Telescopic Ladder – 3.8m Aluminium Extendable Ladder Review

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Telescopic Ladder Review

Telescopic Ladder Review


Telescopic Ladder – 3.8m Aluminium Extendable Ladder Review 1Telescopic Ladder – 3.8m Aluminium Extendable Ladder Review 2This Telescopic Ladder from Sotech is made from aluminium, making it light weight, a great space saver and even better for transporting!

The telescopic ladder is a fantastic invention, when they first came out they were dear and something that looked very flimsy and that you would be scared to climb. They have come a long way since then and the prices have dropped substantially and the build quality is much better.

This telescopic ladder from Sotech, is made from aluminium and extends to 3.8 metres/12 foot 5 inches in height. This is great for most tasks around the home or that you might encounter as a contractor at a customers site. Better still it folds to a tiny 0.8 metres/2 foot 6 inches!

This is perfect for carrying in a standard hatchback car, it could even go in the footwell of a 2 seater sports car. No need for ladders on top of your car or van with a roof rack. This means that you can carry them with you wherever you go and can always be ready for any situation. This telescopic ladder even comes with a carry case making them even more portable and easy to store.

Around the home these ladders would get you above gutter height on a single story house and to at least the second floor windows of a double story house. They are great for doing a whole host of DIY related tasks around the home as well as for contractors who occasionally need to work at height when at a customers site.

This set of telescopic ladders also feature non slip square rungs to keep you safe no matter what hazardous conditions you may come across. If you have wet feet or the surface gets wet these ladders from Sotech will help you maintain grip, obviously we would always recommend appropriate footwear too.

Carrying a set of ladders around can be hard work if you don’t have a long wheelbase van for work, it can also take up a lot of space in the garage or shed, these aluminium telescopic ladders are the solution!

When working up ladders, you want as many hands holding on as possible! Whilst you will have to use tools and hold items while you are up there, why not take the torch out of the equation? We have reviewed a fantastic Rechargeable LED head lamp in one of our other reviews.

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