Best Angle Grinders Review

Top 5 Angle Grinders Review

Best Angle Grinders Review

What are the Best 5 Angle Grinders of 2019?

In this review, we take a look at the best angle grinders in our opinion that are for sale right now. We look at the best cordless angle grinders, the best value angle grinders, plus much more. We have aimed this article again at the DIY enthusiast as well as the tradesman looking for reviews of the latest tools available. We look at the best general purpose angle grinders, the best angle grinders for welding plus much more.

Our aim with these articles is to provide a brief review of each product including its key features, then through comparison tables show you a brief overview of each angle grinders features against another. We have made a selection ranging from around £20 to £100 in this article, so perfect for someone on a budget right up to someone who is going to be giving an angle grinder much more abuse.

This angle grinder review was originally written in 2017, updated in 2018 and now updated again for 2019.

Our Top Pick of the Best – Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder

Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle GrinderBest Angle Grinders Review 1

This Bosch PWS 700-115 is one of the mid-priced angle grinders in our review but the features, power and technology make it our top pick.

Bosch really has gone to town on this model, it has a safety guard to minimise injury, a dust guard to protect the angle grinder from dirt, a powerful motor capable of cutting stone slabs, tiles, pipes, plus much more. It has a comfort grip handle to make handling and cutting a lot more comfortable and safe.

  • 700W
  • 3-year warranty
  • 11,000 RPM
  • 2.5m cord length

Safety considerations when using an angle grinder

Angle grinders are great versatile power tools that can cut through almost anything effectively and efficiently, however they come with some associated safety risks.

Power Cords

One of the things you need to be aware of when using an angle grinder is the length of the cord you have available, you need to make sure there is sufficient power cord available so that you don’t come to the end of it and it pulls back on the device making you stumble. You also need to make sure the cord is well protected so that there is no chance of catching it with the angle grinder itself.


One of the common injuries with an angle grinder is lacerations. We must ensure that the guard that the angle grinder came with is fitted, we are wearing safety glasses, gloves and where possible a visor. It happens all too often that bits of the cutting disc fly off or fragments of what being cut fly through the air. This can make lacerations to your or someone nearby or cause serious damage, even blindness to your eyes.

Safety equipment

Below we have listed a few safety items that are well priced and worth considering when purchasing your angle grinder, you aren’t going to be getting any job done if you injure yourself or somebody else so make sure you protect yourself before using an angle grinder.

Anti-fog safety glasses

Faceshield Visor Protective Work Gloves Ear Plugs
Safety GlassesAnti Fog Safety Glasses Face VisorFaceshield Visor Work GlovesProtective Work Gloves Ear PlugsEar Plugs

Quick Comparison of the best angle grinders

In this table, we show some of the features side by side of each of the angle grinders on review.

Bosch PWS 700-115 Apollo 500W DeWalt 18v XR Makita DGA452Z Black & Decker
Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle GrinderBosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder Apollo 500W Angle GrinderApollo 500w Angle Grinder DeWalt 18v XR Angle GrinderDeWalt 18v XR Angle Grinder Makita DGA452Z Angle GrinderMakita DGA452Z Angle Grinder Black and Decker Angle GrinderBlack and Decker Angle Grinder


500W 18V 18V




11,000RPM 3,000RPM 10,000RPM 11,000RPM








2.1Kg 1.8Kg 2.2Kg 1.4Kg


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Best Budget Angle Grinder – Apollo 500W Angle Grinder Review

Best Angle Grinders Review 2

The Apollo angle grinder is the entry level angle grinder in our review. This is more aimed at the home DIY enthusiast. It doesn’t have the power or feature set of some of the more expensive grinders on review, such as those from Makita & DeWalt, but as an entry model, it is brilliant.

Whilst this angle grinder from Apollo is a budget model with only a 500W motor. It does offer 11,000 RPM of speed,  115mm cutting disc and a 2-year warranty.

This is quick enough and powerful enough for basic cutting jobs, removing rust, etc. Just not powerful enough to take care of jobs such as cutting paving stones.

