Makita Radio Review

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Makita Radio

Makita Radio Review


The Makita radio features DAB, is battery and mains powered, waterproof plus much more!

It’s undeniable that it’s much easier to get things done with some music in the background. This is especially true when you are undertaking an important project. Whether you’re just doing a little house maintenance or working at a construction site, music can do wonders for your morale. This Maikta radio could be just the ticket.

You can’t use your usual radio for your work site. You need something that is strong and durable, a machine you won’t need to keep worrying about. This is where the Makita DMR104W radio comes in. This Makita radio is the subject of our review.

Features of the Makita Radio DMR104W

In order to perform well, this Makita radio is equipped with several features. Allow us to give you a summary of them;

  • DAB radio
  • FM radio
  • Showerproof (water resistant to IPX4)
  • Powerful
  • Rich sound
  • Anti-shock loudspeaker
  • 2-speaker stereo speakers
  • Digital tuner
  • AUX-in jack
  • 8 kilograms
  • LCD display
  • Micro USB port
  • Removable antenna
  • Soft grip handle
  • Runs on both rechargeable batteries and AC

The positives of this Makita radio

The most noticeable feature of this Makita DAB radio is its unique design. Its silver front control panel is simply striking. It also has elastomer bumpers on each end making it more resilient to bumps and knocks.

Apart from its pleasing aesthetics, this Makita radio is also known for its functionality. It is rugged and sturdy making it able to handle being out at construction sites. Fragile radios would just not cut it under such conditions.

The Makita DMR1O4W job site radio also comes with a soft grip handle which swivels 90 degrees. This makes transporting it way much easier. Another redeeming quality of this Makita radio is its powerful speakers which are known for producing a loud yet rich sound.

The fact that this radio has both FM and DAB is an added advantage we just can’t ignore. It gives you a large variety of channels to choose from. A huge selling point of this Makita radio is that it’s shower proof. It can comfortably withstand 5 minutes of exposure to rain. This gives you enough time to get it inside when it starts raining unexpectedly.

We also can’t fail to mention its easy-to-read LCD display that makes it user-friendly. The Makita DMR104W job site radio also comes with a storage space in its back for storing the removable antenna.

Additionally, this Makita DAB radio comes with a micro USB port that makes software upgrades quite easy. With this radio, you will never be left behind when it comes to the latest software. It also helps that it has an AUX-in jack that allows you to connect it to your smartphone or iPod.

The icing on the cake, however, is the fact that this Makita radio is able to run on either AC power or rechargeable batteries.  This makes it possible for you to work at work sites where mains power is not available.

Negatives of the Makita radio

Unfortunately, this seemingly perfect DAB radio also has its flaws. For instance, its bass becomes too much at high volumes. Also, it’s quite inconvenient that this Makita radio doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity.

Another shortcoming of this Makita radio is that it can only save 4 pre-set stations yet there are other radios on the market that can save 10. However, one of the most disappointing things about this Makita DAB radio must be the fact that it doesn’t come with batteries.

To make it worse, even if you do have some previously purchased Makita drill batteries, it isn’t guaranteed that they are compatible with this radio. Also, you still won’t be able to automatically charge the radio batteries when the radio is plugged in. These batteries are charged separately.


Although this Makita radio has a few quirks here and there, it’s a good buy. It comes as no surprise that it’s regarded as one of the best job site radios available.

Accessories compatible with the Makita DMR104W radio


Makita Radio Review 1Makita RadioMakita Radio Review 2Makita BatteryClick to Amazon

Once you buy this Makita radio, you will definitely need a compatible battery. A perfect one is the Makita BL1840 196399-0 18 V 4 Ah Li-ion Battery. This slide on battery employs the use of foam cell technology. You may already have compatible batteries as part of your Makita tool collection, but if not this will be perfect.

It only takes 36 minutes to charge and isn’t any heavier than the Makita 3Ah battery. To top it all off, it’s compatible with the current Li-ion chargers.


Like all Makita products, this radio shows us what a combination of functionality and sophistication looks like. If you are looking for a powerful, robust and highly durable product, this Makita radio is what you need.

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