Gtech Air Ram Mk2 Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Gtech Air Ram Review

Gtech Air Ram

Gtech Air Ram Overview

The Gtech Air Ram has taken the upright cordless vacuum cleaner and moved it up a gear. Go back many years and I remember James Dyson bringing the first Dyson vacuum cleaner to the market, it reinvented what we expected and accepted from the traditional vacuum cleaner. I think Gtech have done that with the Gtech Air Ram their answer to cordless upright vacuum cleaners.

Those are pretty bold claims, so why when I got my hands on the Mk2 version of the Gtech Air Ram did I feel like this? You see there are features on the Air Ram that you didn’t realise you needed until you see them. Once you see them you wouldn’t feel comfortable using a vacuum cleaner without them. As an example the integrated headlights, Gtech have included them on the Air Ram and the Multi. If someone had said a great feature of a vacuum cleaner would be headlights I would have laughed and thought they needed help. However, help is exactly what they bring! When you are vacuuming a carpet, no matter how much natural or artificial light you have there are areas of the room that are dull or dark, maybe from a shadow cast from a piece of furniture. With a normal vacuum you could miss dirt and muck that is now glaringly obvious thanks to the headlights on the Gtech Air Ram. This in turn gives a more thorough and cleaner carpet, which surely is the whole idea of vacuuming your carpets.

You see, Gtech have done this several times, not just in their headlights. How many people in your household use the vacuum cleaner? I know in mine everyone tries to use it, I say tries, as my wife is 5 foot 6, i’m 6 foot 4 and our children are less than 4 foot tall. With a traditional vacuum cleaner it means someone is reaching up, someone is stooped over and someone has the perfect vacuum cleaner. The Gtech Air Ram has a height adjustable handle, it is the perfect height no matter who is using it. The self contained dust receptacle is another great example, it compresses dirt and stores it somewhere that you simple slide the dirt out of. No mess on you or the floor.

The thing is, whilst these features aren’t complex, groundbreaking or particularly revolutionary, they are what make the Gtech Air Ram in my opinion the best cordless upright cleaner on the market today.

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Gtech Air Ram Ratings

5/5Ease of use​4/5Performance4/5Value for money


We loved the following about the Gtech Air Ram;

  • 2 Year warranty
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • 40 Minute run time


A few niggles about the Gtech Air Ram

  • Faster charge time would be nice
  • The option of attachments would be good
  • There are cheaper alternatives from different brands

Who are Gtech?

Gtech are a British based company founded in 2001 by Nick Grey. They offer fantastic customer service and a 30 day money back guarantee on all of their products purchased them for the.

When Gtech were based in the founders home in Worcester they managed to develop the worlds first cordless power sweeper. This trend has continued into some of the countries favourite cordless items.

The High Points

The Gtech Air Ram is powerful, provides ample cleaning time thanks to it’s 40 minute power output. It is lightweight enough and flexible enough to use in the tightest spots around the home. It comes with the following great features;

  • High performance cleaning
  • AirLOC Technology
  • Easy to Manoeuvre
  • Improved Dirt Collection and Easier Emptying
  • Cleans Right to the Edge
  • Removable Brush Bar
  • Impressive Run Time
  • LED Headlight and Display
  • Retractable Handle
  • Washable Lifetime Air Filters
  • Simple to Charge

Weight: 3.5kg.

Battery: 22V Lithium-ion.

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