  • 500W motor
  • 11,000 RPM
  • 2-year warranty
  • 115m cutting disc

Overall Product Review

This Apollo 500w angle grinder is the cheapest of all the angle grinders we are reviewing here. But don’t discount it! There are several reasons why we feel it should be in the running, it has some great features, a 2-year warranty and 11,000RPM which is comparable to the most expensive models we have on review.

This angle grinder falls down in its lack of power, it only has 500W available, which whilst ample for basic cutting tasks and removal of rust it can’t quite cut it when it comes to bigger jobs such as cutting flagstones, etc. If you accept it’s limited and want it as a DIY enthusiast it is a great addition to your toolkit.

Best Tradesman Angle Grinder – DeWalt 18v XR Cordless Angle Grinder Review

Best Angle Grinders Review 3

This DeWalt cordless angle grinder is one of the more premium-priced angle grinders we are reviewing. It is being offered at a bargain price at the moment so grab the opportunity.

This DeWalt angle grinder is part of the XR Lithium-ION range. If you have looked over some of our other articles reviewing combo sets, impact drivers and combi drills you will find the XR range feature in most of them. They are great cordless tools that the batteries can be used interchangeably.

  • 18v Cordless
  • Fan cooled motor with replaceable brushes
  • 3-year warranty
  • Lock off switch for enhanced safety

Overall Product Review

This DeWalt angle grinder is right up there in terms of our reviewed products, whilst it doesn’t quite pack the power of the corded counterparts for a cordless power tool it is fantastic. It is great for the tradesman or the DIY enthusiast who has other DeWalt tools or is looking for a cordless solution for their requirements.

The standard 1-year warranty can be extended to 3 by simply registering online, another great piece of mind when spending that little bit more on a tool.

We like to see replaceable parts on power tools, it’s always a good sign. Whilst we would like to hope that it doesn’t fail at all, at least we know that if parts do it isn’t a necessity to replace the entire angle grinder. That with a fan cooled motor to give the angle grinder not only more power but also help the power tool to last longer.

Best Cordless 18v Angle Grinder – Makita DGA452Z 18v Angle Grinder Review

Best Angle Grinders Review 4

This cordless model from Makita is our favourite cordless angle grinder. It gives the convenience of no wires but also spins up to 10,000RPM to provide ample power for the majority of jobs.

It comes with some great features including ant-restart, this stops the angle grinder starting up if you insert the battery with the unit powered on. It is also very lightweight and has an overload protection light. If you are applying too much pressure it will warn you and cut out without damaging the grinder.

  • 18v Cordless
  • 10,000RPM
  • Anti-Restart feature
  • Accepts cutting discs for corded units

Overall Product Review

The Makita DGA352Z is our overall champion when it comes to cordless angle grinders. Some of the 18v cordless units out there lack the power to get the job done. Don’t get us wrong there are more powerful units on the market and if you are looking to cut through paving stones on a regular basis we wouldn’t say this is the angle grinder for you. However, if you have some tough jobs to get done and need an angle grinder that is compact, can go anywhere thanks to no wires and is lightweight and compact to boot this is the tool for the job.

Like most of the cordless tools, we review here at Tools Review UK this is a headless unit and comes with no batteries or charger. It is great if you already have Makita tools as you will already have plenty of batteries and a charger, if not it is great to get started with. We would recommend looking at some of the combo sets we have on review in our power tool combo review article, these units come with batteries and charger and are great for building your toolkit out.

Best DIY Enthusiast Angle Grinder – Black & Decker KG115A5 Small Angle Grinder Review

Best Angle Grinders Review 5

Black and Decker have put two things as a priority on this angle grinder, safety and comfort of theThat’s. Thats not to say it lacks power, features or accessories.

The unit has a no volt release switch, which requires a switch to be held before the unit starts. It markets itself as a small angle grinder and so has no intention of trying to aim for being an all rounder. The focus of this angle grinder is small jobs where space is tight. Whilst delivering 750w of power through it’s mains cord.

  • 750W
  • Includes 6 cutting discs
  • No volt release switch
  • 11,000RPM

Overall Product Review

The Black and Decker KG115A5-GB Small angle grinder, with it’s low price point is ideal for the home DIY enthusiast who wants something that packs a punch, can fit into the smallest of spaces to get the job done. It is great for rust removal, cutting of pipe work and other basic jobs, yet with its 750W 11,000 RPM power it can step up to the plate for the occasional bigger jobs.

