DeWalt Drill Set Review – Combi Drill Plus Hammer

DeWalt Drill Set Review – Combi Drill Plus Hammer

In this review, we take a look at this DeWalt drill set, a great quality drill set from DeWalt.

DeWalt Drill Set

DeWalt Drill Set Review

In this DeWalt drill set review, we look at the features of the Dewalt 18V combo that comes with a SDS hammer drill and a combi drill.

Dewalt Drill Set Review

This DeWalt drill set is a bundle by DeWalt made to save you money by getting both items in one handy set. DeWalt is renowned for its quality tools. Its products can be seen as more of a premium compared to your bargain basement tools. Whilst they don’t sit at the same price point as tools from manufacturers such as Festool they are still a little pricey. However, for good reason, they are quality tools backed by a quality warranty. If you want to invest in more tools at the same time without breaking the bank, this set could be a good deal for you. It contains the hammer drill, combi drill, battery charger and 2x4.0 Ah batteries.


The DeWalt drill set is a great bit of kit for the DIY enthusiast who wants good dependable tools or for the tradesman who wants to refresh or add to his existing DeWalt collection. In the set you will find, the 2-speed DCD785 compact combi drill and the DCH253 SDS+ hammer drill. They come with the following accessories; 2 x 4.0 Ah batteries (known for their extended running time) and the multi-voltage battery charger. The kit box is also provided to carry and store your tools in.

There is a drill for most applications included in this set. If you are after something for drilling wood, masonry and metal then the combi drill is the ideal first choice, it has a great deal of power and gets the job done simply and quickly. If, however you are drilling the toughest of surfaces, thick brick work, or tough brickwork such as Accrington brick the SDS really comes into its own. The power and lockable bits in the SDS drill make for a drill ready to take on any task. Both tools have the bright white LED work light with a delayed feature to help improve visibility while you line up holes and fastenings in low light situations. This is something that we feel DeWalt does well over some other manufacturers such as Makita. There is nothing more annoying than a light that goes out as you are trying to line up where you are drilling or fastening. If you aren’t a fan of bulky tools then this set could be ideal for you. The whole Dewalt drill set weighs in at around 6kg.   


Both drills come with variable speed settings, a speed sensitive trigger and adjustable torque settings. Performance-wise with this DeWalt drill set, the drills achieve around 2000rpm thanks to the powerful 18 volt powerful batteries included. Lithium ION has done wonders for the power and continued throughput of drills and power tools in general. With the old style of batteries there was a clear loss of power towards the end of its charge. Lithium ION has done away with this for maximum power delivery.

This DeWalt drill set features two 4.0 Ah batteries, this not only gives you plenty of power and run time but also the option of a spare battery. You can either keep one charged to get you through the job without pausing to charge your battery. Or allocated one to each of the drills. If you are doing the latter we would recommend that you consider purchasing an additional battery to help you continue to work when one runs out.

DCD785 Compact Combi Drill Features:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 14 torque settings
  • 13mm single sleeve keyless chunk
  • Steel belt hook
  • Magnetic bits holder
  • Bright white LED with delay feature
  • Ergonomic trigger design for control
  • Two speed all metal transmission

SDS+ Hammer Drill features:

  • Bright white LED with delay feature
  • Rotation stop mode
  • Drill masonry, anchors, concrete and brick from 4mm to 24mm
  • Less vibration

As with most drills there is a lack of dust extraction. We always recommend that when using power tools adequate safety precautions are taken. With something that generates as much dust as a drill, especially a SDS drill, we would recommend a dust mask and safety glasses. There is also a significant amount of noise produced from an SDS drill and so a set of ear defenders wouldn’t go a miss.   

We like how this DeWalt drill set features things that not only help with drilling and fastening accurately and with ease but also make the drills more comfortable for the user of the drills. For example, the anti-vibration technology that DeWalt have included, there is a lot of vibration that comes from a drill when it is drilling through a tough surface, especially with something as powerful as an SDS drill. The drills also feature rubber grips to reduce the wear on your hands and allow you to maintain a secure grip when handling the drills.  

One feature that this DeWalt drill set has that we love, is the magnetic bit holder. I know this is such a simple and in a way a non-feature, but the simplicity is what makes it. It really comes into its own if you are working at height and need different size bits or a few fastenings with you. Instead of rummaging around in pockets to find bits and fastenings they are magnetized to the side of your drill.

Positives and Negatives


  • Affordable combo with accessories for your drilling needs
  • Powerful 18 volt lithium batteries
  • Batteries included
  • Torque settings
  • 2 speed all-metal transmission


  • Noisy operation
  • Quite expensive but worth an investment
  • No dust collection facility

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The DeWalt drill set is a pretty full featured set, what it does however lack is drill bits. If you already have drills that you are replacing or upgrading from then you will have drill bits covered. If, however you are just starting out and want some decent bits, we would recommend the following drill bits.

DeWalt Drill Set
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This DeWalt drill set is a great bit of kit, containing the combi drill, SDS drill, two 4.0 Ah batteries, a charger and case. It’s a great product for the DIY enthusiast who wants a great drill that won’t let him down. The tradesman who knows and loves DeWalt would also find this a great investment.

As highlighted above, these tools have some great features such as adjustable speed and torque, magnetic bit holders, delayed work lights, etc. This is a complete package that is ready to use out of the box!

DeWalt Drill Set

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Build Quality
Value For Money
This DeWalt drill set is a great set of drills with power as it's main priority.