Bosch Strimmer Review

Bosch Strimmer Review

Bosch Strimmer ART 23 SL Review


The Bosch Strimmer ART 23 SL is simple, easy to assemble, powerful and doesn’t chew through cord like many other grass trimmers.

Winter is behind us and the grass needs a good cut, is there anything worse than cutting the grass but not being able to get into corners or around trees? It ruins the look of a nice fresh cut lawn! For such a simple and short task, we begrudge spending a lot of money on a grass strimmer. If you have acres of long, by all means invest in a petrol-powered model from Stihl, but for the average garden we want something reliable whilst not blowing a whole lot of money. This Bosch strimmer is just the ticket! For a little over £20, this grass strimmer is quick to assemble thanks to its quick click components.

It also has an easy grip feature which means holding the thing at that awkward angle you do when trimming your grass isn’t quite as painful. Our biggest frustration with trimming the edges of the grass is the fact that we are constantly stopping what you are doing, to feed more cord line through as it has snapped off when it came up against a tiniest of branch! The Bosch strimmer counters this with strong cord and a semi-automatic feeding system to allow more cord to be taken when required. This saves time and energy and gets the job done so much faster.

Bosch Art 23 SL Electric Grass Trimmer

How large an area can it cope with?

We have also tested the Bosch Art 23 SL for cutting a small patch of grass. If you have a small section of grass like some houses have in-between them and next door, a foot wide by a two-foot-long this grass trimmer can be used to give that a quick trim. Rather than getting the lawn mower out this can quickly tidy the area up. We wouldn’t recommend doing a larger lawn like this as you will likely blow the motor. To add to this fantastic grass trimmer for just over £20 there is the fact that like all Bosch Tools it comes with a 3-year warranty. This is two years when it arrives and you upgrade to a third year by activating the product online.

We have also tested the Flymo Easi Glide 300 lawn mower, this is another garden tool in the same price range as this Bosch Strimmer that would make cutting your grass a simple and easy task without breaking the bank.

The only real criticism we would have for this product would be the length of the cord, it is 2 metres in length, not ideal unless you are trimming a window box next to your socket. We wouldn’t recommend that you plug it into a regular extension lead for one simple reason, the colour. Regular extension leads tend to be white or black, these colours can easily blend in amongst the grass or your garden and you could easily cut the cord with the grass trimmer. It is miles better to purchase a cord such as the one below from Masterplug, this 10-metre extension cord is in orange and is designed for this very task. Masterplug BOG10OMS 1 Gang 13A Heavy Duty Outdoor Power Socket with 10 Meter Extension Lead Orange

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