Draper Pliers 3 Piece Set Review

Draper 3-Piece Soft-Grip Pliers Set

Draper 3-Piece Soft-Grip Pliers Set Review


Draper Pliers 3 Piece Set Review 1Draper Pliers 3 Piece Set Review 2The Draper 3-Piece Soft-Grip Pliers Set comprises a set of combination pliers, diagonal side cutters and a set of long nose pliers, each with a 160mm length.

The pliers care made from tempered carbon steel to ensure durability. We tested ours on some ABS trunking, electrical cable and some sheet aluminium that we had to hand and the cutting edge showed no signs of blunting.

We also chopped some old coat hanger wire to see if we could chip the cutting edge but we were unable to mark the blade. Cutting steel wire can often damage cheaper, low quality pliers and we are happy to announce that the Draper set didn’t suffer the same issues.

I’m not sure if its a manufacturing issue but our set of side cutters didn’t quite meet in the middle, there was a small gap of around 1mm at the base of the cutting edge.

While this shouldn’t be much of a problem if cutting larger diameter objects such as cable, I can see it being a minor annoyance if cutting small cable ties.

The other two sets of pliers didn’t have this issue.

All three sets of pliers were comfortable to use and the soft grip on the handle is of a very high quality with no slippage or discomfort when applying force. I would note that all three sets are 160mm rather than a more standard 180mm or 200mm length, and did feel a little small, especially if you have larger hands.

Each of the Draper 3-Piece Soft-Grip Pliers set feels light in the hand and should be more than suitable for numerous jobs around the home. If you are a professional user, these would make an ideal backup set to a pro set of pliers.

We think that the Draper 3-Piece Soft-Grip Pliers set is a good solid set of pliers ideal for use domestically, just keep an eye out for quality control issues.

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