Hitachi DH26PX SDS Drill Review

Hitachi DH26PX

Hitachi DH26PX SDS Drill Review


In this review we take a look at the Hitachi DH26PX SDS Drill. This drill forms part of our SDS comparison review, where we have reviewed the Milwaukee PH27X, this Hitachi DH26PX and the Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE.

The battle was close and I would recommend you check out the review to find out which model won and why.

On to the review of the Hitachi DH26PX though. This model is the cheapest we have on review and for a budget SDS drill we are very impressed. As you will see below it has some fantastic features, is well balanced and comes with a long lasting warranty.

Hitachi DH26PX

Hitachi DH26PX Drill Overview

The Hitachi DH26PX is a fantastic SDS drill, weighing in at just 2.8Kg. Whilst this is exceptionally light for an SDS drill, don’t be deceived! It feels very well balanced to hold and drives exceptional force when chiseling or cutting through masonry with it.

Power wise you are looking at 3.2 Joules of impact energy from its 800w motor. More than enough to get through the toughest of jobs. It has an impact rate of 0-4300/min which makes chasing or chiseling a simple task requiring very little effort.


  • Up to 13mm in metal
  • Up to 32mm in wood
  • Up to 26mm in concrete


The Hitachi DH26PX whilst being at an entry level price and the cheapest of the SDS drills we have in our comparison review, has some amazing features and things we really rate!

Firstly, the intelligent variable speed trigger, there is nothing worse than a drill of any description, especially an SDS drill that has an all or nothing trigger. Sure, when you are blasting a hole through some block work you want raw power! But what about when you are chasing a wall out for electrical cables to sit in, the last thing you want is a powerful SDS drill roaring into life and making a mess. The intelligent trigger that Hitachi have included on the Hitachi DH26PX is perfect and works really well.

We also rate the lock of switch, as you know at ToolsReview we take safety and your wellbeing very seriously. There are several safety considerations when it comes to using and operating an SDS drill. One of the main ones that concerns us, is the vibrations that come back to your body from operating one.

With the Hitachi DH26PX, they have done two things to combat this, firstly they have heavily reduced the vibrations coming from the SDS drill itself. The second thing is the lock off switch. With this you can start your SDS drill going to make the hole you wish, then press the lock off switch and hold the SDS drill in a more comfortable way to reduce stress on your body.

Hitachi DH26PX


Whilst we have already discussed safety above, with regards to the lock off switch, I also want to take a look at the mechanical clutch. Features like this are usually associated with more premium SDS drill offerings. Hitachi have included one on the DH26PX and it works fantastically. This stops any damage to the drill itself or you as the user should a bit get stuck or snag.


With the Hitachi DH26PX, Hitachi have listened! On the previous model the selector for choosing which mode of drilling you wanted was underneath. I remember using one of these models and you had to rotate the drill round to locate the dial. They have now moved the switch to the side of the SDS drill and made it bigger. This sounds simple but is a big improvement.

Hitachi have also put a fully 360 degree rotatable handle on the DH26PX. This allows for right or left hand operation, but also allows you to angle the drill for any application or situation you might come across.

Some SDS drills can prove tricky to use and operate when it comes to changing SDS drill bits. The Hitachi DH26PX comes with the EASIFIT system, which allows for quick, easy but secure changing of any SDS bits with minimum fuss.


As i’ve said already, please bare in mind this is a budget SDS drill, priced at the low end of SDS drills out there. But please don’t let that lead you to believe this is an inferior quality SDS drill. The Hitachi DH26PX is an exceptional SDS drill that comes with some great features and a sturdy package. But, what makes this extra special and shows how much Hitachi believe in their tools is the warranty.

When you purchase your Hitachi DH26PX it comes straight out of the box with a 12 months guarantee. But once you register your product fore free online, you extend the warranty by 2 years! This is a true testament to the build quality and reliability Hitachi place in this SDS drill.

Positives and Negatives


  • Intelligent variable trigger
  • 3 mode hammer drill
  • Mechanical clutch
  • Well balanced
  • 360 degree handle
  • Lock off switch
  • Includes regular chuck
  • 2 Year warranty


  • Case could be better quality
  • Would be nice if included a set of SDS bits
  • Maybe a longer cable


In conclusion, we cannot express how happy we are with the Hitachi DH26PX. Whilst it might not be the best SDS drill we have ever used it is amazing for it’s price point and would serve the average DIY enthusiast really well.

It’s great feature set, price, warranty and aesthetics make this one of the best value SDS drills on the market today.

If you liked this review, maybe you would like to take a look at one of our others, try our Milwaukee SDS drill review.

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