Karcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner Review

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Karcher FC5 Review

The Karcher FC5 hard floor cleaner is a device that has drawn a lot of attention in magazines and online. The handy device can not only clean floors but will also hoover up light debris – making it a versatile product to have in the home.

Our review hopes to provide you with all the information that you could need to inform your purchase.

Only Got 5 Minutes?

Described as a device that homes cannot without – we wanted to look whether the Karcher FC5 cleaner really was as good as it sounds!

The main benefit to this cleaning device is that it will vacuum up light debris as well as cleaning the floor! This means that hard floors will only need one clean over with one device, instead of having the hoover and then mop – or get out the old fashioned brush before mopping! The cleaner also did a very thorough mop, getting right to the edges and corners of the room. This is thanks to the design of the mop, as the rollers almost “hang” out of either side of the device, so reaching points where the flooring meets the walls or cupboards is never a challenge!

As well as the vacuum being perfect for collecting light debris, it also means that the surplus water is sucked back into the twin-tank system, so dirty water can be collected and your floor can dry within two minutes!

There really aren’t many types of hard flooring that this cleaner will not work on – so it is perfect for homes that have multiple types of flooring throughout their home. Specifically, the model was tested on laminates, tiles, sealed hardwood, PVC, stone and some types of parquet that have been sealed and waxed.

There are two models of the Karcher FC5 – corded or cordless. As with all products, there are many benefits of choosing the cordless model, as it means that you will not have to worry about the wire getting tangled up, and will be able to take your device wherever you choose. However, with the Karcher FC5, the cordless model is considerably more expensive than the standard, corded model – therefore we would recommend really considering whether you need the cordless model before purchasing!

Kärcher FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner - Corded Floor Cleaner is the Easy Way to Wash Your Floors and Vacuum up Light Debris Simultaneously
596 Reviews
Kärcher FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner - Corded Floor Cleaner is the Easy Way to Wash Your Floors and Vacuum up Light Debris Simultaneously
  • 2-in-1 - The FC 5 has Smart Roller technology: it vacuums debris from the floor and at the same time cleans up moisture - effortlessly and thoroughly
  • Revolution in cleaning floors - Two self-rotating microfibre rollers that are permanently moistened with water, make your hard floors shine. The absorbed dirt is directed into a tank
  • Fully effective – The small amount of water makes your floors walkable after only two minutes. Due to the 7- metre-long cable you can easily clean a large area in one step
  • A great experience on every floor - the battery powered floor wiper reliably cleans tiles, laminate, cork, stone, linoleum and PVC and any parquet floor. The floors dry in just two minutes
  • Included in delivery: Hard floor cleaner FC 5, pair of yellow universal rollers, floor cleaner Universal RM 536 30 ml, cleaning and parking station

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Main Features

  • Weight: 5.2kg
  • 7m cord (when buying the corded model)
  • 2-year warranty
  • Cleaning rollers
  • Two tank system
  • Cleaning and storage station
  • Measuring cup and 30ml detergent bottle

Product Specifications

  • Cleaning per tank: 60m squared
  • Tank capacity (Freshwater): 400ml
  • Tank capacity (Dirty water): 200ml
  • Power: 460W
  • Roller speed: 500rpm
  • Dimensions: L32cm x W27cm x H122cm

Using the Karcher FC5

The first thing noticed about the Karcher FC5 is that it looks and feels like a heavy-duty, commercial cleaner, of considerably high quality. It is easy to set up, as merely needs the handle connecting to be ready for its first use! Once the handle has been connected, the device is also fairly tall – so even taller users will find this device easy to use (no getting out of cleaning the floor!).

The cleaner is easy to set up, with straightforward instructions and use. The only thing worth noting is that there is no line on the clean water tank to show where to fill to, so you will need to work this out for yourself or get a measuring jug.

Despite the cleaner being particularly heavy, actual use of the device is relatively easy (providing you have the strength to control the power behind the Karcher cleaner). The Karcher FC5 made cleaning floors easy and reduced the time that this would normally take dramatically. Even floors that look relatively clean, will leave you with a tank full of dirty water.

Another feature that we love is the self-cleaning rollers. This means that while using the device you are not pushing dirty rollers over a floor that you are trying to clean! The rollers really do stay clean throughout use, even on particularly dirty floors! However, even if you want to clean the rollers afterwards, this is easy to do. Simply unclick and wash!

For particularly dirty floors (or for a very deep clean), you can add detergent to the clean water tank. However, we found that the cleaner was more than able to clean most floors with just water alone!

Last update on 2022-05-25 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Critique of the Karcher FC5

Although there are many ways in which the Karcher FC5 is a fantastic product there are some issues that we found. The main issue that we researched was the rollers breaking after relatively little use. This is something that you most definitely do not want after spending a considerable amount of money on the product! However, some reassurance is offered in the two-year warranty, so any problems should be able to be resolved.

Other smaller issues were that the washer cannot stand up on its own, so must be in its stand when not used. Also, the Karcher cleaner won’t pick up larger pieces of dirt that are on the floor – however, at no point do Karcher claim to be able to replace a hoover with this product, so as long as you are accepting of the job that it can do, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Finally, many users noted that the cleaner is rather heavy, with a strong suction against the floor. Although this does mean that the floor will dry quicker, if the suction is so strong, it does also mean that the cleaner can be hard to use for any less able users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the yellow rollers and the grey rollers?

There is actually no difference between the two sets of rollers. However, to ensure cleanliness we would recommend choosing one colour for one room (for example the bathroom) and then the other for general use.

Can the Karcher FC5 clean carpets as well?

Unfortunately, as amazing as this product is, it will not clean carpets and is to be used for hard floors only.

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