Makita Tool Bag Review

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makita tool bag

Makita Tool Bag Review


Makita Tool Bag Review 1Makita Tool Bag Review 2This Makita Tool Bag is the largest one available and fits a wide range of tools, chargers, batteries and accessories.

We are massive fans of Makita here at Tools Review and yet again they don’t disappoint even when it comes to tool bags! Makita do offer sets of tools which feature their cordless angle grinder, impact wrench, combi drill, torch, jigsaw, several batteries and a fast charger all contained in a Makita Tool Bag. However if like us you acquire your tools over a period of time, purchasing them as and when you need them you don’t get the bag!

You end up in a situation where you either have the Makita Macpac range of blow moulded plastic tool boxes with each individual tool in, a charger and battery. Or sometimes the canvas bags that contain the impact wrench and combi drill sets in, with a charger and battery in. Either way you have a lot of bags and boxes, aren’t quite sure what is in what and you tend to find you don’t have the one to hand or with you that you require.

So we found this Makita Tool Bag for sale on Amazon that comes in at less than £30! They do offer a few different sizes, but this one is the biggest and gives you the most scope for fitting all of your Makita power tools inside. It says on the description that it fits 4 tools inside depending on the size of the tools. In ours we have the impact driver, combi drill, jigsaw, circular saw, torch, 5 batteries, two chargers and a bit set. To be honest I am sure we could fit another tool or two inside should we wish.


The inside and outside comes with various pockets, some featuring velcro. It is great for keeping accessories, batteries, etc separate from your tools. It also has a bungie cord on top of the bag for extra storage should you want to secure something to the top of it, such as a small length of timber or a spirit level.

The Makita Tool Bag itself is very impressive, with the combined weight of the Makita power tools, batteries, chargers and accessories it feels very substantial and in no danger of breaking, ripping or giving under the load. It is made of a very touch fabric and will stand up well to being placed on van or garage floors and knocked about a bit.

All in all we think the Makita Tool Bag is fantastic, it keeps all of your Makita Power Tools together, protects them and is very convenient for both storage and carrying of the tools.

You can find the Makita Cordless Kit below, this kit features the bag in the review, the impact driver, combi drill, sds drill, jigsaw, circular saw, torch, 3x4Ah batteries and a twin fast charger. If you haven’t already started your Makita tool adventure you could buy the set together instead.

Makita Tool Bag Review 3Makita Tool Bag Review 4

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