Wera Micro Screwdriver Set Review

Wera Micro Screwdriver Set Review

Wera Micro Screwdriver Set Review


Wera Micro Screwdriver Set Review 1Wera Micro Screwdriver Set Review 2The Wera Micro Screwdriver Set is a set of precision drivers designed for electrical and light industrial applications:

The Wera Micro Screwdriver set consists of the following:

  • Slotted 1.8, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm
  • Phillips: PH00 and PH0

The Micro Set is remarkably comfortable to use. The free spinning tip of the handle allows you to firmly plant the screwdriver in the palm of your hand and apply precise amounts of torque without discomfort.

Cheaper driver sets require you to rotate the whole driver which means lower levels of accuracy. When you are working with tiny screws, such as them inside a computer or mobile phone, the last thing you want to do is strip heads. These devices require some screws for grounding, some to hold various components in place, etc. If your micro screwdrivers aren’t up to the job and you wreck the screw heads then you are in trouble from the off.

The Micro Wera Micro Screwdriver Set follows the same hexagonal handle design of the larger Wera Kraftform VDE Screwdriver Set and is just as handy as the chance of roll off is greatly reduced.

Quality products

The drivers are all of high quality and precisely engineered. Wera are on the top of their game regarding quality control. Each tip has an anti corrosion tip to increase the durability of the driver.

I’d happily recommend this micro Wera Micro Screwdriver Set over a set of cheaper jewellers style screwdriver set. You pay a bit more but the quality is clear.

Reviewers note:

I’ve actually had the pleasure of using a very similar set of drivers for the last 15 years for computer and mobile device work. The set has endured a lot of use and punishment but has outlasted several other sets of screwdrivers. I’d be more than happy to give my personal recommendation to this and all of the Wera tools that i’ve used over the years.

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