Gorilla Glue and adhesives Review

Gorilla Glue Review

Gorilla Glue and the other Adhesives from Gorilla Review.

In this review we take a look at the full range of adhesives from Gorilla Glue. These include the original Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Tape, Gorilla Double Sided Mounting Tape, Gorilla Wood Glue, and Gorilla Super Glue.

Gorilla claim their adhesives are, “For the toughest jobs on planet Earth”. We have taken each in this review, looked at what they claim and see if they really stack up, looking at the pro’s and con’s of each adhesive on offer.

There is a bit of a premium on the Gorilla brand, which was predominantly found in and big in America until recent years. But now it is all over the UK and has arrived with a bang, with bold claims of how good it is and a price tag to match. We take a look to see if it really stacks up.

Gorilla Glue, The Original! Review

Gorilla GlueGorilla Glue and adhesives Review 1

Gorilla Glue

The original Gorilla Glue where it all began, comes in a variety of sizes, the one we are reviewing is the 115ml bottle. The original Gorilla Glue has lots of amazing qualities in addition to being a complete multi purpose glue capable of glueing most surfaces together.

One key thing to point out with the original Gorilla Glue unlike some of the other adhesives from Gorilla is that you need to wet the surfaces before use. If you don’t do this you will think you would have been better using prit-stick to glue your surfaces together as it is useless!

Once you have wet the surfaces, you apply a small amount, this stuff bubbles to 3 times the size applied, then secure the surfaces together for 60 minutes. Once dried you will struggle to break the bond between them. It is secure, waterproof, temperature resistant, paintable, sandable and stainable! This really is a versatile mulit purpose glue!

  • 115ml Bottle
  • Waterproof
  • 60 minutes curing time
  • Temperature resistant

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Overall Product Review

We were really impressed with the Gorilla Glue once we decided to follow the very clear instructions of spray both surfaces with water before using! It makes a bond so solid, it’s worth going round joins on everything you own with the stuff!

Gorilla Glue

We can clearly see why this is the original and the best. Once you have experienced the adhesive power of the original Gorilla Glue, you will happily buy into the brand for all your adhesive and gluing needs!

Tips when using Gorilla Glue

The Gorilla product range is diverse and they seem to have something for every adhesive situation. However, each of them have different properties, work in different ways and require different applications. Make sure you read the instructions before use to get the best adhesion possible and keeping yourself and others safe.

Avoid skin and eye contact

As with all bonding and glue based products you need to be very careful that the product doesn’t come into contact with your eyes or skin. It can do permanent damage to both and so we recommend that you wear safety gloves, goggles and long sleeve tops when using these and any other adhesives.

Should any of the Gorilla products come into contact with your eyes or skin, i.e. bonding skin together you should seek medical attention immediately. You can download Gorilla’s Safety Data Sheets here.

Work area

Make sure that the area you going to be working in is adequately protected. Once Gorilla Glue gets on a surface it tends to bond very well. Protecting the work area with dust sheets, old newspaper, etc is a very good idea and could prevent ruining in your furniture and floors.


All of the Gorilla Glue products unless otherwise specified should be stored at room temperature. Try not to leave them out in the sun or in a freezing cold garage. If you are unsure of the correct storage recommendations for a specific Gorilla Glue product we recommend you check the instructions that come with the product.

Gorilla Tape 11m Review

Gorilla Tape 11mGorilla Glue and adhesives Review 2

Gorilla Tape 11m

Everything about the Gorilla Glue adhesive brand is tough, it’s designed to be tough, act tough and stand up to the toughest conditions.

This tape is no exception to this, the 11 metres of Gorilla Tape you get from this product is very tough! It will bond to rough and uneven surfaces with it’s double layer of adhesive. It is tough in as far as you would struggle to just tear it so it can be depended up to hold when you need it most.

The Gorilla tape is also waterproof making it ideal for holding things together in your garden or for temporary fixes to vehicles, holding a wing mirror on until you can get back to repair it for example.

  • 11 Metre roll
  • Waterproof
  • Double layer of adhesive
  • Even works on wood, stone and brick

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Overall Product Review

This Gorilla tape is like no other tape we have come across! It can literally hold just about anything together for a long period of time, in all weathers. It really is the ideal tape to keep in reach for every situation. Some in your car, some in your shed, some in your kitchen draw.

Gorilla Glue Double Sided Mounting Tape Review

Gorilla Glue Double Sided Mounting TapeGorilla Glue and adhesives Review 3

GORILLA GLUE 3 1.5 m Heavy Duty Double Sided Mounting Tape

Gorilla Glue Double Sided Mounting Tape is one of them products that once you have used you forget it’s there! It is clear to look at and creates a permanent bond between the two surfaces.

