Milwaukee SDS Drill Review – Milwaukee PH27X SDS Drill

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Milwaukee SDS Drill

Milwaukee SDS Drill Review – Milwaukee PH27X SDS Drill

In this review we take a look at the Milwaukee PH27X SDS hammer drill. As part of reviewing this Milwaukee SDS drill we also reviewed the Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE and Hitachi DH26PX SDS Drills. We have put together a SDS comparison guide looking at the best features of each of these 3 SDS drills and which one we think is best.

Milwaukee - Milwaukee PH 27X 3-mode hammer - 4933448470
  • Milwaukee PH27 x Hammer Drill 4002395259441 4933448470

Milwaukee SDS Drill Overview

First impressions of the Milwaukee SDS drill are great, the blow moulded case is tough and protects the drill and it’s accessories well. We would be happy to throw this in the back of a van and it stand the test of time. Upon opening the case you find a section for the manual, depth gauge, chuck and the drill itself. The case has been well thought out to keep things in their own place.

On to the drill itself, it weights in at 3KG, nothing at all for a SDS drill, but even better than that it is very well balanced. 3KG whilst it isn’t a heavy weight, supporting this in your hands for a prolonged period of time, sometimes at an awkward angle whist you drill a thick wall can soon seem heavy. Thanks to the ergonomics and distribution of the weight this Milwaukee SDS drill will feel comfortable after a day of work!

We have opted to review the 240v version of this Milwaukee PH27X due to most of our readers being from the domestic market and would have 240v readily available. The 110v version is slightly cheaper in price and if you are working on a building site with 110v available then you will find the exact same feature set from the drill, just a different voltage option.

The Milwaukee comes with a thick 4m rubberised cable, it really stands out against other corded drills we have reviewed in the past. This goes a long way to help Milwaukee with their image of some of the toughest tools that stand up to the toughest of jobs.

Milwaukee SDS Drill
Milwaukee - Milwaukee PH 27X 3-mode hammer - 4933448470
Milwaukee PH27 x Hammer Drill 4002395259441 4933448470
£269.99 −41% £159.99

Model X

There is the Milwaukee PH27 and the PH27X, we have reviewed the X model and the only difference is the addition of the FIXTEC adapter with keyless chuck. It makes changing the SDS bits very quick and simple and to be honest with you I don’t think there is any point in not bothering going for the X model.

The Milwaukee SDS drill is a 3 mode hammer drill offering hammer, drill and hammer and drill mode. The amount of power at your disposal is phenomenal in any of the three modes, the 800w motor really drives the power to your fingertips.

Safety and Power

There are two things that Milwaukee take very seriously. These are two of the best things you could ask for in any power tool, especially a SDS drill. They take safety and power very seriously. The 800w motor can deliver 0-1600RPM and 0-4800BPM of raw power. Whilst features like the lowest vibration rating in it’s class. The mechanical clutch are things that help keep you safe and injury free when working with your Milwaukee SDS Drill. The clutch stops you not only destroying the drill should a bit get stuck when drilling. But also from your hand our arm being wrenched.

Drilling specifications:

  • Max drilling steel – 13mm
  • Maximum drilling wood – 30mm
  • Max drilling concerete – 26mm

Positives and Negatives


  • 4m rubberised cable
  • 3 mode hammer drill
  • Mechanical clutch
  • Well balanced
  • Includes regular chuck
  • 2 Year warranty


  • Case could be better quality
  • Would be nice if included a set of SDS bits


We have reviewed several SDS drills before and in our time used even more. There are several things that usually annoy us with an SDS drill. Whilst we appreciate an SDS drill has to be a substantial size and weight to stand up to the job it is about to undertake. Normally I feel they are completely overkill and cumbersome. However, not only is the Milwaukee SDS drill lightweight at 3Kg. It is well balanced and it also provides ample power to get the job done!

We really are impressed with this offering from Milwaukee and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for their first SDS drill. Or even as a replacement for an existing SDS drill. Milwaukee offers quality, something that will last the test of time and deliver the power you need. This Milwaukee SDS drill comes with a 2 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Milwaukee - Milwaukee PH 27X 3-mode hammer - 4933448470
  • Milwaukee PH27 x Hammer Drill 4002395259441 4933448470

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