AllWrencher Smart Wrench Review

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AllWrencher Smart Wrench

In this review, we take a look at Smart Wrench from AllWrencher. A set of 4 adjustable spanners with a difference.

We have all seen and used standard spanners and adjustable spanners before, so what makes this set different and is the price tag justifiable? The issue with a standard set of spanners whilst they certainly have their uses are that to conquer most situations you need a rather large set. An adjustable spanner whilst useful as it fits a wide range of applications can be very bulky and not slim enough for some applications. Another negative to regular and adjustable spanners is the lack of a ratchet.

This set of 4 Smart Wrenches offer you the opportunity to tackle bolts and nuts ranging from 9-20mm all from the 4 spanners. They self-adjust to the size of the application you present them with, locking on and releasing as required for you to use them as a ratchet in the tightest of spaces.

Key Features

Stronger than a standard socket

One of the biggest advantages of a standard socket set is the adjustability and the ratchet. If you are working in a tight space or driving a long bolt into place, a ratchet is just what you need. The negative is applying a lot of pressure to a socket set can damage the socket set. You either need something heavy duty, in which case it doesn’t usually cater for smaller nuts and bolts or something small, which is usually a little more delicate.

The Smart Wrench offers an amazing amount of torque at your disposal and also allows you to apply as much pressure as you require. They are made of Chrome Vanadium and are built to last. We found they were great for working on vehicles or getting in tight spaces behind units in the house. You don’t even need to look what you are doing, you select the appropriate size of spanner for the job, place on the nut and let it do the rest. They are not too heavy to handle, but when you pick one up you can tell they are well made and strong enough for the job at hand.

Lifetime warranty

A lot of tools come with a warranty, usually 1-3 years. The Smart Wrench from AllWrencher comes with a lifetime warranty. This is something we are usually used to seeing with much more high end and high price tag tool such as tools from Snap-On. To offer a lifetime warranty at this price point is fantastic. But it is also testament to how well these tools are made and how much AllWrencher is willing to stand by them.

Space saving

Typically, when trying to free a nut or a bolt it is in the tightest position, the hardest thing to get to imaginable. AllWrencher has thought this through with their Smart Wrench set. They are low profile and slim, yet still, pack the punch of power!

The handy box stores the 4 wrenches and yet again is well made. The blow moulded plastic not only keeps the tools safe and compact it also holds it’s own in shipping the item to you. We were really impressed when we opened our set which had come all the way from the USA.

Benefits of the AllWrencher Smart Wrench

  1. Hard wearing
  2. Lighweight
  3. Lifetime warranty
  4. Comes in storage case

Disadvantages of the AllWrencher Smart Wrench

  1. Only fits nuts and bolts up to 20mm
  2. Quite expensive to purchase

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a new addition to your tool collection the Smart Wrench set from AllWrencher is certainly worth considering.

Many of us already have spanners, adjustable spanners and socket sets. I know personally I have several socket sets, (one for every occasion) but this set really is something else. It gives you the flexibility required to get the job done in less time and in the tightest of spaces.

AllWrencher Smart Wrench
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