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Worx Mini Circular Saw

Worx Mini Circular Saw Review


In this review, we take a look at the Worx Mini Circular Saw and a look at its features.

Worx Mini Circular Saw Review

The Worx Mini Circular Saw is a compact circular saw that you can cut a wide variety of materials with. Including bricks, tiles, metals and wood. It is designed to cut them with ease using different flat and circular blades. If you have a lot of DIY projects in mind that feature cutting wood to size or you are just in the market for a good circular saw, having this Worx mini circular saw might come in handy. From the design to the performance, the tool has several unique features that set it apart from the rest.



The Worx mini circular saw is a lightweight and compact tool with a long cord. Whilst many of us prefer the convenience of a cordless tool, if you are working with several pieces of timber throughout the day, with this corded model you don’t run out of power halfway through a cut. You also tend to find that the corded options give more power, allowing you to get a cleaner cut faster. This tool is capable of cutting metal, plastic, wood, stones and even concrete by simply changing blades.

The Worx mini circular saw comes with 3 blades to get you going. The diamond tipped blade is suitable for ceramics, tiles and bricks, the TCT wood cutting blade is, as its name indicates, for wood, and lastly the HSS general purpose blade for a mix of materials, primarily metal.

The anti-vibration technology delivers the comfort of operating this tool throughout the day without straining your body. With this vibration dampening technology, the tool can as well as saving your body from strain, also produce accurate cutting results. It has been designed with one hand operation in mind and is therefore a fairly lightweight and compact circular saw.

The versatility of the Worx mini circular saw enables it to cut materials up to an angle of 45 degrees. This bevel level as Worx call it guarantees a straight cut even when cutting at an angle. It is easily setup and quick to use. Also, worth noting is the depth gauge which allows you to adjust the cut for precise results. This is particularly useful if you are using the plunge functionality of the Worx mini circular saw as you can ensure you can make the relevant cut without damaging what is under the surface you are intending to cut. Design-wise, we liked the ergonomically designed handle which helps achieve an optimal grip for smooth operation.

Specific features we like


  • Compact and lightweight circular saw
  • 700W of mains power
  • Cutting depth of up to 46mm
  • Comes with 3 blades
  • Bevel level of up to 45 degrees
  • 2.5 metre cord and UK 3 pin plug

Design of the Worx Mini Circular Saw


The Worx mini circular saw has a compact design fitted with a left-hand sided blade to cut through materials. On its ergonomic handle, you will find the power button along with a safety trigger which will prevent the tool starting up unintentionally. Both of these have been positioned to allow one handed operation. Handling the tool is a breeze as it has a great grip combined with vibration dampening technology to ensure it doesn’t derail from your markings and provides an accurate cut.

Included in the package of the Worx mini circular saw you will find the saw, 3 blades (diamond tipped blade, HSS general purpose blade and a TCT wood cutting blade), vacuum adapter, parallel guide, hex key and the carry case.

Dust extraction is something that needs taking seriously with circular saws, they can be a hazard to your health, especially if you are cutting materials such as MDF. We would always advise that you wear adequate protection to stop inhalation of dust particles. The Worx mini circular saw also has a dust extraction port, which allows either an external dust extractor or a vacuum cleaner to be attached to further reduce dust.

In addition to dust being harmful to your health it also causes issues when cutting as you can struggle to see where you are cutting. Extracting this dust out of the way allows for much more precise and accurate cuts.

The bevel level and depth gauge work great to allow very precise cuts both at angles and on flat surfaces. A depth gauge is not only useful in a regular cutting scenario to ensure the saw isn’t dragging more of a blade through the wood. It is also useful when using the plunge saw functionality of the circular saw as it ensures you only cut the intended material.

Circular saws aren’t known for cutting anything but wood, starting at the outer of the piece of wood and finishing at the other edge. The Worx mini circular saw allows you to not only start in the middle of the piece with its plunge saw feature. It also allows you to tackle several materials, including brick, tiles, wood, metal, plastic and more. This really does make the Worx mini circular saw the perfect all round tool!



With a speed of 3500rpm, the Worx mini circular saw is capable of tackling the toughest of materials with ease and gliding through most surfaces without much hesitation. It has a thin blade which also contributes to the overall speed, and its various blades help in tackling specific materials.

Being mains powered allows it to achieve 700W of raw power and the tool can cut to a maximum depth of 46mm. The vibration dampening technology featured in this circular saw not only make it easy to operate it also helps in producing accurate results.

Ease of use

Overall, it is easy to use. To get started, just fit the blade of choice dependent on what material you intend to cut and plug in to wall socket and you are ready to go! You do not really need to have a prior experience before you use the tool. It will take a bit of adjustment and time to get used to adjusting settings like the bevel level and setting the depth of your cut. Full information is provided in the handy user guide provided, but you will find that with a bit of time spent you’re your Worx mini circular saw you can work it out. However, make sure you remain safe by wearing safety goggles, gloves and a dust mask. Even if you decide to have a vacuum attached, there could still be fine dust particles that go into your eyes or air ways. The wood can have rough edges, be sharp and the tool itself can get hot and is sharp. When changing a blade, ensure the tool is unplugged from the mains and also allow time for the blades to cool down.

Positives and negatives about the Worx Mini Circular Saw



  • Compact and lightweight circular saw
  • Comes with 3 blades to cut different materials
  • Vacuum adapter to help in dust extraction
  • Vibration dampening technology
  • Bevel setting from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Depth cut up to 46mm


  • Fairly noisy
  • Not suitable for huge projects as it is a compact device
  • Struggles to cut thick materials accurately



The Worx Mini Circular Saw is a portable circular saw we would recommend to anyone hoping to start out with DIY projects. It is possible to operate it using only one hand without losing balance. The vibration dampening technology also helps in stabilizing the equipment. While this circular saw can cut through any material, it struggles to cut thicker materials. For bigger DIY encounters or the tradesman, you may wish to purchase a larger circular saw or a designated plunge saw.

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