has a special nozzle that gives more room to suck things up. However, you should take precaution not to vacuum destructive objects such as glass or pebbles.

Large capacity bag

Attached to the Bosch ALS 2500, is a 45-litre bag for waste collection. It has its own handle and zip for efficient emptying. Its moisture-repellant material enables you to collect wet garden leaves and has more than enough space to fit it all in. Which brings us to another amazing feature of this tool; the shredder.

Garden waste is sucked in and shredded using sharp blades for easier disposing and composting. It has a mulching ratio of 10:1, meaning that one piece can be reduced by 10 times the initial size (roughly 2cm each). At the end of the day, you will have fewer trips to the compost bin or garden waste bin and save a lot of time and effort.

Assembly and Usage

From unboxing, right to the last phase of waste disposal, here is a brief summary of the steps involved:


After receiving your package, ensure that there are no parts missing, and assemble the parts correctly. The manual may seem a little bit vague, but nevertheless, it has a lot of diagrams and illustrations to guide you.

First and foremost, the round black plastic filter needs to be installed in the motor, where there is an empty circular compartment. Simply screw it and it will click, as a sign of proper installation. Using the red clip on the filter, place the metal bar into the groove on the motor and press down the red clip to fasten it securely.

Next, the thin tube used for blowing should be quite easy to install. Make sure it is aligned with the red button on the front part of the motor, then push till it clicks and fits accordingly. You are now ready to blow!

Note that the on/off button is located directly below the handle, while the speed button is located on the handle itself. These two-speed settings as discussed earlier will help you shift any form of rubble. The Bosch ALS 2500 is an electric tool, so don’t expect any batteries. Plug in the power cable, and use the adjustable handle and padded shoulder strap to work comfortably.


After blowing all the rubbish together, change to vacuum mode in the following way;

Detach the blower tube by pressing the red button holding it to the motor, then release and pull the tube gently. The vacuum tube is supposed to be fat and larger than that of the blower, no wonder it is split into two. First use the last part of the tube, which has a red clip attached to it.

Locate the handle with a red screw and unscrew it, then fit in the handle to the end of the vacuum tube. Just like the other parts, you should hear a click sound. Insert the red screw through the handle, and screw the red plastic nut on the other side tightly. Whilst the whole process may seem easy, you should take caution not to break, over-tighten of force any part into another.

Now you can join the other fat tube by matching up the yellow arrows to face each other and pushing them together. It is important to note that a vacuum cannot function with the filter attached to the motor. Therefore, use the red clip to release the filter and screw the vacuum tube to the motor. Don’t forget to place the metal bar into the groove, just like in the blower.

Hold on Tight

The vacuum requires a strong grip, so the handle alone is not enough. The box comes with a shoulder strap and even though optional, I would strongly recommend that you put it into use to avoid any damage to the tool. Use the two metal rings on either side of the Bosch handle to install the strap.

Finally, you should install the collection bag to the motor. It has a plastic fitting that should be lined up to the motor and inserted until the now-familiar click sound is heard. For the bag to be held firmly to the motor, it has two clips which should be attached to the tube. This is one of the hardest parts because you need to use some effort to attach the two. The bag hangs conveniently beneath the vacuum tube, and has a zip underneath it, meaning you can empty without moving the bag around.

The vacuum performs better at a closer proximity to the ground, unlike the blower which can propel air even from 7 feet. Nonetheless, placing the vacuum tube too close to the ground could suck up some pebbles and cause blockage

Technical Specifications

Other than the shredding power, here are a few other noteworthy specifications of the Bosch ALS 2500.


Working while walking around for a considerable amount of time needs a tool that isn’t too heavy. The blower and vacuum both have different features, so you should not be surprised to find one being lighter than the other.

For the blower, you would have to carry around 3.2 kg and 4.4 kg in vacuum mode. In essence, this is as heavy as the average domestic cat. With the motor and other parts installed, it is safe to conclude that this is a lightweight tool.

Power and Speed

As mentioned earlier, this tool is powered by mains electricity and has an 8-meter-long power cable that is ideal for home use. If you have a larger lawn or garden, using an extension cable will get you the extra coverage required. This Bosch blower and vacuum has a wattage of 2500W and variable speeds of 280-300km/h. Putting this into perspective, it can blow 3-5kg of wet leaves into a pile within 5 minutes and from a range of 6 ft. Whilst this is great, it would have been better if it had lower speed settings to give more control in delicate situations.

It has a flow rate of 800m3/h; this is basically the volume of a fluid that passes per unit time. This means our tool here is quite efficient in passing large volumes of air through the tubes.


Compared to other mains powered blowers, the Bosch ALS 2500 has a softer start and prides itself on being quieter. The blower produces a sound pressure level of 84dB(A) and a sound power level of 102dB(A).