Black and Decker is the only product in our review that has the no volt release switch, if this isn’t depressed when you go to power on the unit nothing happens. With something as capable as an angle grinder you don’t want to accidentally catch the power switch and end up with a series accident. They have also looked carefully at comfort when using this product. Including a soft start, which gets the user in a comfortable position to deal with the job before ramping up the speed to 11,000 RPM.

We would highly recommend this as our number one for the home DIY enthusiast. It is well priced, provides ample power and would be a great addition to your too kit.


We have brought you in this review some of our favourite angle grinders. With angle grinders from Makita, Bosch, Black and Decker, Apollo and DeWalt. There really is an angle grinder for everyone in this review, we have our best angle grinder for the DIY enthusiast with the Black and Decker KG115A5. We have the best 18v cordless angle grinder with the Makita DGA452Z, the Apollo proved to be the best budget angle grinder and finally, our top pic overall best angle grinder was the Bosch PWS 700-115.

There is a lot to consider when looking at an angle grinder. A tradesman is usually looking for a bit more power than the DIY enthusiast, they may also be looking at sticking with the brand they currently use, maybe Makita or DeWalt. Both DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen alike may be looking for a cordless solution for certain tasks. However when more cutting power is required it maybe worth while going for a corded solution. Some of the models we have on test come with cutting discs which is a great cost saving.

The final thing that we feel is important to consider when choosing your angle grinder is safety. Several of the models we have tested have put this as an important feature, such as the Black and Decker KG115A5 with it’s no volt release switch.


Best pick angle grinder

Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle GrinderBosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder

Our best pick angle grinder was awarded to the Bosch PWS 700-115. There are several reasons for this firstly we feel with an angle grinder a very important consideration is user safety, Bosch have taken this very seriously. Secondly, this is a mid priced product offering value for money, an amazingly capable product without breaking the bank. To top it off it comes with a 3 year warranty!

Best budget angle grinder

Apollo Angle GrinderApollo Angle Grinder

The Apollo angle grinder we have reviewed is our best budget angle grinder. Whist, it doesn’t have the power of some of the more expensive models this compact unit is very well priced and can get the majority of basic DIY tasks done. It has a 2 year warranty for piece of mind and even includes a 115mm cutting disc.

Best tradesman angle grinder

DeWalt 18v XR Angle GrinderDeWalt 18v XR Angle Grinder

Our tradesman’s choice in this review goes to the DeWalt. We see DeWalt cropping up in our top 5 reviews in many different categories due to their reliability, robustness and all round greatness when it comes to power tools. This is another of the power tools on review that is cordless and also comes with a 3 year warranty.

Best cordless angle grinder

Makita DGA452Z Angle GrinderaMakita DGA452Z Anlge Grinder

Like the DeWalt we see Makita popup in many of our reviews, we think the brand is fantastic and epitomises quality and something that can be thrown around your van or shed and still works time and time again. This cordless model is fantastic and works with any additional Makita batteries and chargers you may have from your other tools in your collection.

Best DIY enthusiast angle grinder

Black and Decker KG115A5 Angle GrinderBlack and Decker KG115A5 Angle Grinder

The black and Decker KG115A5 angle grinder has ample power for the DIY enthusiast for most situations, takes safety very importantly and also includes 6 free cutting disks. This is a great model to hit the ground running for the DIY enthusiast and a worthwhile addition to any tool collection.

Our top pick of the best Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder

Best Angle Grinders Review 1

This Bosch PWS 700-115 is one of the mid-priced angle grinders in our review but the features, power and technology make it our top pick.

Bosch really have gone to town on this model, it has a safety guard to minimise injury, a dust guard to protect the angle grinder from dirt, a powerful motor capable of cutting stone slabs, tiles, pipes, plus much more. It has a comfort grip handle to make handling and cutting a lot more comfortable and safe.

  • 700W
  • 3 Year warranty
  • 11,000RPM
  • 2.5m Cord length
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