Ryobi Impact Driver – One+ Cordless Brushless Review

Ryobi Impact Driver

Ryobi Impact Driver 18v Brushless Review


The Ryobi Impact Driver One+ is a powerful driver with 270nm of torque and is brushless to boot!

We are big fans of Ryobi at Tools Review. We have reviewed a lot of their One+ range in the past. It is all compatible, shares batteries, chargers and they have a cordless power tool for pretty much every application. The Ryobi Multi-Tool is a particular favourite of mine. In this review we take a look at the Ryobi impact driver.

Variable speed

The Ryobi impact driver is no different, it packs a lot of power with it’s 270nm of torque available when required. However, a feature we really like is the variable speed. It offers 3-speed settings, this is great as whilst some manufacturers offer a variable speed trigger on their impact wrenches. Setting a speed and knowing you can’t press too hard by accident is a nice touch.

Ryobi has also integrated a variable speed trigger, once you have decided through the electric switch which speed setting you want, you can then control that with even more granularity through the variable speed trigger.


Brushless power tools are usually a little dearer, when it comes to the Ryobi impact driver whilst it is dearer than the brushed model the difference in price is negligible and we would recommend the brushless option all day long. Not only does it give a power increase in as far as how much torque is available to the impact driver but it also provides longevity to the driver. The motor itself is designed to last up to 10x longer than a conventional brushed version.


Ryobi offers a fantastic warranty on their One+ range and the Ryobi impact driver is no different, 3 years, yes you read that correctly for less than £150 you get a brushless impact driver with 270nm of torque that comes with a whopping 3-year warranty! Should anything fail with the unit in the first 3 years, they will either repair or replace the product completely free of charge.

Deck Drive

Impact drivers are typically used for driving fastenings into timber without the need for drilling pilot holes first. The Ryobi impact driver has a trick up its sleeve to help with this. If you are driving screws into decking it has a decking mode called ‘Deck Drive’. Once selected it starts by driving the screw slowly, then speeds up and finally slows down again as the screw is at the end. This ensures that you don’t split the wood. This feature whilst perfect for decking can also be used in other applications where the splitting of wood is highly likely.

Bare unit

Most manufacturers offer a bare tool solution now, this saves you money if you already have tools from that manufacturer. This Ryobi impact driver is a bare unit and so comes with no battery, charger or case. If this is your first Ryobi power tool and you need them, you could consider a set like the one below. But the cost saving by having a charger, a few batteries, a tool bag and then buying bare units is certainly worth it.


Overall, we love the Ryobi impact driver. It has a lot of premium features at a fantastic price. If you are a fan and own some of the other great power tools in the Ryobi One+ range you are sure to love this impact driver too.

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Ryobi impact driver bundle

If you don’t already have any of the Ryobi One+ range you may want to consider the following bundle which features;

– Ryobi impact driver

– 2.5Ah battery

– Carry case

– Accessory kit

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