Bosch Isio cordless shrub/grass shear Review

Bosch Isio cordless shrub/grass shear

Bosch Isio cordless shrub/grass shear Review

The Bosch Isio cordless shrub/grass shear set brings tools and gadgets to the garden

The amazing little Bosch Isio cordless shrub/grass shear is not only a pleasure to use but also a fantastic advance in gardening. It has two primary uses shearing grass, usually around the edges of your lawn and shrub shaping and shearing.

If you have ever tried shaping shrubs by hand and it isn’t your trade, you will realise this can not only be a long laborious task but one that requires a great deal of skill. The Bosch Isio cordless shrub/grass shear allows you to trim shrubs like you are shaving hair. It makes it simple and easy to see what you are doing.

The Isio features a 3.6v Lithium-ION battery which says will run for 50 minutes. In reality, it is more around 40 minutes, although still very impressive. It features a light to indicate when the battery is at 20% charge. This is so you know you don’t have much time left before charging is required.

Charging is simple with a mobile phone style charger. Again making use of several LED’s to show charging and completion of charging. This is so that you don’t have to leave the product on charge all night, hoping that it will be charged when you wake.


There are several accessories available for the Bosch Isio cordless shrub/grass shear. Several different blades and a spray attachment to disperse pesticides or plant food. But our favourite accessory is the telescopic handle as shown below. This is something that we wouldn’t recommend for shrub shaping but more for grass shearing. It is a fantastic addition that saves your back.

The Isio comes with several improvements on Bosch’s previous model. Most noticeably the multi-click system for quick changing of accessories. The sprayer attachment and the fact that it is 15% smaller and more compact. The total weight of the Bosch Isio cordless shrub/grass shear is a mere 0.55Kg, so a very lightweight accessory to your gardening arsenal.

The Bosch Isio 3 also features an anti-blocking system which prevents stalling and allows for continuous cutting. This is especially useful if you come across a branch that is a bit too big whilst shaping your shrubs.

The package includes the following:

  • Bosch Isio cordless shrub/grass shear
  • 1x Grass blade
  • 1x Shrub Blade
  • Carry Bag
  • Charger
  • Instruction manual

All in all, we think this a fantastic tool for your garden, bringing convenience and simplicity. Also reducing the time required to shape shrubs and edge your lawn. All for a fantastic price and it’s cordless!

Have you also considered the Bosch Art 23 SL electric grass trimmer? This compliments the Bosch Isio cordless shrub/grass shear perfectly as this can deal with the bulk of the work and allow the Isio to take care of the details.

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