Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver review

Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver review

We take a look at the Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver and give it the ToolsReview treatment.. How did it do?

Bosch IXO Review

Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver review

Bosch IXO Product Overview

The Bosch IXO is one of the best cordless screwdrivers we have come across. Initially, we weren’t a fan of the cordless screwdriver and would use a cordless impact driver instead. However, there are a lot of situations where an impact driver simply provides too much torque for the job. Assembling flat pack furniture for example. That is where the Bosco IXO really comes in handy. When you first squeeze the trigger you would be forgiven if you are used to using an impact driver for thinking it lacks power. However, offer it up to a screw and it drives it seamlessly into place, making light work of the job but without damaging the screw head or timber you are trying to get a fixing on.

We used it to assemble flat-pack furniture, build a shelf and strip a hoover to perform maintenance on it. It decreased the amount of time it took to remove and fasten screws yet at a sensible speed that didn’t damage components or strip screw heads.

If you try to use any electric screwdriver or the Bosch IXO to drive screws and fixings straight into wood without pilot holes you will not only be disappointed but you will likely burn out the motor. These electric screwdrivers don’t have high amounts of torque and aren’t designed for the task. They are designed for assembly and disassembly and do a very good job of it. If you are planning on driving fixings straight into timber we would recommend you consider something like the Bosch PSB 1800 which we have also reviewed.

Bosch IXO LED Lights

The Bosch IXO features LED lighting when using the cordless screwdriver you can choose between spread lighting or spotlighting. It is a bright white LED that allows you to see what you are working on with ease no matter where you are.

Bosch IXO Charging Time

Improved charging time of 40% over its predecessor, it can now be charged in just 3 hours! It comes with a micro USB charging cable and allows you to get the job done quicker. The previous model took around 5 hours to charge.

Bosch IXO Running Time

Not only is the charging time shorter with the new IXO but the running time is too! The running time is up to 15% longer thanks to the built-in 3.6v 1.5 Ah Lithium-ION battery.

Bosch IXO Carry Case

Tools can easily get damaged, accessories and chargers mislaid. With the Bosch IXO the carry case not only fits everything neatly inside but also looks good too. The perfect companion for carrying your Bosch IXO around in.

Bosch IXO Ratings


We loved the following about the Bosch IXO;

  • 3 Year warranty
  • USB charging cable
  • 10 Piece accessory set


A few niggles about the Bosch IXO;

  • Could do with a little more power
  • A little long charging time
  • Struggled with well-attached screws


Who are Bosch?

Bosch has had a presence in the UK since 1898 when president Robert Bosch opened the companies first presence outside of Germany, where the company was formed.

They are known for the quality of the brand and products they produce, most of which are backed by their fantastic 3-year guarantee. We have reviewed several products from Bosch in the past and are very happy with nearly everything we have come across from them.


What’s included in the box?

When you open the box of the Bosch IXO you will find the following:

  • The Bosch IXO Cordless Lithium-ION Screwdriver
  • 10 Standard screwdriver bits
  • 3 Hour USB charger
  • Metal carry case
  • Instruction manual

The High Points

In this review, we have looked in detail at the Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver. We have discussed it’s pro’s and con’s, what you get included in the box and talked through its features.

We think it is a fantastic cordless screwdriver for all sorts of DIY tasks around the home, including;

  • Putting up shelves
  • Assembling flat pack furniture
  • Disassembling and assembling electrical items

It isn’t to be used for driving fixings straight into the wood, you would need something with much more torque to achieve something like this, such as an impact driver, check out our impact driver review for information on these.

Another thing you get with the Bosch IXO which we like with most of the Bosch range is that the standard two-year guarantee is extended to 3 years as soon as you register the product online with Bosch.

Great deal!

Bosch IXO

The Bosch IXO is really well priced at less than £30, if you have just read the review I am sure you will agree it is a fantastic price for what you get.

They have also put together a Deluxe bundle, including the right angle and easy reach adapter as well as the rest of the contents of the regular package. So in the box, you get;

  • The Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver
  • Right angle adapter
  • Easy reach adapter
  • 10 Screwdriver bits
  • 3 Hour micro USB charger
  • Case
  • Instruction manual

The right angle adapter is perfect for reaching around awkward corners where a regular manual or cordless screwdriver such as the Bosch IXO simply wouldn’t reach.

The easy reach offset adapter is great for working in tight spaces. Sometimes you just can’t get close enough to the screw, this gives you the extended workspace to ensure you can get up close.

Value for money
Ease of Use
Overall the Bosch IXO is a fantastic cordless screwdriver that we highly recommend.