Head Torch – 6000 lumens Waterproof Headlamp Review

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Head torch review

Head Torch LED Waterproof 6000 Lumens Review


The Boruit Rechargeable LED, Waterproof Head Torch Light with 4 Modes, 6000 lumens Headlamp.

Firstly we have to start with a bit of a confession, at Tools Review UK we have a bit of an obsession with torches. I mean there are several things in life that are important to most men when it comes to DIY, being a hunter gatherer and the leader of the pack. These said tasks include, chopping wood, starting a fire, jet washing and lighting up things in the dark. These tasks allow us men to feel we are either saving the world or building a solid home. A head torch is a key element to this.

Torches are a must have, notice we said plural. One can not simply have one torch in their life. There are torches for occasions a bit like women have handbags and shoes for different occasions it is the same with a torch for a man. That’s not to say that plenty of women don’t love a good torch too, it just fits well with our hunter, gatherer piece above.

A pocket sized torch is a must, a LED flashlight on your keys is handy, a torch bright enough to land planes that rests on your shoulder is something every home requires. But when it comes to DIY, starting a fire in the dark, working on your car and many other tasks that require both hands, the head torch comes into it’s own!

The price range

We have looked at several head torches in the past, you can pick some up for a couple of pound. We have reviewed one of the budget models in our Fathers Day 20 ideas for under £20 post. This model from Boruit sits around the £15 mark and is a great entry level piece. You can spend upwards of £100 on some of the more expensive models such as the LEDLenser H14R.2. But for use around the home, walking the dog or the occasional camping trip this Boruit 6000 lumens bad boy is perfect!


Firstly the headlamp torch is waterproof, please don’t submerging it in a river! This won’t work, what will work is working outside in harsh weather, heavy rain and storms, it holds up great.

The Boruit 6000 lumens head torch gives you the option to have sufficient light from it’s main headlamp, conserving battery life whilst still giving you a great amount of light for most jobs. However should you need more power simply crank it up and the additional two lights kick in providing a fantastic 6000 lumens of light.

This head torch comes with rechargeable batteries and a USB charger, this can be charged through your computer, car or by simply plugging into the mains through an adapter such as this dual USB charger. The batteries whilst do the job with this torch aren’t the best, their lifespan isn’t fantastic or charge span. Which is a shame as it isn’t a negative of the torch at all just cheap batteries. We would recommend putting your own in to get the best out of this torch.


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