DeWalt DCF887N Review
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Dewalt DCF887N Impact Drill Review

An impact drill, like the Dewalt DCF997N, is designed to drive screws into multiple surfaces such as wood, plasterboard, some metals, plastics and even concrete! This versatile tool will quickly become your go-to tool for […]

Makita DHR242Z Review
Battery Powered Tools

Makita DHR242Z Cordless Drill Review

The Makita DHR242Z is a high performance, cordless drill that combines several drilling functions in one unit: hammer drilling in hard materials such as brick, concrete and masonry; drilling without impact in wood, metal, ceramic […]

Bosch GSB 120 Review
Battery Powered Tools

Bosch GSB 120 Cordless Drill Review

The Bosch GSB 120 is a powerful, yet lightweight, cordless drill that is more than capable of working on many DIY projects, or just general work that you might be completing around the home. This […]

Dewalt DCD796N Review
Battery Powered Tools

Dewalt DCD796N Combi Drill Review

The Dewalt DCD796N is a combi drill with hammer mode that will be more than up to the task considering the power and price bracket that it fits into. This cordless tool is just what […]

Dewalt DCH273N Review
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Dewalt DCH273N Hammer Drill Review

Dewalt is an established market-leading manufacturer of premium power tools and when you look at the design quality and functionality of the Dewalt DCH273N, it’s not hard to see why. Whether it’s light chiselling in […]

Scroll Saw Buyers Guide
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Scroll saw buying guide

Scroll saws are used for cutting intricate and precise designs in wood, non-ferrous metals, plastic or laminates. Consisting of an ultra-fine, narrow blade with a variable speed range, this handy cutting tool enables the user […]

Mig Welders Buyers Guide
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A MIG Welder Buyer’s Guide

Anyone completing any level of metalwork at home will understand the importance of welding and not just welding – but high-quality welding! There are many DIY jobs where it is easy to struggle on with […]

Electric Chainsaws
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An Electric Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide

Wanting to save time and energy when cutting wood? Then an electric chainsaw is for you! An electric chainsaw will be considerably more efficient than other methods for chopping wood for a Woodburner, or cutting […]

Wallpaper Steamer
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Wallpaper Steamers – A Buyers Guide

Stripping wallpaper can be a tedious, difficult and time-consuming job that can put you off redecorating forever! But wallpaper steamers can reduce the amount of time this job takes tenfold! Whether looking to redecorate a […]