DeWalt Impact Driver 18v XR Review

DeWalt Impact Driver

DeWalt Impact Driver 18v XR Review

The DeWalt Impact Driver XR Lithium ION is one of the best impact drivers available in our eyes.

When it comes to impact drivers there are several options brand wise. You can look at models from Black and Decker, Von Haus, Ryobi, etc they all have great product offerings and depending on your requirements all make some amazing products. However, in our eyes, the two that stand head and shoulders above the rest is the DeWalt impact driver and the Makita impact driver.

DeWalt makes some fantastic cordless power tools, but their flagship products have to be the cordless XR range. The XR range has been designed for efficiency, speed and getting more from each battery. One of the key features we love about the XR range is that the XR charger can charge 10.8v 14.4v and 18v DeWalt XR series batteries. One charger fits all! The DeWalt impact driver that forms part of the XR range is what we are reviewing today.

Great features

There are several features that we love about the DeWalt impact driver, which include;

  • Lightweight, great for working in confined spaces or for prolonged periods of time.
  • All metal gearing, providing efficient power transfer and longevity of the impact driver.
  • Intelligent trigger, allowing variable power when driving a fastening into the material.
  • Bright white work light, with delay function.
  • Magnetic bit holder

I want to just take a brief look at some of the features in a little more detail.

Firstly, the all-metal gearing, you sometimes find in cheaper produced drills plastic gearing. Whilst this saves on production cost and in turn reduces the price the drill is on sale at, we feel it does reduce the longevity of the impact driver. The DeWalt impact driver from the XR range utilises all metal gearing, this allows for a smoother operation and efficient power transfer.

The intelligent trigger is also another great feature, sometimes with competitor products no matter how much or little you depress the trigger the same NM of torque is driven through the impact driver. This can not only damage the materials you are fixing to, but also round off the screw heads on your fastenings. The variable trigger gives you the precision and accuracy needed.

A work light is pretty standard now on most impact drivers and drills. The bright white work LED, provides ample light when working in a dark space, under a desk, behind shelving, etc. What we love however with the DeWalt impact driver is that the light is delayed, so touch the trigger and it comes on and stays on for 10 seconds. Sometimes you want the light on to illuminate the fastening before actually screwing it in place. This is a bug bare with the Makita range in my eyes and a big plus for DeWalt with their impact driver.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make you happy, when you climbing up a ladder trying to juggle your impact driver, fastenings, more bits and negotiate your way up the ladder too, you are likely to drop something. The bit holder on the DeWalt impact driver allows you to quickly affix your extra bits to the impact driver, ready to be used at a moments notice without rummaging through your work pants. It really does make like simpler.

One of the issues we find when using most impact drivers is they can get very hot, this is because driving fastenings into tough timber without pilot holes is the job of the impact driver through and through. However, utilising the available torque and working at full capacity is a demanding job, they by virtue get very hot and can get very hot to handle if you hold them in the wrong place. The DeWalt impact driver has an aluminium front housing to help dissipate this heat properly and allow the impact driver to keep on working until it’s battery gives up!


All in all the DeWalt impact driver is one of our favourite impact drivers. We have used ones from several brands and you have to get up early in the morning to catch this one out. It’s low price point, coupled with great build quality and a 3-year warranty when registered online with DeWalt bring this in as one of our all-time favourites.

Body only

The DeWalt impact driver is a body only unit if you have a range of DeWalt power tools this isn’t a problem and will save you money. However, if this is your first foray with DeWalt you may want to consider the charger and battery below. The battery is a 5ah option with integrated LED status lights, allowing you to work for longer on a single charge. The charger is a fantastic bit of kit as it is capable of charging the entire DeWalt XR range of batteries, 10.8v, 14,4v and 18v.

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