Dewalt DCF887N Impact Drill Review

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An impact drill, like the Dewalt DCF997N, is designed to drive screws into multiple surfaces such as wood, plasterboard, some metals, plastics and even concrete! This versatile tool will quickly become your go-to tool for completing almost any DIY projects. 

Our review will give you all the information you require on the tool, helping you to decide whether it is the impact drill for you. 

Dewalt DCF887N 18V XR Brushless Impact Driver with 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries & Charger
1 Reviews
Dewalt DCF887N 18V XR Brushless Impact Driver with 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries & Charger
  • 1 x DCF887N Brushless Impact Driver
  • 2 x Dewalt 2.0Ah Batteries DCB183
  • 1 x Dewalt DCB115 Multi Voltage Charger

Dewalt DCF887N Features 

  • Torque – 205Nm
  • 3 motor speeds
  • Compatible with DeWalt 18v XR batteries
  • Voltage – 18v
  • Speed – 3250RPM
  • Weight – 0.95kg (Going up to between 1.3-1.5kg when a battery is fitted, depending on battery size) 

Why Buy This Impact Drill?

The Dewalt DCF887N offers fantastic value for money, with its brushless motor allowing for increased torque, power and efficiency. It really does offer a massive amount of torque considering the size and cost of the tool, so it will be able to work well under pressure. 

The impact drill has three different modes so it can be adapted to the different jobs that you are completing. This saves you being left with a less than good enough job, from a tool that wasn’t completely fit for purpose. You would usually find that tools with so many different functions aren’t always up to the task (the saying “Jack of All Trades” comes to mind!). However, this definitely isn’t the case with the Dewalt DCF887N!

When working with nuts and bolts, the tool is able to compete with some professional impact wrenches on the level of power that it can offer! The speed and power are so easy to adjust on the tool that you will be able to work on all light and heavy jobs, with the two adapting to these easily and quickly, which is important if you are hoping to use your tool regularly and for a variety of tasks around the home. 

Dewalt DCF887N 18V XR Brushless Impact Driver with 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries & Charger
1 Reviews
Dewalt DCF887N 18V XR Brushless Impact Driver with 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries & Charger
  • 1 x DCF887N Brushless Impact Driver
  • 2 x Dewalt 2.0Ah Batteries DCB183
  • 1 x Dewalt DCB115 Multi Voltage Charger

This model of the Dewalt Impact Drill is manufactured with a new impact mechanism, meaning the tool can provide you with longer drive and better speed – this can be seen massively when working with tougher materials as the DCF887N is still able to maintain decent speeds of around 430RPM! 

One of the main things that we like about the Dewalt DCF887N is the versatility of the tool – it really will make your life so much easier when completing DIY jobs around the home. The tool has a “drop and load” bit holder, meaning that the bits can be changed at a rapid speed, and has really functional controls, meaning that switching between settings is easy, even for beginners. 

The tool offers a perfectly compact size – big enough for the tool to be able to live up to the power and sturdiness that you need, but small enough for the tool to greatly reduce the fatigue often felt when using a power tool for any length of time. It’s lightweight and compact size means that you will be able to fit into even the smallest of places to get the job done! This is helped by the 3 LED lights fitted to the front of the tool, as these will illuminate the area that you are working on! The usability of the tool is increased even further by the low impact of vibration (only 22m/s), reducing the fatigue when using the tool even more! No more aching arms after just half an hour of working! 

Although the Dewalt DCF887N doesn’t come with batteries, it is compatible with many of the Dewalt standard batteries, in particular, the higher-spec models with the lithium-ion batteries. This will save you a lot of money if you already have the battery packs as it saves you having to pay the extra cost for the battery that you already have at home ready and waiting. 

Issues With The Dewalt DCF887N

We didn’t find many issues with the Dewalt DCF887N, but as always we try to be overly critical so that we can give you some food for thought and comparison when choosing your power tools! 

The first thing worth mentioning is that the tool is really rather loud – registering at a whopping 104dB (so expect to be unpopular with your neighbours – and your ears!). We always recommend wearing ear protection when using power tools, but with the DCF887N this really is something that you couldn’t do without! 

The power that you find when working with more difficult materials doesn’t compete with some other brands available on the market. However, when faced with a choice between a reliable brand such as Dewalt, or a lesser brand with slightly more power, we know which we would choose! 

Is It Worth Upgrading to The DCF888?

One main question that we had was whether it is worth upgrading to the DCF888. For those out of the loop – the DCF888 is essentially the same as the DCF887 but with the extra “Tool Connect” feature that Dewalt has recently released. This means that the tool (and some battery packs) can be connected to your phone or tablet, allowing you to check battery life, diagnostics and product information. 

If you are going to be relying on your tools regularly, or are a bit of a gadget nut, then we would say it is worth the extra money if you are looking to invest in a NEW tool. However, if your current Dewalt is working perfectly fine, they personally we wouldn’t be forking out for new! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty comes with the Dewalt DCF887N?
A standard 1-year warranty comes with the Dewalt DCF887N but this can be extended to a 3-year warranty providing the product is registered online (this process takes less than 5 minutes so is well worth doing for the extra 2-year warranty!).  

Does the Dewalt DCF887N come with a battery?
No. The ‘N’ at the end of the product number means that this impact drill does not come with the battery pack – it is ‘body only’. However, there are models of the DCF887 that do come with batteries if you look for these online. 

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Dewalt DCF887N
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