DeWalt Jigsaw Review (Part of the DeWalt XR range)

DeWalt Jigsaw Review (Part of the DeWalt XR range)

In this review, we take a look at the DeWalt Jigsaw. A great professional Jigsaw.

DeWalt Jigsaw

DeWalt Jigsaw Review - DeWalt XR Jigsaw

In this review, we take a look at the DeWalt jigsaw 18V XR. A body only jigsaw that out performs the competition.

Dewalt Jigsaw Review – Best Value for Money

Jigsaws are a staple tool for any toolkit, there is always a time when you need one and having one that fits the bill when required is a necessity. There are several key features that I feel are essential when choosing a jigsaw, some things that can be really annoying and some things that provide nice extras. We will take a look at what this DeWalt jigsaw has to offer and see how it stacks up.


The DeWalt 18V XR Li-Ion jigsaw is the latest jigsaw on offer from DeWalt, that features the XR Lithium Ion technology. The tool is battery-operated to enhance its portability so that you can work in different locations. Adding to that is its performance of cutting through materials quickly at a rate of 3000 strokes per minute. This rips through most materials allowing you to get the job done in less time.

Powering the DeWalt jigsaw is a powerful fan-cooled motor with replaceable brushes. This helps in achieving the 3000 strokes per minute. It is sometimes nice to be able to adjust the speed of the jigsaw, working with different materials or different thicknesses of timber. DeWalt has integrated an intelligent variable speed trigger to allow full control of the speed of the cut. Near the trigger is the lock-off switch which will help with controlled cuts as well as improving your safety when operating this tool.

Key features

Not only is this DeWalt jigsaw capable of straight cuts but also angled cuts, with a bevel capability of 45 degrees in both directions. You don’t need any tools to adjust the shoe and the blades are also changed easily without keys being required. This is one of my pet hates keeping track of a small allen key to change blades, it’s never to hand when you need it and slows the entire process down. With this DeWalt jigsaw that is eliminated. You will need the T-shank blades when choosing blades for this DeWalt jigsaw.

Typically, jigsaws can vibrate and lead to poor results and a bad cut. This DeWalt jigsaw has been designed with an anti-vibration counter balance mechanism to minimise the vibrations, all this despite being a pretty powerful tool. It also has a rubber grip on the handle, as well as providing comfort this also helps in smoothly controlling the tool to minimize vibrations. For smoothness when cutting, the tool also features a 3-position pendulum action.


Jigsaws, much like circular saws tend to kick out a lot of dust. There are two major issues with this, firstly the health hazard, please ensure you are adequately protected when working with any power tool that exposes you to dust. A dust mask and safety glasses are an absolute minimum. We would also recommend a decent set of gloves and ear defenders when doing any wood work.

This DeWalt jigsaw does provide a dust extraction port, albeit a small one, that you can attach a vacuum cleaner to, allowing the removal of a lot of the dust. One of the best features of this jigsaw though is the dust blower at the front of the jigsaw. This can be turned on and off and provides a clear line of sight when cutting. Normally you are constantly blowing the dust away so that you can see your cut, causing dust in your face. This keeps the cut clean and clear so you can cut in one go.

Batteries and Charger

The DeWalt jigsaw runs on an 18V XR Lithium Ion battery which possesses the power to last for a long time. This forms part of the DeWalt XR range of tools. If you have some already you will already have batteries and chargers. If this is your first DeWalt XR tool then you will need to purchase a battery and a charger for it. There is usually a bundle deal where you can get the bare unit, along with 2x 4.0 ah batteries for a reasonable price.

Specific Features

  • Fan-cooled motor with replaceable brushes
  • 3000 strokes per minute for faster cutting
  • Tool-free adjustable shoe with anti-scratch cover
  • Quick and keyless blade change feature
  • Rubber coated grip
  • Anti-vibration operation
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Lock-off switch
  • Efficient dust extraction

Ease of Use

The DeWalt jigsaw comes as a body only unit in a cardboard box. You can simply remove it, check that everything is set level such as the shoe and bevel settings, insert a T-shank blade, snap on a battery and you are ready to cut. Just make sure you check all of the default settings on the DeWalt jigsaw before you start to use it, to ensure everything is in a flat position, so that you don’t get any unexpected surprises.

Related Accessories

Being a body only Jigsaw, if you don’t already have any DeWalt XR products you may be interested in a battery or charger. Below we have put links to a 5.0 Ah battery which comes with integrated LEDs to show how much charge is remaining. There is also a link to the DeWalt XR charger, capable of charging the battery.

DeWalt XR Battery
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DeWalt XR Charger
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Positives and Negatives


  • Faster fan-cooled motor with 3000 strokes per minute.
  • Quick change blades
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Rubber coated grip for smooth operation
  • 1 year warranty and additional 2 years when you register online


  • Battery not included
  • Charger not included


In conclusion, this DeWalt jigsaw is a fantastic bit of kit, with some great features and with its 3 year guarantee it is something that you can depend on. If you already have any of the DeWalt XR tool range you even have your battery and charger sorted too.

DeWalt Jigsaw

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Build Quality
Value For Money
The DeWalt Jigsaw XR has plenty of power and comes with a 3 year warranty for peace of mind.