Laser Measuring Tool – Tacklife HD40 Review

Laser measuring tool review

Laser Measuring Tool – Tacklife HD40 Review


The Tacklife HD40 Laser Measuring Tool. 40m coverage, integrated spirit bubbles, waterproof and includes a carry case!

Tape measures are so old hat! Don’t get us wrong they have their place. If you are measuring a length of timber, a gap to see if a piece of furniture will fit or zipping it back in whilst trying to avoid catching your fingers, (purely for the noise) they are great! But what you really need in your life is a laser measuring tool.

If you are trying to measure a room accurately you need to go digital. You get inaccuracies, the tape measure gets stuck, it comes off, kinks, etc. It can be a nightmare and in steps the Tacklife HD40 digital laser measuring tool.

This little beauty offers a 40 metre range so measuring the biggest of houses or spaces isn’t a problem. A couple of years ago the only people with one of these were estate agents, professional tradesmen and people with too much money. Now the price has dropped significantly, this model specifically comes in at less than £30! This is the perfect addition to anyones toolbox.


It has a few extras also concealed within this absolute gem of a tool, the integrated bubbles are great for ensuring the distance you are measuring is in a straight line. But add to that the fact that it can add several lengths together so you don’t need to keep track. It has a built in back light and the option to mute the thing should you be somewhere you have to keep noise to a minimum.

The Tacklife HD40 comes with a pouch to keep it in, a lanyard, batteries, a user manual and best of all a 2 year warranty!

We would definitely recommend a laser measuring tool as something everyone should have around the home. If you are in the trade and are regularly measuring the size of rooms, this gadget will not only save you time but also makes you look professional to customers.


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