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Best Log Stores

There really is nothing nicer than settling down on a cold winter evening in front of a wood burning stove or enjoying a mild summer’s evening next to a roaring fire pit. However there is […]

Garden Tools

Best Wheelbarrow Planters

Wheelbarrow planters make a lovely addition to any garden – with their natural look that slots right into the garden. A wheelbarrow planter is exactly what the name suggests….a planter that is designed to look […]

Best Bird Box Camera
Garden Tools

Best Bird Box Cameras

Bird box cameras are a great investment for any true nature lover. There really is nothing more fascinating than being able to watch the birds in their natural environment and see what normally goes on […]

Garden Tools

Best Indoor Water Feature

There is nothing more relaxing and tranquil than sitting next to a waterfall, stream or even on the beach. The sound of flowing water can be one to really ease the mind, leading to a […]

Garden Tools

Best Tree Loppers

Anyone with hedges or trees in their gardens will know the importance of keeping on top of them! So many times you seem to blink and then suddenly they have grown from being neat and […]

Garden Tools

Best Water Feature Pump

Installing a water feature can add so much to your garden – the sense of tranquility that comes from listening to running water, plus the way it will increase the wildlife that comes to your […]

Garden Tools

Best Topiary Shears

Topiary or garden shears are a must for any gardener – they are there to make your life so much easier when you are maintaining and landscaping different areas of your garden. They are perfectly […]

Garden Tools

Best Soil Testing Kit

Soil testing kits are going to be the key for any keen gardener that is really wanting to get the best from their garden. Whether you have a small courtyard with potted plants, or a […]

Garden Tools

Best Gravel Rakes

Using gravel in your garden can be a fantastic way to create paths, driveways or featured areas in your garden. Adding gravel to your garden can really freshen the place up and turn old, green-stained […]

Garden Tools

Best Outdoor Broom

No matter what style or size of garden you own, an outdoor broom is going to be an essential tool for any homeowner to have. Even if you are an apartment dweller with a small […]

Garden Wheelbarrow
Garden Tools

Best Garden Wheelbarrows

There are so many reasons why you may need a garden wheelbarrow. Whether your garden is large or small, a natural country haven or a pristine, manicured entertaining space – whatever you are working with, […]

Garden Tools

Best Garden Forks

The garden fork – an archaic, yet essential tool for garden maintenance. No matter whether you have a small, country courtyard or a large, ambling estate you are going to need a garden fork because […]

Snow Shovel
Garden Tools

Best Snow Shovels

Regardless of whether it is the time of year for it or not, a snow shovel is one of those essential purchases for every homeowner. To start with, living in the UK means that you […]

Best Ride on Mower Lifters
Garden Tools

Best Ride On Mower Lifters

Anyone who owns a ride on lawn mower is going to need a ride on lawn mower lifter to go with it. This handy tool is basically a “jack” but for your lawnmower, making the […]

Mulching Lawnmower
Garden Tools

Best Mulching Lawnmowers

Anyone that wants the best for their lawn is going to be interested in a mulching lawnmower. If you are wanting your lawn to look well maintained and cared for then a mulching lawn mower […]

Lawn Mower for Stripes
Garden Tools

Best Lawn Mowers for Stripes

For anyone that is wanting to have a lawn that is the envy of all their neighbours, then you will know you need those perfect stripes to achieve that look. There really is nothing better […]

Garden Tools

Best Garden Pergolas

A garden pergola is both a practical and attractive feature to add to any garden. Originally designed to offer some shade and protection from the heat of the sun during summer months, pergolas have now […]