Ryobi Handheld Vacuum Review

Ryobi Handheld Vacuum review

Ryobi Handheld Vacuum Review


The Ryobi One+ Handheld Vacuum is a compact and powerful cordless vac ideal for DIY projects or general use around the home.

This handheld vacuum features a small form factor which means that it is ideal for small scale vacuuming such as when tidying up from DIY project, cleaning the car, getting into hard to reach places or just generally keeping things clean and tidy.

The Ryobi One+ Handheld vacuum differs from traditional vacuuming solutions as it comes complete with a quick change replacement filter and an easy clean dust cap. This means that you’ll never need to compromise on vacuuming power.

The 18v output of the Handheld Vacuum is also fairly unusual as nearly every other manufacturer offers a 12v (or less) option only at this price point and position within the range.

The Vac has a built in crevice nozzle which stores securely in the handheld vacuum when not in use and has a number of fine brushes at the end for detail work. This is especially useful for working on hard to reach places such as in cars or caravans, or even trying to get behind the sofa!

The Ryobi One+ Range

The Ryobi One+ Handheld Vacuum shares common features with the rest of the One+ range such as the oversized soft grip and interchangeable batteries. The soft grip coupled with ideal weight distribution means that the Hand Vac is comfortable to hold and use over extended periods of time. Being part of the One+ range means that you can swap in batteries from Ryobi’s other power tools such as your Multi-tool (Check out our Ryobi One+ Multi Tool Review) to extend your running time.

We have written up an extensive overview guide to the whole Ryobi One+ Battery Range for your reference.

The unit itself ships without an included battery and we think that this makes perfect sense. It keeps your purchase costs down and is environmentally friendly as you don’t get batteries that you don’t need.

We think that the Ryobi One+ Handheld Vacuum is an ideal compact and powerful addition to your home or workshop. Its long running time and compatibility with the rest of the One+ range mean it’s a no-brainer if you already have one or more Ryobi tools.

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