Saw Horse Buyers Guide

A Sawhorse Buyer’s Guide

As any DIY guru will tell you, there are a few pieces of their tool kit they’d never be without, and a saw horse is one of those tools. Whether it be carpentry; painting and […]

Leaf Vacuum Buyers Guide
Garden Tools

The Best Leaf Vacuum Buyers Guide

Whether you’re rustling up leaves in Autumn, or raking blossom petals in spring, clearing up your garden can feel like a never-ending task… Cue the trusty leaf vacuum. If you have an outdoor area, you’ll […]

Dyson V10 Buyers Guide
Cleaning Tools

Dyson V10 Buyers Guide

Dyson can’t speak highly enough of their V10 cordless vacuum range, claiming it’s the best cordless vacuum money can buy. Noticeable improvements from its predecessor the V8 include a longer battery life and increased dust […]

Rechargeable Torch Buyers Guide

A Rechargeable Torch Buyers Guide

With winter nights fast-approaching and daylight hours dwindling, it’s time to think about investing in a rechargeable torch. Rechargeable torches are becoming increasingly popular and come in a variety of shapes and sizes from bright […]

Electric Chainsaws
Group Reviews

An Electric Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide

Wanting to save time and energy when cutting wood? Then an electric chainsaw is for you! An electric chainsaw will be considerably more efficient than other methods for chopping wood for a Woodburner, or cutting […]

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Router Table Buyer’s Guide

Router tables are one of those DIY products that you don’t realise you need until you use one and realise how much easier they will make all future woodwork jobs! When searching for the best […]

Mitre Saw Buyers Guide
Group Reviews

A Mitre Saw Buyer’s Guide

A mitre saw is the tool for you if you are wanting to complete angled or mitre cuts into numerous pieces of wood. Perfect for people wanting to complete joinery work to a high standard […]

Ash Vacuum Cleaner
Cleaning Tools

An Ash Vacuum Cleaner Buyers Guide

During the winter months, it’s hard to resist the flickering light, crackling sounds and distinctive smell of a warm hearth. There’s nothing more relaxing, soothing and soul-lifting than sitting by a warm, roaring fire. Unfortunately, […]

Pillar Drill Buyers Guide
Group Reviews

A Pillar Drill Buyers Guide

In latter years, pillar drills were used mostly by professionals, and merely coveted by DIY enthusiasts. However, in recent years the influx of newer, cheaper models has meant that everyone can own their own pillar […]

Concrete Breakers Buyers Guide
Group Reviews

Concrete Breakers – A Buyer’s Guide

Concrete breakers essentially do what they say on the tin – break concrete. However, these high-power tools can also be used for breaking up slabs, tarmac and pathways. At one time, concrete breakers would have […]