Krobahn Quick Switch Trowel System Review

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Krobahn Trowel System

Krobahn Quick Switch Trowel System Review

The Quick Switch Trowel System from Krobahn is a novel take on a traditional trowel set for tiling and grouting. The kit has all the tools you need to get those tiling jobs done and is equally suited to the professional as well as an enthusiastic DIY’er.

Reviewers note: Krobahn provided the featured review sample free of charge but this in no way influenced the outcome of the review.

Krobahn Quick Switch Trowel System

The Quick Switch System comes with the following parts:

  • Stainless Steel 6mm Square Notched Trowel
  • A Stainless Steel 10mm Square Notched Trowel
  • Stainless Steel 3mm ‘V’ Notched Trowel
  • Rubber Grout Float
  • Interchangeable Handle
  • Carry case with drainage

All of these parts fit nicely together in a single package that’s easy to handle and store. One of the trowels acts as the lid and the carry handle of the box.

Quick Switch Trowel Features and Ergonomics

The stand out feature of this trowel set is the interchangeable handle.

This interchangeable handle is a great feature as it makes the whole set far more compact as the trowels stack in the box for storage and transport.

Having the ability to position the handle on the trowel means that the whole system can adapt to suit your grouting style and application.

We found that for large areas, positioning the handle at the back gave us a longer reach, and for detail work, moving it as far forward as possible gave us greater control.

To attach the trowel to the handle, it simply slides over the bracket and is fiction secured in place. Given this simple attachment system, i’d expected there to be a small amount of movement during use, but its held rather securely.

The handle itself is solid and the whole trowel feels well balanced when in use. The soft grip covering on the handle also makes it comfortable to use especially for longer tiling sessions or when trying to work in awkward to reach areas.

Although I’m right-handed, the trowel set is more than suitable for left-handed users by simply rotating the trowel the other way before attaching the handle.

How does the Quick Switch Trowel perform?

We found that the Quick Switch Trowel system performed on par with a set of more traditional trowels, but with the added benefit of being far more compact and transportable.

The Quick Switch Trowel system comes with 3 different notched trowels, each with a particular use depending on your situation.

Which sized notch do I need?

The general rule of thumb is the larger the tile you want to lay, the larger the notch you’ll need. From our own experience, the largest 10mm notched trowel is ideal for standard 12 inches/ 30cm floor tile. It provides just the right amount of grip to keep them secured while they set up.

For smaller floor tiles, the 6mm notched trowel will be a better bet as using the larger one will likely cause the tiles to slip all over the place.

The 3mm V-notched trowel will be ideal for wall tiling, although we haven’t been able to test this yet.

What is a grout float?

The last piece of the kit is a grout float that attaches to the handle in exactly the same way as the trowels.

A grout float is the final piece of the puzzle. Once you’ve finished tiling the last thing you need to do is grout the tiles. WIthout the watertight seal that grout provides your tiles won’t last long.

The grout float is used to apply the grout over the surface of the tiles, evenly and consistently. The flexible rubber float supplied as part of the kit allows you to really squeeze the grout into all the cracks forming a great seal.

The rubber surface also wipes off the excess from the tile, leaving a clean look to the finished area.

Krobahn Quick Switch Trowel Kit

Cleaning the Krobahn Quick Switch Trowel System

The old saying – “prevention is better than a cure” really does apply in this case. The best way to care for your grouting tools is to simply clean them as you use them.

Simply wipe the tools down with a damp cloth and dry on a rag or a paper towel once used. This will keep your trowels looking new.

Although not ideal, at a push the trowels can be allowed to air dry in the carry case as the case has drainage holes allowing air to circulate.

Over time, you may find that a thin residue forms on the surface of the trowels. Don’t panic, this is normal and can be removed by buffing the surface with some steel wool.

If you are looking for other ways to remove grout then please check out our Grout Removal Guide.

Krobahn Quick Switch Trowel System Conclusion

The Quick Switch Trowel is a great idea that has been well executed by Krobahn.

The system really does contain all the tools you need to get the majority of tiling jobs done around the home. It’s lightweight, easy transported and compact, feels great to use and doesn’t cost the earth.

As long as you look after them they’ll be useful for years to come.

Krobahn Quick Switch Trowel System – Future Products

We have spoken to Krobahn and said that this set would be great if they offered a similar product for plastering trowels. They have told us this is in the making, so we are quite excited to see how well that works.

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Ergonomics
  • Value
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