Gtech Hedge Trimmer Review

Gtech Hedge Trimmer Review

In this review, we take a look at the Gtech hedge trimmer HT20.

Gtech Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Gtech Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

The Gtech Cordless Hedge Trimmer HT20 allows you to trim hedges, bushes and trees without the need for a ladder.

We have reviewed the entire product range from Gtech in our overall Gtech review. However, in this review, we are going to focus solely on the Gtech hedge trimmer. It’s cordless, offers a 40 minute run time from 4 hours of charge and is well balanced for ease of use and operator comfort. So, let’s begin!

We took delivery of the Gtech HT20 hedge trimmer and found that it was well packaged and easy to assemble. It comes in four components as you can see in our video below:

  • The handle with trigger
  • 2000 mah battery
  • The charger
  • The main body of the HT20

The handle and main body of the Gtech hedge trimmer snap into place with a plastic lug that keeps them secure and stops them from becoming separated. The battery snaps into the end of the handle, again with release clips to keep it nice and secure and you are ready to go, that’s it, that simple!

The battery indicator which is built into the Gtech HT20 is great for keeping an eye on how much power is in the cordless hedge trimmer. 4 hours of charging time allow for 40 minutes of run time, plenty to achieve what you wish in the average sized garden. You can purchase additional batteries should you wish or use the battery from the Gtech ST20 cordless grass trimmer if you have one. The indicator allows you to keep an eye on how much time you have left whilst going about your trimming.

Moving down towards the head of the Gtech cordless hedge trimmer you find two release switches, as I highlight in the video below. There is one that when pressed allows you to rotate the head of the HT20 to a 90-degree angle. This is great for doing the top of a hedge or reaching over a hedge to do the other side. This again has various locking positions allowing you to be sure it won’t move whilst using it. Further down again there is another release switch that allows you to remove the cutting blades entirely. Make sure you leave the plastic blade guard on whilst you are doing this as it can be quite sharp. This then allows it to be changed for the branch cutting accessory.

Once you have selected your angle, decided between the Gtech branch cutter attachment or standard trimming blades, removed the safety guard and checked your battery is charged you are ready to go! To start the Gtech hedge trimmer up, there is a safety switch that must be held this has been designed to be pressed whether you are a right or left handed person. It is accessible from both sides of the hedge trimmer. Once this is held in place the trigger can be pulled and you can let go of the safety lever.

One of the things you notice when using the Gtech hedge trimmer is that whilst the unit is around 2 metres long and weighs 2.25kg which held at length can feel a little heavy, it is very well balanced. This is something that is really important, if you are going to be holding a hedge trimmer at length for up to 40 minutes it really needs to be as comfortable as possible and not be putting any more strain than absolutely required on your body. Gtech has really done a good job of this.

We also managed to get our hands on the optional extra branch cutting attachment. When using the Gtech hedge trimmer you will find it cuts through leaves, bushes, and various tough and thick stems with ease. However, it isn’t designed for and won’t really cut it when it comes to anything remotely thicker than what you would expect on a bush or hedge. If you are trimming a tree back you will no doubt come across a small branch that you want to cut back. in steps the Gtech branch cutter attachment.

It is easy to exchange the standard cutter for the branch cutter and once the guard is removed it looks very similar to a pizza cutter. In testing, as you can see in the video, I tried a small branch perhaps 10-20mm thick and it cut it no problem at all. I then tried it on a branch that was over 40mm just to see how it would fair. After a few cuts each side it cut through no problem. I wouldn’t recommend you do this regularly as Gtech don’t recommend anything more than 40mm. It was nice however to see that should the situation arise it performed flawlessly.

We really did put the Gtech hedge trimmer through its paces with this review and we are happy to report it performed exceptionally. I would be happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a cordless hedge trimmer for their home. Obviously, this hedge trimmer from Gtech has been designed for the domestic market. If you have a business and use hedge trimmers a petrol powered one may be of more use so that you aren’t delayed by charging the batteries.

The Gtech 2 year warranty gives you piece of mind that the product will last and that you can depend on it for years to come.

Check out our video below where you can see me unboxing the Gtech HT20, going over its features and showing it in action.

Gtech HT20

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Build Quality
Value For Money
The GTech HT20 Electric Hedge Trimmer is a fantastic, versatile tool thats great value as well!