Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner IF250UK Review

Shark IF250UK

Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner IF250UK Review

The Shark cordless vacuum cleaner IF250UK raises the bar when it comes to features, warranty and innovation in cordless vacuum cleaning!

We have taken a look at the Shark IF200UK model in our head to head review of cordless vacuum cleaners. It faired very well indeed against its rivals the Gtech Air Ram and the Dyson V8. It even went on to win our best pick. In this review of the Shark cordless vacuum, we take a look at the IF250UK. The major difference being the extra battery and charging dock.

Features of the Shark cordless vacuum IF250UK

There are several features that make the Shark cordless vacuum IF250UK stand out from the crowd. Some of which include;

  • It’s Cordless
  • DuoClean – twin rollers that collect dirt and seamlessly switch between flooring types.
  • Flexology – allows for easy cleaning under units and to reach up high to clean with ease.
  • Anti-Allergen technology.
  • Twin charging dock.
  • Up to 44 minutes runtime, thanks to its twin batteries.

Shark IF200UK vs Shark IF250UK

If you look at the Shark cordless vacuum cleaner lineup, you see two very similar looking vacuum cleaners with quite a different pricing. So what is the difference between the two? It’s quite simple, the IF200UK is the model of the vacuum cleaner, with its fantastic feature set, design and innovative technology. The Shark IF250UK is the same vacuum cleaner but with the addition of an additional battery and docking station.

The decision is then yours as to whether or not you feel the additional battery is required. You can clean an average 3-bed semi if the cleaning is kept on top of regularly with one charge of one battery. However, if your house is bigger or the cleaning frequency isn’t every other day, the second battery may be perfect. The beauty of the Shark IF250UK is that it comes with the charging dock. This allows you to charge both batteries simultaneously ready for use.


The Shark IF25UK as do several others in the Shark cordless vacuum range comes with DuoClean technology. DuoClean is a Clever concept in more ways than one. The technology makes use of two brushes that work simultaneously to achieve two different goals. Where most traditional vacuum cleaners require you to switch brushes or rely on just one brush for tasks they weren’t really intended for.

The first goal being multi-surface, as you switch between surfaces with the Shark cordless vacuum cleaner, it just adapts and carries on. No noticeable difference apart from the Shark IF250UK just deals with the new surface as well as it did the last. This is quite a thing to accomplish, baring in mind that cleaning and agitating carpet for removal of dirt, dust and debris is a completely different challenge to that of a tiled floor.

Secondly, DuoClean has been designed to target each form of dirt a vacuum cleaner could need to deal with in one pass! Most vacuum cleaners will take a few passes to collect debris, then surface dirt and finally ground in dirt. The suction, twin rollers and advanced technology of the Shark cordless vacuum cleaner allow this to be accomplished in one pass!

Shark IF200UKShark Cordless Vacuum


The Shark IF250UK comes with Flexology, a concept designed by Shark that to me is their best selling feature and USP. Sure, other cordless vacuum cleaners flex like a Shark cordless vacuum and can go under furniture. The Gtech Air Ram is a good example of this. But in my opinion, none do it quite like Shark!

So, Flexology, what have they created? In essence, the Shark cordless vacuum cleaners can flex to being completely horizontal, so that they can get under sofas, cabinets, beds, etc. Providing the same level of suction you know and love from an upright cleaner without having to turn it into a handheld.

The pièce de résistance when it comes to Flexology is how the Shark cordless vacuum cleaner folds for storage. Without disassembling the cleaner into several bits it folds into a self-standing folded masterpiece! You don’t need to lean it against something, it supports it’s own weight and just sits there! This is especially useful if you need to transport it in a car. Perhaps you want to store it in a cupboard that isn’t tall enough to take the height of a traditional vacuum cleaner. Shark has you covered.

I know brands such as Dyson have made a big deal out of wall mounting their Dyson V8. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful cordless vacuum cleaner. But most people don’t really want the device they use to clean their homes mounting like a canvas on the wall. With the Shark cordless vacuum cleaner that isn’t a problem, it will fit in spaces most wouldn’t.

Pro’s of the Shark IF250UK

It’s very easy to talk about the many benefits this Shark cordless vacuum cleaner has, as there are plenty, but summarised below, they are;

  • Flexology
  • DuoClean
  • Integrated headlights
  • Two batteries
  • 40-minute runtime
  • Dual dock charging unit
  • 5 Year warranty

One of the things we haven’t touched upon which is highlighted in the many pros to the Shark IF250UK is the warranty! 5 Years! Just let that sink in for a moment! If anything should go wrong with your Shark cordless vacuum cleaner in the first 5 years of ownership, Shark has got your back! You will go a long way in this day and age to find a manufacturer who will offer a 5-year warranty on an electrical item.

The Shark cordless vacuum cleaner is easily adaptable into a handheld cleaner. We found that Gtech decided to have two different products when it came to upright and handheld cleaners. We looked at the pro’s and con’s of this in our AirRam review. Shark really have thought about simplicity with the IF250UK, it is easily changed from upright to the handheld. It is also easily extended to reach up high, it is a very versatile cordless vacuum cleaner.

We first saw integrated headlight on the Gtech range of cordless vacuum cleaners. Shark has also included this feature on the IF250UK. This is one of the features that without seeing and using a vacuum with integrated headlights, you would laugh at and think they are completely useless. However, once you have used them and see how much easier they make cleaning you will wonder how you did without them. They make it so much easier to see dirt in slightly darker areas of the room that you would normally miss.

Negatives of the Shark IF250UK

There is no getting away from the fact that the Shark IF250UK is an expensive cordless vacuum cleaner. However, it is a premium product. There are cheaper alternatives, but they undoubtedly don’t have the same level of features. Such as suction, running time, twin batteries, clever features such as the Flexology or DuoClean and without much hesitation I’d say they don’t come with a 5-year warranty.

I’d like to say there are more negatives to report. But this Shark cordless vacuum cleaner not only has an amazing feature set, great looks and outstanding levels of suction. It comes with a class leading 5-year warranty! I cannot praise this vacuum highly enough if you are willing to invest in a quality premium product, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Duo Clean
  • 1x 20cm Crevice Tool
  • 1x Upholstery Tool
  • 1x Dusting Brush
  • 2x Lithium-Ion Power Pack
  • 1x Power Pack Charger
  • 1x Double charging dock
  • 1x Accessory Tote Bag


The three big names in cordless cleaning right now are Shark, Dyson and Gtech. We have put them all through their paces in our head to head review a few weeks ago. The one that came out on top time and time again was the Shark. Whether it be the IF200UK with a single battery or the IF250UK with dual power packs and double charging dock.

The shark cordless vacuum cleaner really does raise the bar and Shark has got a lot right with this cordless vacuum cleaner. If you are looking for a cordless vacuum that will last, is backed by a 5-year guarantee at a premium price point, we would say look no further!

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  1. Hi, I read your review last month and purchased the Shark vacuum cleaner as a result. I just wanted to let you know firstly how happy I am with the Shark vacuum cleaner. I’ve had Dyson’s before and they don’t even come close to the build quality and performance of the Shark. Secondly, I just wanted to say thank you for such a great review, it is very accurate and got me excited for my order. Have a great Christmas.

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