You can equate this to a food blender at full speed or a motorcycle at 20 ft. Even though some say that 80dB(A) could only cause ear damage at 8 hours of exposure, there is definitely no need to risk your hearing. Ensure that you have ear defenders at all times. You should also expect some vibration, but not so much compared to a reciprocating saw or a drilling machine.


One of the good things about the ALS 2500 is that all the parts have been broken down for easier storage. Aside from the motor, two vacuuming tubes, a slim blowing tube, one padded strap, mains power cable, a handle, and waste bag, you should not expect to find any other accessory.

For your safety and convenience, you should consider investing in a pair of ear defenders, safety glasses, work gloves, garden waste bags, and a set of leaf grabbers. Upon completion, you should dismantle all the parts, ensure they are clean, and store them in the empty collection bag.

Relatable Products

The Bosch ALS 2500 compares quite well with other products. Standing out it’s ease of use and the noise level produced from it.

Below are some of the competition to the Bosch ALS 2500;

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Parts and Consumables

Every tool is subject to damage or unintended breakage. Whichever the case, everyone wants a solution that is cost-efficient, and effective. Can you service the Bosch ALS 2500 if need be? The answer is yes.

As we have seen, one of the great perks about Bosch tools is the ability to assemble and disassemble all the parts. While this may be tedious to some, it helps you learn more about functionality and makes it easier to find specific parts for replacement.

During operation, the blower and vacuum both produce a resistance force that could take you by surprise if you don’t have a proper grip, resulting in a fallen, broken tool. This is another reason we advise you make use of the shoulder strap!

Over time, the blades in the shredder can wear out, and cause blockage or half-shredded rubbish; hence making them some of the main consumables in this product. Others include the mains cable and collection bag which may wear and tear if working on rough, thorny surfaces.

Get in touch with the manufacturer as early as possible to know exactly which parts are available for replacement. If not, you could always shop around credible online retail stores such as eBay.

Power Supply

Since the mains cable is your only source of power, you should take great care of it. We would recommend you connect your leaf blower to a socket that is protected by a circuit breaker or even better get a plugin circuit breaker just for outdoor appliances. Additionally, the motor is fitted with an overload protection system that shuts down the tool automatically. In such a situation, you are supposed to let the motor cool down before restarting it again. The machine is double insulated for safety and uses a specific type of extension cables. Even though the provided cable is usually enough, you can contact the Bosch service centre for more details about the right extension cable, if need be.

Who should buy this Product?

With the great efficiency this tool provides, the time it saves, and the minimal effort you would use, you could opt to overlook its relatively high price. Instead of dealing with brooms, and removing wet leaves from rakes using your hands, the Bosch ALS 2500 is definitely worth the purchase for anyone with a garden and lawn.

Nevertheless, you could still scale down your budget and get some electric blowing experience by getting a cheaper tool. This may give sub-standard results, often repairs, and upgrades. In the long run, it would have been better to buy a quality product such as this.


Similar to other reputable brands such as Makita, Bosch offers a 3-year warranty for their products following the official registration of new products. Albeit pricey, you should have some peace of mind knowing that all the parts have been covered by the manufacturer for some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vacuum not supposed to collect?

The design of the Bosch vacuum only allows sucking low density and light-weight objects such as leaves, grass clippings, and other garden debris. You should try to avoid sucking up wet leaves coated with soil, as this will make the product wear out faster.

In addition, do not vacuum plastic bags, liquids, cans, cloth, tissue, or even branches exceeding 5mm. However small all these objects may seem; this vacuum is solely meant for grass and leaves.

What are the possible causes of the machine not operating?

If it fails to operate correctly, the problem could be;

  • Wrong assembly of components
  • Activation of the motor protection
  • Faulty fuse or socket
  • Damage on the mains cable

No need to worry though, you can mitigate against such problems through checking the assembly, turning the power off and on, allowing the motor to cool down and inspecting each part. You could also try using a different socket or even replacing the fuse.

How should I maintain the tool to ensure it lasts for a long time?

The reason why some tools last a lot longer than others is simply down to proper maintenance. For advanced durability, always ensure that the blower/vacuum tubes are clean, store them in a dry place, and replace worn out parts as often as possible.

Use it only in daylight to avoid sucking up something harmful, and avoid operating it in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, you should never use it without the tubes. For better performance and additional tips, read through the manual thoroughly and master all the do’s and do not’s.

The Bottom Line

As we have seen, the Bosch ALS 2500 is capable of getting the job done; Thanks to its amazing performance, ease of handling and simple assembly. These and other discussed features make it a force to reckon with as far as garden blowers and vacuums are involved.

Bosch ALS 2500

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