Top Pressure Washer Uses

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Top Pressure Washer Uses

One of the best things about a pressure washer is just how versatile they are. Suitable for countless applications, the top models will serve you well for many years to come, being suitable for washing everything from your car to garden furniture and everything in-between.

It’s an especially worthwhile investment for homeowners with large outdoor spaces such as gardens and driveways, as they make outdoor maintenance that bit easier. In fact, there are so many ways to put them to use that buying one is a no-brainer for most.

Check out some of the most common uses below!

Garden Furniture

While there is nothing better than enjoying the good weather from the comfort of your garden, outdoor furniture tends to take quite a beating from the elements, with all types of dirt and grime accumulating throughout the year.

Whether wood, plastic, or metal, garden furniture can quickly gather dirt, droppings, and general weather wearing, causing it to look rather unsightly. A quick blast with a pressure washer will leave most garden furniture as good as new – perfect for when the good weather arrives.


Cleaning vehicles is quite common but it is important to remember that the pressure washer shouldn’t be too powerful, otherwise it may damage the paintwork. Some come with special
attachments for vehicles, such as a shampooing brush.

That said, those that don’t feature a special attachment for vehicles are still useful for cleaning. For instance, you can quickly rinse the vehicle with a pressure washer, while they are also useful for breaking up hardier stains like bird droppings or dried in mud.


Nothing quite compares to enjoying a barbeque during the summer but getting your grill clean and ready for cooking is always easier said than done! Thankfully, pressure washers are a fantastic tool for cleaning barbeques, with the high-pressure water making quick work of burned on grease and

Better still, soak the grill with a degreaser before rinsing off with a pressure washer, which helps to make the cleaning process even easier and get rid of those tougher stains.


Gardens with decking always look great, but over time the amount of dirt that gathers is rather off-putting, ruining the natural finish of the wood. So, by using a power washer you can restore your decking to its former glory!

However, bear in mind that it should be washed with a lower pressure setting, as too much pressure may strip the finish from the wood and leave it more exposed to the elements. Use alongside a deck cleaning product and your decking will look as good as the day it was installed.

Home Exteriors

It doesn’t take long for the outside of a house to get dirty. After all, it’s facing the full force of the elements 24/7, so it is only natural that the exterior accumulates a fair amount of dirt and grime.
Thankfully, power washers are very effective at cleaning the outside of a house.

Better still, a good model can be used to wash down various types of materials that the home may be built from, including both brick and vinyl cladding. You may need an extension or some ladders to reach those high spots mind you!

Paths, patios and Driveways

They are very effective for cleaning paths, patio and driveways, which are traditionally some of the most difficult outdoor areas to clean as they are made from bricks, concrete and other hardy

But with the right pressure choice, you can make short work of drab paths and driveways, restoring the natural finish and vibrancy of these features. Plus, they are quite effective for removing weeds on paths and driveways!

Garden Tools and Equipment

Not everyone thinks about pressure washing their gardening tools and equipment but doing so is very worthwhile. For instance, lawn mowers tend to accumulate a lot of old grass and mud at the
base and across the blade, so a quick once over keeps it clean and running smoothly.

You can also clean off garden tools like a spade, pitchfork, or sheers, while other types of tools may
benefit from a clean also.


Garden fences lose colour over time due to weather wearing, so giving them a rinse can restore their colour and remove any unwanted stains. Like washing any wood under high pressure, make sure the setting isn’t too high to strip away the finish if you have a wooden fence.


They are fantastic to clean gutters and remove debris such as leaves. This keeps the gutter in working condition by avoiding blockages that loose debris often cause, especially in winter, making
early spring a great time to clean your gutter with a pressure washer.


Boats and other types of water vessels are a costly investment, so it makes sense to keep them in top condition. A pressure washer offers just that, being one of the best ways to clean a boat, which is normally very time-consuming!

This applies to any type of water vessel, with kayaks, canoes and the like accumulating grime very easily, but these machines make short work of the mess!


Whether a child’s bike or mountain bike, riding outside rarely results in a clean bike coming home, and they are quite annoying to clean – unless you have a device to deliver powerful jets of water!
You can clean several bikes in a short time with a pressure washer, leaving it sparkling for your next outdoor adventure.

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