Festool Plunge Saw Review

Festool Plunge Saw

Festool Plunge Saw Review

The Festool Plunge Saw TS 55 is a premium track saw that leaves the rest for dust!

When it comes to track saws, or plunge saws, the Festool Plunge Saw TS55 is the tool of choice. If you work with wood, either as a joiner or hobbyist there are many reasons why a plunge saw is the tool of choice over a traditional, cheaper circular saw.

One such reason why you may choose a Festool plunge saw over a circular saw is the level of accuracy when cutting pieces of wood. This is down to the rail guidance system, which ensures a smooth finish without destroying the sides of the freshly cut piece of wood.

After laying your hands on a Festool Plunge Saw, you might lose interest in the traditional circular saw altogether. The plunge saw outsmarts the traditional circular saw with lots of its fantastic features. These include setting the precise depth cut, portability, angle cut, low noise, removal of dust and other safety features. The tool not only speeds up working with wood but also makes it a more enjoyable experience.

Festool 201395 Cordless Plunge-Cut Saw TSC 55 Li REB-Basic, 36 V, Multi-Colour
  • Brushless EC-TEC motor combined with lithium-ion batteries for maximum cutting power
  • Flexible dual battery concept
  • Dust collection bag for clean, healthy working

Overview of the Festool TS 55

The TS55 Festool plunge saw sets the bar in high-quality woodworking and joinery. We are very impressed with its features that make joinery and carpentry tasks an absolute breeze. If you compare working with a Festool plunge saw with working with a traditional circular saw you will be blown away. when compared to working with the traditional circular saws. Festool is seen as a premium brand when it comes to cordless power tools. Whilst it is in the same class as the likes of DeWalt, Makita, Bosch and others, it is at the premium end of the price range and we can see why.

A plunge saw operates on a rail guidance system to ensure that accurate pieces are being cut. The Festool Plunge Saw rail guidance system is also fully compatible with the Makita rails. So if you already have rails from a previous Makita plunge saw, or you can pick them up at a good price you can make use of them. This means you can merge them when cutting longer wood pieces. Or have a set as a spare just in case something happens to yours. Dewalt, by contrast, has its own design of track guidance system, which isn’t compatible with the Festool plunge saw.

Another great feature of this plunge saw is that you can cut the wood pieces smoothly without the need for the additional effort of sanding them. The blade is designed in such a way that it cuts the finest wood pieces as per the scribe lines.

The Festool TS 55 allows you to set the depth cut more accurately than you would with a traditional circular saw. It starts and stops well without affecting the quality and the precision of the cut. Unlike the traditional circular saw, you can start anywhere on your piece of wood. To add more to the accuracy, the plunge saw is fitted with the riving knife which keeps the piece from pinching. For accuracy and a clean cut, you would struggle to find anything that would come close to the Festool Plunge Saw.

And for splinter-free cuts, the Festool Plunge Saw features the splinter guard. It also prevents any kickback from the plunge saw. When it’s time to change the blade, the Festool’s FastFix Blade Change feature makes it a simple and painless experience. It basically locks the power switch and stops the blade from rotating. You will be able to change the blade in a few minutes without interrupting the job at hand.

Dust not only poses health issues due to inhalation, but it also gets in the way of the blade and the cut. With a circular saw the side of the blade is exposed and dust can get in the way. With a plunge saw the blade is enclosed and coupled with an external dust collection method. The Festool plunge tool with an external vacuum cleaner attached makes for a cleaner and clearer environment for you to make the very best cuts possible.

Whatever your task, whether you are cutting lengths of timber or cutting into a piece of wood by plunging into the middle of it. You will not be disappointed with a Festool plunge saw. You will wonder how you managed with a circular saw for so long.

Features of the Festool Plunge Saw

  • Provides accurate and clean cuts
  • Powerful and lightweight track saw tool
  • Spring-loaded riving knife to prevent kickback and to keep the cut kerf open
  • Easy to change the blades with the FastFix system
  • Trail guides can be connected to longer pieces of wood
  • Bevel range of -1° to 47°
  • Has an effective motor (10 amp)
  • The speed can be adjusted from 2000 to 5200 rpm.
  • Green plastic splinter-guard for zero-clearance
Festool Plunge Saw

Is the Festool Plunge Saw safe to use?

With the trail guide keeping the tool in place and the pair of clamps to anchor the rail, this is one of the safest track saw tools. The chances of it slipping through are slim. The green plastic splinter-guard prevents kickback to ensure that you remain safe.

Dust Collection

The Festool Plunge Saw is powerful and more effective than a traditional circular saw. In the absence of a dust collector, it might expose you to harmful dust particles like the traditional circular saw does with its inefficient dust collection. This plunge saw capitalises on dust collection to create a clean working environment. We are impressed with the dust port which makes it very easy to hook up to an external dust extractor such as a vacuum cleaner.

Either connect your vacuum cleaner to the Festool TS55, or connect another external dust extractor via the dust extraction port. The blade is closed, so this enhances dust collection.

The positives and negatives of the Festool Plunge Saw.

Positives to the Festool TS55

  • Accurate cuts
  • Cutting defects minimised by the green plastic splinter-guard
  • Aluminium grade trail guide included
  • Minimal or no dust remaining after completing the job
  • Lightweight and powerful motor
  • The trail guide can be extended for longer pieces of timber

Negatives to the Festool TS55

  • Noisy – it’s important to wear ear protection.
  • Premium product with a premium price tag.

Our Verdict

Having gone through the features of the Festool plunge saw, we recommend it thoroughly to any DIY enthusiast or joiner who is looking to complete the best job possible. The price is a little steep, but we are looking at one of the most premium tool brands on the market. If you aim for high production, accuracy, and precision of cuts, this is the tool to consider.

With a bevel range of -1 to 47 degrees, micro-adjustable depth, and the green plastic splinter-guard, the Festool Plunge Saw provides unbeatable performance. It is relatively easy to change its blades, a feature we struggle to find in other tools. Makita, for instance, creates fantastic tools with easy adjustments and advanced features. However, it takes much longer to change its blades.


From our review, the Festool Plunge Saw is a powerful plunge saw that can help you cut precise and accurate cuts in sheet material. It has lots of features that make it stand out when compared with the traditional circular saw. We find anyone who takes joinery seriously will find this tool a must-have, despite its expensive price tag.

Festool 201395 Cordless Plunge-Cut Saw TSC 55 Li REB-Basic, 36 V, Multi-Colour
  • Brushless EC-TEC motor combined with lithium-ion batteries for maximum cutting power
  • Flexible dual battery concept
  • Dust collection bag for clean, healthy working

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