Most of the time we find that double sided mounting tape isn’t much use for anything other than paper to cardboard and even then it either starts to peel or has a funny colour to it.

Gorilla Glue Double Sided Mounting Tape breaks the mould! It bonds permanently to Wood, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Brick, Ceramic, Stone and lots more besides.

  • 1.5 metres
  • Bonds Wood, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Brick, Ceramic, Stone, plus much more.
  • Clear appearance
  • Can be used inside and outside.

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Overall Product Review

Gorilla Glue Double Sided Mounting Tape unlike most of the competition doesn’t require flat and even surfaces to adhere to. Along with it’s vast amount of materials it will happily bond to including Wood, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Brick, Ceramic, Stone and much more. It also bond’s to rough and uneven surfaces.

Just like the regular Gorilla Tape, the Gorilla Glue Double Sided Mounting Tape is incredibly tough and durable, doesn’t tear easy and feels like no other double sided mounting tape we have come across before.

Gorilla Wood Glue Review

Gorilla Wood Glue 532mlGorilla Glue and adhesives Review 4

Gorilla Wood Glue 532ml

What key things do you look for in a wood glue? We consider key characteristics to be something that is waterproof, that is not submersible in water but will last in the rain. We want something that once bonded is permanent and something that can be sanded and painted

The Gorilla Wood Glue ticks all of the above boxes plus a few more. One of the best features we like about the Gorilla Wood Glue is the fact that it can be cleaned up with water, being a PVA based solution. Thats not to say it isn’t a strong adhesive. If you join to pieces of wood with this wood glue, if you try to pull them back apart the wood will give in another area before the bond does.

The Gorilla Wood Glue is very much like the original Gorilla Glue in that it has a longer curing time than a quick setting superglue. However it is well worth the wait. Apply the Gorilla Wood Glue, hold it in place with some clamps and allow it to set. You won’t be disappointed with the bond!

  • 532ml Bottle
  • Waterproof
  • PVA based
  • Can clean up with water

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Overall Product Review

This Gorilla Wood Glue isn’t much dearer than a normal decent wood glue. However the difference between this and the competition is phenomenal. The bond if used correctly and allowed to drive is out of this world!

We didn’t think that wood glue could be as strong as this, normally surfaces being bonded together, yes. But adhesive to hold wood together we just didn’t feel would work as well, we are glad to be wrong!

Gorilla Superglue Review

Gorilla SuperGlue 15mlGorilla Glue and adhesives Review 5

Gorilla Super Glue 15ml

Our review of the Gorilla Wood Glue can be found above. That is obviously going to give you the best bond possible for two pieces of wood. However if you need to join just about any materials together in a hurry this is the stuff of dreams!

The Gorilla Super Glue comes in a small tub only 15ml. But that is all you need to keep you going for a while. For instant repairs where time isn’t on your side this little pot of magic is just the ticket. No clamping required, just hold the two joints together for around 60 seconds and you’re done, just make sure you watch your fingers.

Something that infuriates us when using superglue is that too much can come out which ends up seeping out of the joints and all over what ever you are bonding! Not with the Gorilla Super Glue. This is slightly thicker than most to give you better flow control.

  • 15ml Bottle
  • Improved thicker formula for better flow control
  • Anti Clog tip
  • Bonds nearly any material together.

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Overall Product Review

The Gorilla Super Glue is another must have for your tool box. Looking at the Gorilla range you could do with a tool box just for the Gorilla product range. The Super Glue being no exception to the fantastic products they offer.

The Gorilla Super Glue is a quick fix solution. Let us elaborate, it fixes things quickly and easily. It is not a quick fix as in a temporary fix. Once Gorilla gets it’s adhesive properties on two surfaces it’s sticking around for a while!

Conclussion on the Gorilla Glue Products Review

All in all we absolutely love the Gorilla Glue range, including the original Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Tape, Gorilla Super Glue, Gorilla Double Sided Mounting Tape and the Gorilla Wood Glue.

We have put them through their paces and tested each product to destruction. We feel we haven’t left many stones unturned when it comes to testing them. They really do stand up to their name of being the adhesive of choice “For the toughest jobs on planet Earth”

We can’t speak highly enough of the range, the only caveat being make sure that you read the instructions properly, as the first product we tested the original Gorilla Glue we didn’t spray both surfaces with water first. We thought we were off to a bad start as the bond was awful. Apply a little water and my oh my what a difference!

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