Best Lawn Spreader
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Best Lawn Spreader Buyers Guide

Maintaining a quality lawn is a demanding and, at times, seemingly endless task. It involves hard work, accurate timing and suitable weather conditions, along with the precise application of decent grass seed and rich fertilisers. […]

Best Lawn Spiker
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Best Lawn Spiker Buyers Guide

Food. Water. Air. The three fundamentals when it comes to the survival of any living thing. The garden lawn. Quintessentially British and the focal point of many UK gardens. We mow it, feed it, water […]

Best Edging Shears
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Best Edging Shears Buyer’s Guide

“You’ve missed a bit.” A frustrating statement that guaranteed to rile even the most-even tempered homeowner! Whether it be painting, polishing, vacuuming, pruning or cleaning, if you’re going to do a job properly you want […]

Best Secateurs
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Best Secateurs Buyer’s Guide

You’re standing by your hedgeline, eyeing up the opposition. You know what you want those unruly, untidy, overgrown rose bushes and shrubs to look like but to undertake such a transformation single-handedly using a pair […]

Weed Killer Buyers Guide
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Best Weed Killer Buyers Guide

There’s nothing more unsightly and frustrating than a weedy lawn! Not only do those pesky weeds spoil the view, but every second they’re growing, they’re stealing valuable nutrients and sunlight from the plants you actually […]

Log Splitters Buyers Guide
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The Log Splitter Buyer’s Guide

A log splitter is a tool that used to be admired by many but owned by few – they were used regularly for commercial use but rarely for individual homeowners. However, the increase in the […]

Karcher K5 Buyers Guide
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Karcher K5 Buyers Guide

Karcher is the No.1 best-selling pressure washer brand in the UK. In 2017, the company launched the Karcher K5 pressure washer range – a revolutionary pressure washer with incredible cleaning capacity, designed and engineered with […]

Leaf Blower Buyers Guide
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The Best Leaf Blower Buyer’s Guide

We all know the frustration that arrives every Autumn, without fail – falling leaves. You can spend hours clearing all the leaves from your garden, painstakingly removing individual leaves from rockeries that are too fiddly […]

Leaf Vacuum Buyers Guide
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The Best Leaf Vacuum Buyers Guide

Whether you’re rustling up leaves in Autumn, or raking blossom petals in spring, clearing up your garden can feel like a never-ending task… Cue the trusty leaf vacuum. If you have an outdoor area, you’ll […]

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The Ultimate Chainsaw Buyers Guide

If you have already begun your research, you may have realised that purchasing a chainsaw can be a daunting task for any homeowner. With so much information out there on types, style, sizes, features and […]