Best Laser Tape Measure – Our Top 3 Review

Best Laser Tape Measure

If you have ever measured a kitchen for remodelling if you and your partner have made countless mistakes in measuring your new lounge; you will understand the value of a laser tape measure. A laser tape measure is a handy tool that makes life easier for the tradesman and DIY enthusiast.

Whilst a regular tape measure is inexpensive to purchase and is great for measuring small items or short distances if you are measuring a room, or a greater distance you often require two people. A laser tape measure does away with this requirement and also offers impeccable accuracy! A laser tape measure is a digital tool that eliminates the hassle of calculations as well. Most can store several measurements and then add them to a running total.

However, like every other tool, there are some pros and cons. While the Laser tape measure is an awesome bit of kit nothing is perfect.

Benefits of a laser tape measure

  1. The size is perfect for people that prefer compact tools and need pocket-friendly alternatives to the bulkier tape.
  2. The laser tape measure is fast and simple for your everyday use.
  3. It allows you to measure a large distance on your own.

Disadvantages of a laser tape measure

  1. Laser tape measures are more expensive than the regular tape measures.
  2. They require batteries to operate.
  3. Measuring small distances isn’t really ideal.

The market is rife with variety and selecting a tool can be a difficult task, even if you have a clear idea in your head of what you want to purchase. However, there are three very clear markers that define any good purchase;

  • Budget
  • Quality
  • Features

The focus of this review is to uncover which laser tape measure would be ideal for you, your budget and requirements.

Best Budget Laser Tape Measure

Tacklife HD40m Laser Distance Meter

The Tacklife Laser tape measure is one of the best budget buys in the market. Most other laser tape measures do not have more than one bubble level but, this device offers two, at a much-reduced price. This allows for accuracy whether you are measuring the length or height of the room. The Tacklife model is both durable and has a non-slip rubber build.

The grip is very important in a laser tape measure because a steady hand is required for accuracy. You also don’t want it slipping when rested against a wall. The construct of the Tacklife model is ideal for accurate measurements. The device is perfect for anyone looking for a basic budget laser tape measure and not wanting to spend a fortune.

Tacklife HD40m Laser Distance Meter

Benefits of the Tacklife HD 40m

  1. Durable build
  2. Twin bubbles
  3. A range of 40 metres.

Disadvantages of the Tacklife HD 40m

  1. Being a budget model it’s not 100% accurate. If you need to be accurate to the exist millimetre this isn’t the laser measure for you.

Manufacturers Specs

  • The Device can function accurately in a temperature range of 0-40 C
  • Measurement accuracy is of ±1.5mm
  • The model has an LCD display and a special mute function
  • Separate batteries are not required
  • The device offers multi-unit conversions in meters, inches and feet.
  • Average battery life is 2880 hours.
  • The weight of the Tacklife model is 109 grams.


Best Value Laser Tape Measure

Fnova Laser Distance Measure

While the Fnova Laser distance measure is definitely not the cheapest option out there, it gives the best value for money. The company offers a money back guarantee, without any questions, if the user is not satisfied. They offer a device that has a very decent range of around 100 meters or 328 Ft in a reasonable budget with superb accuracy.

The Fnova model offers area and volume measurements but on top of this, it offers Pythagoras measurements for remote calculations of height and/or length. The device is splash and dust proof; ideal for harsher work environments.

Fnova Laser Distance Measure

Benefits of the Fnova Laser Distance Measure

  1. The Fnova laser Tape measure is a compact tool with high accuracy; ±1mm 1/25″
  2. The device offers automatic calculations of area and volume.
  3. The Fnova is automatically calibrated and automatically shuts down after inactivity of 90 seconds.
  4. The device comes with a wrist strap which helps reduce the chance of dropping it.

Disadvantages of the Fnova Laser Distance Measure

  1. Batteries are not included.
  2. Price is higher than many other models

Manufacturers Specs

  • Requires AAA batteries
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Weight 127 grams
  • Operating temperature 0-40 C


Best Performing Laser Tape Measure

Bosch GLM 30

The Bosch GLM 30 is a professional-grade laser tape measure. While this model is definitely one of the more expensive ones in the market, it is also one of the best. It is extremely tough with splash, dust and impact protection. The device is ideal for professional use where accurate measurements are a must. Many professionals prioritise sturdiness and accuracy over everything else. If that is what you are looking for, the Bosch GLM 30 is perfect; it can withstand the issues faced with being on site whilst being one of the most accurate laser tape measures on the market.

The device is compact and easy to carry. The measure has a simple management and maintenance system. The Bosch GLM 30 is a must for any tradesman or DIY enthusiast who regularly has to measure long distances.

Benefits of the Bosch GLM 30

  1. There are very few models that can compare to the speed and accuracy of the Bosch GLM 30.
  2. The device is user-friendly; it offers a single button for all functions.
  3. The level of automated calculations and intuitive functionality in this model is higher than any other comparable device
  4. The laser tape measure has IP 54 protection making it a robust option.
  5. This device is iso-certified.
  6. The display is clear and legible due to an illuminated three-line display option.

Disadvantages of the Bosch GLM 30

  1. One of the major disadvantages of the Bosch GLM 30 is its inability to give readings in, Despite the promise of extra sensitivity and speed, the conversion process then delays that.
  2. The price of the model is rather high compared with some of the competition.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Requires AAA batteries
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Weight 159 g



Best Laser Tape Measure: The Overall Winner

Bosch GLM 30

At the end of the day, laser tape measures are all about speed and accuracy. The more accurate the reading and the more precise and easy to use the device and the more value it has. While the Fnova unit is a very close second; the Bosch GLM 30 takes the win because of its tank-like construction, resistance to damage, its user-friendly operations and finally, because of its sensitive reading capacity.

Bosch GLM 30 Professional Laser Measure

The Bottom Line

The best part about a laser tape is the greater range, pocket sizing and the fact that it can be used by a single person. If you like to do your own remodelling projects and are a DIY enthusiast, the value of precision and speed is hard to ignore.

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