Best Table Saw
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Best Table Saw Buyer’s Guide

A table saw is one seriously versatile piece of kit; as far as cutting tools go, this is most-definitely not a one-trick pony. The best table saws can rip, cross-cut, miter-cut, square, dado, rabbet, and […]

Scroll Saw Buyers Guide
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Scroll saw buying guide

Scroll saws are used for cutting intricate and precise designs in wood, non-ferrous metals, plastic or laminates. Consisting of an ultra-fine, narrow blade with a variable speed range, this handy cutting tool enables the user […]

Best Welding Mask

Best Welding Mask Buyers Guide

Welding: the process of joining metals by the application of heat and pressure. Welding is one of the most demanding and potentially dangerous jobs in the industrial sector and so protective measures must be taken […]

Bench Vice Buyers Guide
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A Bench vice Buyers Guide

Whether you’re welding in a workshop, sawing in your shed or gluing in your garage, having a bench vice will undoubtedly make the task in hand easier and quicker. A bench vice is a relatively […]

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Router Table Buyer’s Guide

Router tables are one of those DIY products that you don’t realise you need until you use one and realise how much easier they will make all future woodwork jobs! When searching for the best […]