Dewalt DCH273N Review
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Dewalt DCH273N Hammer Drill Review

Dewalt is an established market-leading manufacturer of premium power tools and when you look at the design quality and functionality of the Dewalt DCH273N, it’s not hard to see why. Whether it’s light chiselling in […]

Dyson V11 Review
Cleaning Tools

Dyson V11 review

Greater power; longer cleaning time and an all-singing, all-dancing LCD screen displaying a to-the-second battery-life countdown. It’s the result of the work of in excess of 300 engineers and almost 33,000 proto-typed parts… the Dyson […]

Scroll Saw Buyers Guide
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Scroll saw buying guide

Scroll saws are used for cutting intricate and precise designs in wood, non-ferrous metals, plastic or laminates. Consisting of an ultra-fine, narrow blade with a variable speed range, this handy cutting tool enables the user […]

Best Welding Mask

Best Welding Mask Buyers Guide

Welding: the process of joining metals by the application of heat and pressure. Welding is one of the most demanding and potentially dangerous jobs in the industrial sector and so protective measures must be taken […]

Multimeter Buyers Guide

A Multimeter Buyers Guide

A multimeter is a handheld, multi-purpose measuring device for electricity. Just as you’d use scales for weight; a jug for capacity; or a tape measure for distance, a multimeter is used to measure current (amps), […]

Weed Killer Buyers Guide
Garden Tools

Best Weed Killer Buyers Guide

There’s nothing more unsightly and frustrating than a weedy lawn! Not only do those pesky weeds spoil the view, but every second they’re growing, they’re stealing valuable nutrients and sunlight from the plants you actually […]

Log Splitters Buyers Guide
Garden Tools

The Log Splitter Buyer’s Guide

A log splitter is a tool that used to be admired by many but owned by few – they were used regularly for commercial use but rarely for individual homeowners. However, the increase in the […]

Stud Finder Buyers Guide
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The Stud finder Buyers Guide

Heavy items on hollow walls. The two really shouldn’t mix but often do end up going together!! Mirrors, shelving, cabinets, flat-screen TVs… they’re all pretty weighty so hanging them on a wall isn’t something you […]

Mig Welders Buyers Guide
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A MIG Welder Buyer’s Guide

Anyone completing any level of metalwork at home will understand the importance of welding and not just welding – but high-quality welding! There are many DIY jobs where it is easy to struggle on with […]

Bench Vice Buyers Guide
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A Bench vice Buyers Guide

Whether you’re welding in a workshop, sawing in your shed or gluing in your garage, having a bench vice will undoubtedly make the task in hand easier and quicker. A bench vice is a relatively […]

Moisture Meter Buyers Guide
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Moisture Meter Buyers Guide

Living in the UK, wet weather is, shall we say, fairly well distributed throughout the year!! As a result, there’s a very good chance that at some point you will find yourself faced with the […]

Laser Level Buyers Guide
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The Laser Level Buyer’s Guide

Laser levels are tools that used to be found commonly on building and construction sites, but rarely being used by a homeowner for DIY projects. This was due to their considerable size and the expense […]