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Best Lawn Spiker

Best Lawn Spiker Buyers Guide

Food. Water. Air. The three fundamentals when it comes to the survival of any living thing. The garden lawn. Quintessentially British and the focal point of many UK gardens. We mow it, feed it, water […]

Best Edging Shears

Best Edging Shears Buyer’s Guide

“You’ve missed a bit.” A frustrating statement that guaranteed to rile even the most-even tempered homeowner! Whether it be painting, polishing, vacuuming, pruning or cleaning, if you’re going to do a job properly you want […]

Best Secateurs

Best Secateurs Buyer’s Guide

You’re standing by your hedgeline, eyeing up the opposition. You know what you want those unruly, untidy, overgrown rose bushes and shrubs to look like but to undertake such a transformation single-handedly using a pair […]

Lawn Aerators Buyers Guide

Best Lawn Aerator Buyer’s Guide

In theory, your lawn should be one of the easier aspects of your garden to look after, however, this is rarely the case! From bare patches to yellow looking grass or even just patches that […]