Black and Decker Heat Gun Review

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Black and Decker Heat Gun Review

The Black and Decker Heat Gun is a no-frills, well performing heat gun that’s ideal for stripping paint, varnish and adhesives.

This cabled Black and Decker heat gun features 1750W of power and has adjustable temperature and airflow controls. The heat gun itself can be set at temperatures between 460 and 600 degrees Celsius. This is more than adequate for most of the around the home jobs that it’ll be used for. If you need higher temperatures then you may want to consider a more professional solution.

The Black and Decker Heat Gun also comes with a handy semi-hard case to store the heat gun itself, associated cabling and the included scraping accessories. I refer to the case as semi-hard as it does flex readily under pressure but as long as you don’t stack anything heavy on top of it you’ll be fine.

Black+Decker KX1650 Heat Gun

The included accessories include a couple of different styles of scrapers that attach directly to the barrel of the heat gun. These make short work of any painted or varnished surface.

The Black and Decker Heat Gun can be used in an upright, hands free configuration due to the integrated stand built into the handle. This is ideal for cooling once you have finished using the heat gun as you can place it on a flat surface without the worry of damaging it as it cools.

Personally I’ve owned one of these for the last few years and it’s been invaluable. I’ve used mine to strip paint, thaw external pipes in winter and even strip the adhesive from an Apple MacBook Pro when replacing the screen.

One thing we would like to note about the Black and Decker KX1650-GB Heat Gun is the length of the integrated cable.

At just two meters long we found that this did impact on the usability of the heat gun, especially when working at medium heights. If you are looking at picking this heat gun up, then I’d recommend that you also pick up a decent power extension lead at the same time.

Overall the Black and Decker Heat Gun is a very handy tool and makes short work of stripping paint, varnish and adhesives.

If you are thinking of removing paint from wood you could also consider the Black and Decker Detail Sander, we have given it a full review and it is well worth a read.

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